Top 10 Most Unusual Cocktails in the World
Top 10 Most Unusual Cocktails in the World

Top 10 Most Unusual Cocktails in the World

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The next time you're looking for an interesting drink, test the mixologist's knowledge by ordering one of these bad boys. For this list, we're taking a look at obscure or odd cocktails either with unusual recipes or served in an unconventional fashion. Our countdown includes Sweet & Sour Chicken Toddy, Doug Laming's Margarita, Earl Grey Caviar Martini, and more!

Script written by Nick Spake

Top 10 Most Unusual Cocktails in the World

The next time you’re looking for an interesting drink, test the mixologist’s knowledge by ordering one of these bad boys. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Unusual Cocktails in the World

For this list, we’re taking a look at obscure or odd cocktails either with unusual recipes or served in an unconventional fashion. Some of these drinks are served worldwide, while others are the offerings of a specific establishment or creator and may come in and out of rotation. As with many mixed drinks, ingredients can fluctuate for many of these cocktails, but that’s part of their charm!

#10: Sweet & Sour Chicken Toddy

It’s always in season to warm up with a nice cocktail by the fireplace. And the sweet & sour chicken toddy hits the spot by bringing together seemingly incongruous ingredients, namely hot chicken broth, pineapple juice, and whiskey or gin. Voila, a “stocktail”. It may not sound especially refreshing on paper, but you’ll understand what we’re talking about after sipping this mixture from a toddy glass. All at once, it’s sweet, salty, sour, fruity, and spicy (because, sriracha, of course.) For those who grew up on chicken soup for all ailments, it also brings back a nostalgic sentiment that’ll hit the spot.

#9: Coquetier

A raw egg in your beer is one thing, but how many cocktails can you think of that are served in an eggshell? The legendary Antoine Amédée Peychaud created the coquetier during the 1800s in New Orleans. Combining brandy and bitters, he dished out his concoction in eggcups. The Coquetier would continue to evolve over the years with cinnamon, chocolate, and rum being added to the recipe. The drink was given its unique signature in Berlin, Germany where the egg cups were substituted with actual eggshells. It’s like a hardboiled egg… minus the egg white… and the egg yolk. “Coquetier” is actually the French word for “eggcup.” Some even believe that the word “cocktail” derived from a mispronunciation of “coquetier,” which would make this a truly historic drink.

#8: Forever Young

In the Oscar Wilde novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” the titular character preserves his youth while his self-portrait ages instead. This concept provided the basis for the Forever Young Cocktail. No, this mixed drink won’t grant you eternal youth. If it did, it’d likely be much higher on this list! What sets this cocktail apart from all the rest isn’t its components, which include vodka, citrus, and vermouth, but rather how it’s presented. The drink is hidden behind a mirror with a straw running through it. The drinker looks at their reflection as they slurp it down. Opium incense is also placed behind the mirror, adding to the mystical atmosphere. You can experience the Forever Young cocktail at the Artesian Bar in London.

#7: Doug Laming’s Margarita

Generally, if you pony up the big bucks for a container of caviar, chances are it’s for a special occasion, maybe on some blinis. Molecular mixologist Doug Laming, however, had the inspired idea to introduce caviar to the margarita. Ok, well, not sturgeon eggs. But along with the traditional ingredients of tequila and lime juice, Laming used the wonderfully-titled Cointreau Caviar Spherification Kit to create orange liqueur “pearls.” Caviar and Spherification Kits aren’t easy to come by. In the event that you ever happen to be in Sydney, Australia, though, drop by the Rabbit Hole Bar and order up this classy beverage.

#6: Earl Grey Caviar Martini

Doug Laming isn’t the only one who thought about mixing caviar shapes into a cocktail back in the early 2010s. Instead of a margarita, however, mixologist Antonio Lai used “caviar” to make the classy Martini even classier. The flavor of this cocktail is also enhanced through the caviar spherification process. In addition to the Earl Grey tea caviar pearls, the cocktail is topped out with Earl Grey-infused foam. Lai suggests that you start off sipping the airy foam, savoring every last drop of this rich cocktail, which also includes vodka, apple juice, elderflower syrup, and a variety of other ingredients. This will definitely be your cup of tea.

#5: Diamonds Are Forever

Originally served at the Skyview Bar in Dubai, and later copied in variations at luxury spots around the world, Diamonds Are Forever’s hefty price tag — over 1000 dollars — was referred to as one of the world’s most expensive cocktails. Why? Well, the drink came in a Swarovski crystalline cocktail glass that you got to take home with you. So, basically, like taking a trip to a bar and a jewelry store all at once. The original recipe is no slouch either, comprised of rare L’Heraud Grand Champagne Cognac, custom-made The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Bitters, and Luxor 24k Gold Flake Champagne. We have a feeling this drink would be up James Bond’s alley.

#4: Who You Calling Turkey?

Ready for another stocktail? The next time you throw some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, consider mixing a Beer, Bourbon and Barbecue Cocktail to wash them down. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, though, might we suggest the ideal way to get the most out of your turkey? This cocktail is a bit like a Bullshot, but the beef bouillon is swapped out for turkey stock. Use the leftover gravy from your Thanksgiving meal to fat-wash the vodka and throw in some fried turkey skin as a garnish. Yeah, yeah, we know that seems a little out-there, but the result is a zesty trip to gravy town. If you don’t believe us, then you might be the real turkey.

#3: The Crapper

Don’t let the name turn you off. This cocktail is far more appealing than what you’d normally find in a toilet. That being said, the Crapper is served in a novelty toilet bowl glass. Just hear us out! This beverage can be purchased at the Rock and Rita’s bar in Las Vegas – because of course that’s where it originated! The Crapper is essentially a chocolate-flavored Piña Colada with rum and coconut. It even comes garnished with a Snickers bar – because of course that’s the garnish! It’s not exactly what you’d find the elite and powerful drinking. If you want to kick off your night of partying with something sweet, however, the Crapper sets the perfect tone. We can all toast and flush to that.

#2: Gunpowder Plot

This cocktail takes a page from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a failed attempt to assassinate King James I. But the drink wasn’t concocted by Guy Fawkes, but by bartender Grant Collins from Sydney, Australia. To achieve a spicy, smoky taste that would figuratively explode in peoples’ mouths, Collins used gunpowder-infused spirits, gunpowder syrup, and bitters. Boom! The ingredients are then shaken with fernet branca and egg white, then served under a smoky cloche. To give it a dynamite kick, the drink is also presented with smoking twigs. If you know your history – or your graphic novels – you’ll want to try a Gunpowder Plot on the 5th of November.

#1: Sourtoe Cocktail

Chicken, caviar, and gunpowder are all unusual cocktail ingredients. If there’s one thing you never anticipated to find in your drink, though, it’s a severed toe. Yes, really. According to legend, a Yukon, Canada bootlegger lost his toe to frostbite in the 1920s, which was kept in a jar of alcohol for 50 years until Captain Dick Stevenson discovered it in 1973. For whatever reason, he started tossing the toe in cocktails for anyone who had the guts to take a sip, and have their lips “touch the toe”. Over 60,000 people have joined the Sourtoe Cocktail Club. You don’t swallow any of the toes (there have been numerous ones on offer since the original was accidentally consumed) but cocktails don’t get more adventurous than this!