Top 10 Best Doctor Mike Videos



Top 10 Best Doctor Mike Videos

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nicholas Miller
This charming YouTube doctor sure knows how to go viral. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best and most memorable videos from Doctor Mike’s YouTube library. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Doctor Mike Videos.
Script written by Nick Miller

Top 10 Doctor Mike Videos

This charming YouTube doctor sure knows how to go viral. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Doctor Mike Videos.
For this list, we’ll be looking at the best and most memorable videos from Doctor Mike’s YouTube library.

#10: “How I Got Into Med School” (2017)

In this video published in late 2017, Doctor Mike talks in-depth about his journey growing up, from high school and college through medical school up to his hospital residency. Doctor Mike shares his thoughts on medicine and the healthcare industry at large, diving into his tips on how to succeed in school and as a doctor. The YouTuber comes across as incredibly down to Earth and helpful in the video, providing excellent advice for anybody who hopes to someday become a doctor. The lengthy video shows not only how dedicated Doctor Mike is to informing and entertaining his subscribers, but connecting with them as well.

#9: “A Day in the Life: Siberian Husky Edition” (2017)

It turns out Doctor Mike has tips for more than just humans! In this adorable video, the doctor shows us what a normal day out on the town with his Siberian Husky, Roxy, looks like. The video includes a number of important tips on how to better take care of your dog, along with exactly the amount of cute dog footage you’d expect from such a video. Doctor Mike and Roxy journey through New York City, making stops at Times Square, Staten Island and more. We love Doctor Mike’s regular videos, but we wouldn’t complain if Roxy made some more prominent appearances.

#8: “My Morning Routine” (2017)

In this video, Doctor Mike shares his daily morning routine with his viewers, handing out tips on how to get your day started right. From health tips to suggestions on how to dress, the doctor gives solid reasoning for each item he includes in his routine, showing us exactly why he does what he does and why we should too. Oh, and this one also just so happens to includes a little bit of Roxy, but we promise that’s not the only reason it made our list. Doctor Mike’s channel always does a fantastic job of getting across useful and important information in a way that’s easily digestible and fun to watch, and this video is no exception.

#7: “Real Doctor Plays Surgeon Simulator!” (2018)

In perhaps his funniest video, Doctor Mike plays a video game called “Surgeon Simulator,” and things get expectedly out of control. The practicing doctor experiences the deeply absurd and unrealistic game for the first time on camera, giving us his genuine and hilarious reactions to the ridiculous moments of the game. After killing the virtual patient several times over, Doctor Mike finally finishes his heart transplant with a D-grade, so of course he decides he has to try again to achieve a higher score. Unfortunately, his second attempt also nets him a D. Good thing he’s a physician and not a professional gamer!

#6: “Real Doctor vs TV Doctor” (2018)

Most of what the public knows about doctors comes from the myriad of medical shows we’ve seen over the years, so in this video, Doctor Mike takes the time to explain some of the biggest differences between doctors we see on TV and doctors in real life. In this myth-busting video, Doctor Mike breaks down the most common misconceptions about doctors, from their wealth to their love lives, and in the process debunks what many of us thought we knew about the field of medicine. The video also includes several engaging stories that we’re glad Doctor Mike was willing to share with his massive audience.

#5: “Real Doctor Reacts to ‘Scrubs’” (2018)

Part of his widely-popular Real Doctor Reacts series, in this video Doctor Mike views an episode of the highly-regarded medical comedy “Scrubs” for the first time and gives his thoughts on the show, discussing both the extent of the medical accuracy and entertainment value found in the episode. Unfortunately for fans of the show, Doctor Mike wasn’t too impressed with “Scrubs,” but then again, he did only watch the first episode. Doctor Mike, we believe you’ll fall in love with J.D., Elliot, Carla and Turk just like the rest of us if you gave them a real chance.

#4: “Ask Doctor Mike: Medical Myths Exposed ft. MyLifeAsEva” (2017)

Another incredibly useful video from the doctor, here Mike sits down with fellow YouTuber MyLifeAsEva to talk about some of the most common medical facts that people believe, and whether they are true or not. Eva shoots off unrehearsed questions and Doctor Mike does his very best to answer them in the most helpful and accurate way possible. The result is a rapid fire video full of helpful information and tips that can be put to use in your day to day life. If you eat too many carrots, you really do turn orange! Thanks, Doctor Mike.

#3: “Real Doctor Reacts to ‘The Good Doctor’” (2018)

This time around, Doctor Mike watches and reacts to the hit ABC series “The Good Doctor,” but after an accurate opening sequence, the show left him slightly disappointed when it came to medical accuracy. Though the show was undeniably entertaining, Doctor Mike found it never really dug into the details of the medicine aspects the way it could have, and it was factually hit or miss. Apart from being just an entertaining video about a popular TV show, like much of Doctor Mike’s work, he finds a digestible way to give out information about medicine that everyone should know.

#2: “Real Doctor Reacts to ‘House’” (2018)

It’s never a bad time to revisit the modern classic that was “House, M.D.” Doctor Mike dives into the very first episode of the series and, like his other “Reacts” videos, dissects the show’s realism and entertainment. The show is pretty far from real, but the sharp writing and character work mean that even watching the show secondhand with Doctor Mike is an excellent time. “House” is a pretty great example of how not to act as a medical professional, and Doctor Mike is able to point out things other doctors should and shouldn’t do using our favorite cranky doctor as an example.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
“What I Actually Eat in a Day” (2017)

“What Your Body Is Telling Me” (2017)

“Proven Sleep Tips” (2018)

#1: “Real Doctor Reacts to ‘Grey's Anatomy’” (2018)

Let’s talk a trip to Shondaland with our favorite YouTube doctor in this viral video. This is the video that spawned Doctor Mike’s “Reacts to” series, and it proved so popular that it even got a follow-up in which he dissected another “Grey’s Anatomy” episode. We’ve gotta hand it to the first video for being the originator and most entertaining instalment of the series so far. The first episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” was so long ago that the video feels like a real trip down memory lane, but also, as always, Doctor Mike makes it extra interesting by providing solid insight into the actual life of doctors in a hospital.