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Another Top 10 Deepfake Videos

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
Next stop, the Uncanny Valley. Welcome to TopX, the show where we count down the good, the bad and the ugly of YouTube. Today, we're taking a look at more deepfake videos that could almost pass for the real deal. If you think there are any we missed, be sure to check our original video.
Next stop, the Uncanny Valley. Welcome to TopX, the show where we count down the good, the bad and the ugly of YouTube. Today, we’re taking a look at more deepfake videos that could almost pass for the real deal. If you think there are any we missed, be sure to check our original video.

#10: Mike Tyson & Snoop Dogg as Oprah Winfrey & Gayle King

A boxer and a rapper wander onto a talk show set in drag… That might sound like a setup to a joke, but it’s really the basis for this bizarre deepfake. Mike Tyson assumes the role of host Oprah Winfrey while Snoop Dogg fills in for her guest, Gayle King. Seeing Tyson’s iconic facial tattoo pared with Winfrey’s hairdo is beyond hysterical. King’s hairdo, meanwhile, looks even bigger than Snoop’s head. In the original video, Winfrey breaks out a photo of King’s high school prom. The deepfake, however, substitutes it with a picture of a dog with pigtails. Since Tyson and Snoop both have very distinct voices, it’s nothing short of strange listening to female laughter emanate from their mouths.

#9: Steve Buscemi as Sharon Stone

If you thought Steve Buscemi adopting Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes look was eerie, just imagine him swapping places with Sharon Stone in “Basically Instinct.” Actually, you don’t need to imagine it because here it is! And yes, the creators decided to incorporate Buscemi into the movie’s most iconic scene. While not the most believable deepfake, it’s definitely among the weirdest. Smoking a cigarette, Buscemi dons a tight, white dress that leaves little to the imagination. The deepfake inevitably works up to the notorious leg cross, leaving the authorities draped in sweat. What was once a steamy and even intimidating moment has now become a laugh riot. The censor bar in between Buscemi’s legs only adds to the hilarity.

#8: Will Smith as Cardi B

Remember that scene in “Wild Wild West” where Will Smith disguised himself as a belly dancer? Well, this deepfake tops it! Making a guest appearance on “The Tonight Show,” rapper Cardi B told Jimmy Fallon about the origins of her name. The deepfake replaces Cardi’s face with Smith’s and – believe it or not – the change up is pretty darn seamless. If you were to watch this deepfake without any background information, you may assume that Smith is doing a spot-on Cardi B impression in full drag. Even Smith himself was impressed by the video, sharing it on Instagram with the caption, “This is SO GOOD.” Cardi also responded to the deepfake, posting, “That one time I drank biotin.”

#7: Nicolas Cage as the Cast of “Friends”

We don’t understand why Nicolas Cage is the subject of so many deepfakes… err, then again, we get it. He did give birth to a million memes after all. Still, we’re not sure where someone got the idea to have Cage replace the cast of “Friends.” The deepfake borrows a clip from an episode in which Ross introduces the gang to his “sound.” Minus Joey, all the Friends are present to watch Ross’ baffling keyboard performance with Cage assuming every role. While a few characters admittedly look awkward, Cage’s face effortlessly blends right into David Schwimmer’s body. Given Ross’ eccentric personality and proneness to freak-outs, Cage may be the only actor who could play him even better than Schwimmer.

#6: Elon Musk as a Baby

We’re just going to warn you upfront that this video will fuel your nightmares for the next month. The deepfake uses clips from a viral video entitled, “Cutest Baby Montage Ever.” As its title suggests, the original video is adorable, centering on a daddy playing around with his giggling baby. Things go from darling to disturbing in the deepfake, which switches out the baby’s face with Elon Musk’s. The tech giant is turned into a tech tyke – and it’s especially creepy when Musk’s words are put in the baby’s mouth, calling a live-action Stewie Griffin to mind. Let’s just hope this doesn’t give Hollywood any ideas for the next “Baby Geniuses” movie.

#5: Heath Ledger's Joker as William Thatcher

The late Heath Ledger was among the most versatile actors of his generation, going from playing a charming peasant in “A Knight’s Tale” to the embodiment of evil in “The Dark Knight.” As radically different as these two performances are, this deepfake cleverly merges them together. The video starts off with the Joker delivering his classic “do you want to know how I got these scars” monologue. We then flash back to a scene from “A Knight’s Tale,” although William Thatcher has been given the Joker’s make-up smeared face. Charging on horseback, the squire turned knight gets his helmet knocked off by an opponent. Ah, so that’s how he went from jouster to joker.

#4: Bill Hader as Tom Cruise & Seth Rogen

They say that Bill Hader can slip in and out of any impression on the spot, but this deepfake literally sees him become a shape-shifter. In a 2008 interview with David Letterman, Hader reflected on an encounter he had with Tom Cruise while working on “Tropic Thunder.” Although Hader can mimic Cruise’s voice and gestures pretty well on his own, the deepfake takes his impersonation to the next level. The edits go by so quickly that it’s easy to miss Cruise’s face overtaking Hader’s. Part of that’s because Cruise and Hader already have fairly similar hair and facial structures. Of course, you shouldn’t have a very difficult time pinpointing Seth Rogen’s face when Hader does his impression of him.

#3: Ross Marquand as Everyone

Ross Marquand may not be a household name like Bill Hader, but he’s every bit as gifted when it comes to impressions. Marquand demonstrated his incredible range on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” channeling Matthew McConaughey, John C. Reilly, Antonio Banderas, Christopher Walken, Kevin Spacey, Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake, Gary Busey, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, and Christian Bale, all in the span of just over three minutes. As if his 11 impressions weren’t mind-blowing enough, this deepfake morphs Marquand into each individual like a human chameleon. While it’s hard to single out the best, seeing Marquand turn into Bale definitely made us feel as if we were on the set of “Terminator Salvation.”

#2: Ryan Reynolds as Gene Wilder

We’re not saying that we want another adaptation of Roald Dahl’s 1964 children’s book. If Ryan Reynolds played Willy Wonka, though, we’d be willing to buy a Golden Ticket. You have to admit after watching this deepfake that Reynolds has an unusual resemblance to the late Gene Wilder. What’s more, both actors share a knack for balancing sarcasm and sincerity. The video revisits several scenes from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factor” with Reynolds stepping in as the colorful candy man. Hearing Wilder’s performance of “Pure Imagination” come out of Reynolds’ mouth is almost as surreal as that infamous tunnel scene. Reynolds summed up the video best in a tweet, writing, “The suspense is terrible. I hope it’ll last.”

Before we get to our topic pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Edward Norton as Brad Pitt
Corridor Crew as Tom Cruise
Constance Wu as Scarlett Johansson
Keanu Reeves as Hugh Jackman
William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy as Vic Mignogna & Todd Haberkorn

#1: Jim Carrey as Jack Nicholson

If there are two actors who know how to play crazy, it’s Jack Nicholson and Jim Carrey. Had Carrey been an established movie star in 1980, he likely would’ve been in the running to play Jack Torrance in “The Shining.” While the role went to Nicholson, this series of deepfake videos give us a glimpse of what might have been in an alternate universe. It’s amazing how well Carrey and Nicholson’s manic mannerisms sync up with each other. Whether Jack is typing away at his desk or axing away at a door, Carrey is seriously scary here. This matchup is only more fitting when you consider that Carrey can do a dead-on impression of Nicholson’s facial quirks.