Top 10 Unusual Cruises

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For this list, we're looking at some of the weirdest cruises out there; really, these are among strangest and/or most unique boat-based experiences money can buy.
Please note, given the nature of the industry, certain cruises listed might not be available in a given calendar year, or be altogether discontinued in the future.
Top 10 Unusual Cruises

There’s really something out there for everyone. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 unusual cruises.

For this list, we’re looking at some of the weirdest cruises out there; really, these are among strangest and/or most unique boat-based experiences money can buy.

Please note, given the nature of the industry, certain cruises listed might not be available in a given calendar year, or may very well be altogether discontinued in the future.

#10: M/S Juno

Visit Sweden’s most beautiful waterway in style in the MS Juno, the world’s oldest registered cruise ship. Juno is a Victorian steamship built in 1874 which, despite her age and small capacity, is still sailing the length of Sweden’s Göta Canal today. The picturesque and well-travelled route goes between Stockholm, the capital, and Gothenburg, and has been sailed for over a hundred years. The journey takes four days all in all, but there’s a catch: you’ll be almost entirely closed off from modern life, with no internet and phones being frowned upon. If you’re looking for a scenic escape from the daily grind, book your ticket today.

#9: New Kids on the Block Cruise

For a slice of boy band history, you can take to the high seas with all five members of New Kids on the Block. This cruise has been an annual event since their surprise return way back in 2008 and has only grown in popularity over the years. With over three decades of music behind them, they’ve got plenty of fans desperate to join them on the Miami-to-Nassau route, which has run every October for ten years. With the biggest celebration, NKOTB Cruise X, having taken place in 2018, you can bet that the New Kids are going to keep this tradition going. Be warned though, tickets will set you back $1000 and sell out fast.

#8: Nude Cruises

With nudist beaches seemingly dwindling in popularity, it only makes sense that the diehard fans would eventually leave the shores and head for open water. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, nudist cruises are becoming more and more common all around the world. Free from the prying eyes of those of us who aren’t ‘on board’ with the nudist lifestyle, nakedness is expected aboard these ships. Apart from being nude in front of thousands of strangers, however, you can expect many of the same activities as a regular cruise – just remember to put a towel down wherever you sit.

#7: NASCAR: The Cruise

While it may seem odd to have a cruise centred around cars, NASCAR fanatics clearly haven’t had any issue with getting onboard. If you’re looking for actual races you might find yourself disappointed, since the ship doesn’t come equipped with a race track, but if you want to rub shoulders with America’s NASCAR greats then this cruise might be for you! Hosted by the legendary Kyle Petty and featuring any number of famous drivers from the NASCAR hall of fame, NASCAR: The Cruise is an opportunity for fans to attend meet and greets, pay for VIP experiences, and attend plenty of car-themed parties.

#6: ConspiraSea Cruise

Conspiracy theorists have been gaining more traction and attention in recent years, and now they have their own cruise! All the so-called experts gather together in one place for a week to give paying passengers lectures and seminars about pretty much every conspiracy you can think of. Forget flat earthers and 9/11 truthers – though there are plenty of those on board – they also host talks from people who claim Earth has been at war with aliens for years, who believe that humans don’t die, and even some who think reality as we know it is an elaborate dream. For people interested in alternative facts, the aptly named “ConspiraSea Cruise” is just about as good as it gets.

#5: Knitting Cruise

These cruises are just one of a whole subcategory of “craft cruises”, the company tagline being “cruising with a purpose.” There are also needlepoint and crocheting cruises, among others, but knitting remains one of the most popular. Family-friendly and oriented around creating something new, Craft Cruises offer an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a setting that encourages you to make your own fun. Don’t worry though, you don’t even need to be able to knit, since they run knitting classes for all skill levels while you sail. There are also knitting-themed lectures, knitting-themed parties, and knitting-themed mixers.

#4: Meow Meow Cruise

Ironically, this cat-lover cruise won’t allow cats on board, but it still manages to celebrate all things feline. And if you start to miss your furry friend, you’ll be able to buy custom-printed t-shirts with a picture of your cat, or cats, to wear for the duration of the trip. Then it’s six days from Tampa to Cozumel and back with only you and a few thousand other cat-fans. Its biggest draw is getting to meet like-minded individuals and talk about all-things-cat with them for the cruise’s duration. Of course, it’s not short on entertainment either; you can also test your brain on cat trivia night and partake in any number of standard, cruise activities – all with a kitty-spin on them.

#3: Ghost Hunter’s Cruise

If you prefer your vacations on the spookier side, fear not; there are plenty of cruises to cater to that too. For those feeling anxious about the future, a voyage on the Psychic Cruise with the world’s top mediums is sure to please, but for the more courageous would-be sailors, we recommend the Ghost Hunter’s Cruise. One in a slew of paranormal cruises, these journeys feature not just experts on all things ghostly, but also take place on haunted ships themselves. The 2013 Ghost Hunters Cruise featured a whole night of investigations on the infamously haunted Queen Mary. Never fear, though, if your sea legs aren’t up to the challenge there are plenty of shore-based supernatural adventures to be had when the ship makes port.

#2: Swinger Cruises

There’s meeting new people and then there’s meeting new people. Take socializing to the next level with swingers’ cruises, which exist around the world. Touted as “luxury lifestyle vacations”, these erotic getaways are exactly what you think they are. They’re generally geared towards wealthy couples looking for an unconventional holiday. During the days you can attend classes on all things sensual, while late into the night repurposed conference rooms are filled with beds so people can let loose. There are still rules about where people are, and aren’t, allowed to get frisky, but otherwise anything goes on these strictly adults-only excursions.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

50 Years of Victory

Zumba Cruise

70,000 Tons of Metal

#1: Walker Stalker Cruise

Being trapped in the open ocean with a horde of human-eating zombies isn’t everybody’s idea of a good time, but luckily, you’ll be joined by a few choice cast-members from AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, who’ll hopefully know what to do. The floating convention features Q&A panels from the big-name stars, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Melissa McBride, among many others, as well as lots of zombie-themed activities for all the undead-heads in attendance. With live music, horror-themed nights and costume contests, this cruise is any fan’s dream. Unfortunately, Walker Stalker Cruise seems to be gone for good after 2019, ending with the show, but it won’t soon be forgotten.