Top 10 Cutest Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams Moments
Trivia Top 10 Cutest Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams Moments



Top 10 Cutest Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams Moments

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You won't know the meaning of relationship goals until you've seen the cutest Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams moments. Shane has been posting YouTube videos since 2008, but it's hard to remember a time when he wasn't joined to the hip with Ryland. The two got engaged in 2016, meaning they'll be creating plenty more adorable memories in the future. MsMojo ranks the cutest Shane and Ryland moments. What's your favorite Shanda and Ryland moment? Let us know in the comments!
Is “all of them” an acceptable answer? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cutest Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at a mix of YouTubers Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams' best videos together and their cutest moments.

#10: Showing Their New Place Together

Regardless of the situation, a couple buying a house is a huge step in any relationship. About two years after the YouTubers started dating, Shane and Ryland bought their dream house in Calabasas, California. During a video touring the new place, the charming pair talk about the road leading up to this moment and the couple's plans for the future. A veteran YouTuber with more than a decade of experience, Shane mentions buying a dream house never used to feel right; presumably, Ryland had something to do with Shane's newfound conviction.

#9: Relationship "Life Hacks"

Could there be a more suitable couple to dispense some relationship life hacks? With the advice being to recreate cringey couple photos as a way to spice up a romance, Shane and Ryland's irresistible charm totally overwhelms the awkward factor so all that remains is a collection of super cute pictures. Starting things off by mimicking the famous upside-down kiss from 2002's "Spider-Man," Shane and Ryland's photo-shoot sees the couple dedicate love songs to each other and audition for "Lizzie McGuire." The guys even draw portraits, although Shane opts for a rather ballsy rendition of Ryland.

#8: Shane & Ryland Diss Each Other in Music Videos

If the occasional disagreement can benefit a relationship, then creating highly polished diss tracks should be regarded as a sign of an unshakable romance. Uploaded around the same time Jake and Logan Paul were trading musical insults, Shane and Ryland seem to have an absolute blast pretending to exchange taunts while simultaneously showcasing the intimacy shared between the guys. These tracks make it abundantly clear that Shane and Ryland accept each other completely, including pimples and dirty hair. Who knew diss tracks could be so wholesome?

#7: Shane Makes Ryland Wear a Fat Suit

Warning: Dry eyes are not guaranteed while watching Shane's two-part video. Due to always being thin, Ryland sometimes struggles to relate to Shane's body image issues. In an attempt to walk a mile in 18-year-old Shane's shoes, Ryland wears a fat suit for a day. The experiment is initially quite lighthearted, but Ryland's new look causes Shane to reminisce over some painful and heartbreaking experiences. Tears aside, this whole exercise serves as a testament to the couple's closeness. Shane feels comfortable enough to open up about some pretty dark memories, while Ryland goes shopping at Target in a fat suit.

#6: Lie Detector Test

A joint lie detector test sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but Shane and Ryland passed with flying colors. Although closer to a confirmation of support than a heated interrogation, the YouTubers were not afraid to ask the difficult questions. Ryland and Shane state a mutual desire to have kids before the test confirms both guys are speaking the truth. Lie detector tests are born out of a place of suspicion; however, in the case of Shane and Ryland, the test only served to spotlight the trust shared by the couple.

#5: Reading Bumble Conversations

The mere thought of sharing a Tinder or Bumble conversation with millions may be enough to trigger a panic attack in many people; fortunately, Shane and Ryland went ahead with the exposé anyway! Bumble helped transform the pair's relationship from casual acquaintances to one of YouTube's cutest couples. Along with establishing who was the first to describe their partner as daddy, these early conversations confirm that Shane and Ryland clicked pretty much instantly. Prior to even becoming a couple, the YouTubers were already planning their future wedding.

#4 Shane & Ryland Adopt Honey

During a trip to San Francisco, Shane and Ryland find Lady (who they later rename Honey) at a dog adoption and it is love at first sight. Once the beautiful animal is adopted, Shane and Ryland memorialize Honey’s new life by taking as many charming photos as possible. While the sight of Honey and Cheeto staring each other down is simultaneously intense and cute, in terms of preciousness, nothing surpasses Shane and Ryland hanging out with their two dogs.

#3: Shane Confirms Relationship with Ryland on Instagram

Here it is! The Instagram post credited with introducing Shane and Ryland to the world. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the couple's first public photo radiates a warmth capable of defrosting the coldest of hearts. Happy smiles aside, this post was also a big deal as, at the time, Shane preferred to keep his love life private. As comments have not stopped flowing in since 2016, the couple's announcement post basically acts as a timeline documenting the progress of Shane and Ryland's relationship.

#2: Drunk Boyfriend Tag

In boyfriend or girlfriend tag, a couple takes turns answering questions about their partners. Add a whole lot of booze and you have a recipe for success! Along with bringing up things like favorite positions in bed, Shane and Ryland can barely keep their hands to themselves during the game. While the questions provide a little snapshot into the couple's private lives, more than anything, Drunk Boyfriend Tag emphasizes that Shane and Ryland just adore being together. Some couples are naturally cute and these two definitely qualify.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Shane Turns Ryland Into a Bratz Doll

Punk Edits

Shane & Ryland Adopt a Baby

Blue Apron Dinner Date

#1: Shane & Ryland’s Engagement Video

Considering Shane uploaded a video asking Ryland's mother for permission to pop the question, the proposal was more a matter of when rather than if; nevertheless, the defining moment still ended up being too cute. Initially, Shane planned to pull out all the stops and even considered assembling Snoop Dogg, Ricky Dillon and Hilary Duff to help set the mood. Ultimately, a simple proposal on the couple's third year anniversary worked perfectly. Years of cute videos summarized in a single moment of a kneeling Shane asking for Ryland's hand in marriage.