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Top 10 Most Shocking Moments Captured On Twitch

VO: Dan Paradis
Script Written by Twitch is a hub for gamers and fans to come together and enjoy what they love most, video games! Sometimes though, things don't go as planned, and audiences are left with shocking surprises. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Shocking Moments Captured On Twitch! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Most Shocking Moments Captured On Twitch

Streaming video games or producing vlogs for the Internet can be pretty fun, but you’ve got to be wary of the hazards of going “live”. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Most Shocking Moments Captured on Twitch.

For this list, we’re looking at livestreams where Twitch users are surprised by an unexpected element, usually something shocking, tense or simply hilarious.

#10. The Live Allergic Reaction

Viewers of this video won’t soon forget it. A streamer by the name of Koon who’s just finished eating, begins displaying symptoms of a reaction. He scratches his arms with a look of panic on his face. After a few moments, he says that he’ll be back but instead falls to the floor as soon as he gets up. The video continues without him and the comments speak of urgently calling for an ambulance or simply drinking water. We assure you though, he’s fine.

#9. Getting Into a Stranger’s Car

This guy has zero doubts about anything. While walking quietly in the street, this young man decides to get into a stranger’s car. Why, you ask? He simply heard Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” on the radio! He begins to sing loudly in the passenger seat while the driver tries to understand what is happening. His courage and flippant attitude are both impressive and embarrassing. In any case, he is very lucky to have stumbled upon a rather cool person.

#8. They Speak English

When it comes to interviewing someone, always be careful of who you’re speaking to. This Twitch user asked his colleague to ask the three elderly women behind her a pretty vulgar question in English. Unfortunately, the women were English and quickly understood the joke. The guy accompanying the streamer asks to stop because the situation becomes embarrassing. When the embarrassed colleague finally leaves, the guy behind the camera apologizes for the awkwardness. A huge discomfort, all made possible thanks to Twitch.

#7. AnaPlaying Burns Her Hair

Famous French gamer Ana, from the channel AnaPlaying, is literally on fire in this livestream. We’re not talking about skill here, since the League of Legends match hadn’t started yet. To occupy herself while the game is loading, the young woman plays around with her lighter. But much like Icarus, she burns her wings, or in this case, her hair. What’s crazy is that she takes the time to answer a spectator’s question before realizing that she’s on fire! Her Twitch career nearly went up in smoke.

#6. Too Much Gaming?

Everyone’s got a sick mind! The proof is in this interview that was retransmitted onto Twitch. A journalist asks questions to a pro Counter Strike player, one of them being why he has bandages on his arms. She jokes that they are the result of having played too many video games. This makes the audience laugh, immediately and obviously thinking of double entendres. The player assures the journalist that his injuries come from playing video games but not everyone is buying it. Ultimately, we’re not sure ourselves if he in fact played too much with his mouse…or his own joystick.

#5. Cat Attack

She did not see that coming. At the end of a game of Call of Duty, while the gamer, Sara Kate, patiently waits, she turns towards her cat that’s perched on the back of her chair. She only wants to give her furbaby a kiss, but we don’t impose love on a cat! He gives her a claw right in the eye, seriously injuring her. The rest of the live feed shows her in tears and with her eye bleeding. Also, what is she waiting for? Why not just end the video right there?

#4. Fire Extinguisher

Everything was going well during this Twitch stream from the famous Ice Poseidon, who was hanging out with some buddies at a restaurant. Suddenly, a kid enters the facility armed with a fire extinguisher, spraying its contents everywhere in the dining room, and totally ruining meals and the video in the process. Ice Poseidon flees but continues to film from the outside, and tries to understand what just happened. Finally, the police arrive to re-establish order. This is without a doubt the worst attack we have seen on Twitch.

#3. An Earthquake Puts An End to a Livestream

Livestreaming isn’t easy! This gamer from Mexico City was quietly sitting at home, playing a game of PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds until an earthquake erupted over the city. Showing off his quick reflexes, he understands that he has to stop playing and find safety. He doesn’t even bother to quit the stream; he grabs his dog and his keys and quickly leaves. We hope that his house didn’t get too damaged.

#2. Twitch Streamer Gets Threatened by a Gangster

Twitch streamer, Ice Poseidon, doesn’t have the greatest luck. Once again at a restaurant in Los Angeles, the manager comes over to say something in his ear. The older man explains that he’s a gangster and threatens him to go film elsewhere, or else. Totally shocked, Ice Poseidon takes his cue and leaves. We’re not sure if Ice Poseidon found this humorous since he does appear to be a little shaken after what just happened. Real gangster or not, this streamer is definitely going to remember those words for a long time.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are our honourable mentions:

And bang
Ruined Kitchen
A Plug in the Eye

#1. Live Swatting

While relaxing and enjoying a game of League of Legends from his living room, this Twitch user received an unexpected visit from the police. The squad searches the whole house while the dumbfounded gamer looks on. Finding nothing, the police leave. If this story sounds funny, it’s actually quite sordid. A clever person got the streamer’s address and called the police claiming that the guy had killed his whole family, thus explaining their sudden arrival. Quite the dumb prank that could have turned out so much worse.


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