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The Best Dead or Alive Costumes

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Dead or Alive is all about those DLC outfits, so over the years there have been dozens of amazing outfits for us to gush over. Here are our picks for the best costumes in Dead or Alive.

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Best Dead or Alive Costumes

Say what you will about the “Dead or Alive” series, but the franchise boasts a wardrobe fit for any fighter. Be it sexy, stylish, cute, or nostalgic. Welcome to MojoPlays! And these are our picks for the Best “Dead or Alive” Costumes!

Attack on Titan collection

Throughout its lifespan, “Dead or Alive 5” received a lot of add-on content...A LOT of add-on content. However, one of the biggest surprises was when “Attack on Titan” content was revealed! In addition to a brand new stage (complete with a Colossal Titan and explosive crates), each fighter received their own Survey Corps uniform and Omni-directional mobility gear included. On paper, this sounds like a bizarre crossover, but each fighter pulls off the look surprisingly well! It kind of makes us want to see an “Attack on Titan” game with “Dead or Alive” characters. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, the content was delisted just one year after release. What a shame...

Wild Man


“Dead or Alive 5” received a good amount of Halloween-based DLC, filled to the brim with creative and silly costume designs. Then, there’s Ein, who chose to be the oddball of the bunch and dress like a feral man. Although, there’s something about it that feels like it came from two worlds or one family. Are there any strangers like us that feel the same? In all seriousness, the simplicity of the costume almost made us start trashin’ the camp in frustration, but the sillyness of this Son of Man won us over in the end. You’ll be in my heart, Wild Man Ein!

Halloween DLC Costumes

Marie Rose

The Halloween DLC is just so good we couldn't pick one costume. But if we had to choose it's either Red Riding Hood or Alive in Wonderland. Marie Rose has quite the affinity for fancy, frilly dresses, and one of her best ones is her Alice in Wonderland costume. It’s absolutely adorable! Along with the expected cerulean dress, Marie Rose also dons a bowtie with a teacup that says “Drink Me”, and her shoes boast beautiful black and red diamonds with teacup handles around the back. Creative and maddeningly vibrant, this is one costume we’ll continue to use past Halloween.

Alien suits


Honestly, we’re shocked that any costume of Zack’s managed to make it on this list. This bumbling buffoon boasts the most bizarre wardrobe out of the entire “Dead or Alive” cast. So, what could be any worse than his disco clown suit? Well, its the weird alien-like costume he’s worn since “Dead or Alive 2”. To this day, it’s still weird as f***! Although, it does capture part of his personality and its pretty iconic to Zack’s character, even if it is super loud and obnoxious to look at. Seriously, how much more reflective and shiny does your outfit have to be, dude?! And--wait a minute, is that flaccid thing on his head moving?? Ewwww!

Erza Scarlet

Kasumi & Phase 4

“Attack on the Titan” wasn’t the only anime to get a fist bump from “Dead or Alive”. Koei Tecmo showed some love for “Fairy Tail” by releasing costumes based on the show’s characters. Each fighter would cosplay as a particular character that closely resembled them. Among these (and arguably the best) was the Erza Scarlet costume for Kasumi. Our beautiful ninja pulls off the look so well that we occasionally forgot that this was merely a costume. We could say the same about Phase 4 and her costume based on Erza’s superhero persona, Fairy Woman. We’re sorry to say that these costumes suffered the same fate as “Attack on Titan”, getting delisted a year after release. Dammit!

Yellow Tracksuit

Jann Lee

If you’re with Bruce Lee, surely you’ve seen the man in his iconic yellow tracksuit from “Game of Death”. “Dead or Alive” pays tribute to Mr. Lee by giving Jann Lee his own yellow tracksuit in as of “Dead or Alive 4”. It’s only fitting since the two both practice Jeet Kun Do! Jann’s tracksuit even has an awesome dragon stitched on the back! Bruce Lee has been referenced in several fighting games, but giving players a modernized version of his tracksuit is one of the best references to the legendary martial artist!

NES Ninja Gaiden

Ryu Hayabusa

It has been a looooooooong time since we last saw the “Ninja Gaiden” series, and this is just making our itch worse. Granted, Ryu’s classic “Ninja Gaiden” look has been an alternate outfit since the first “Dead or Alive”, but that doesn’t degrade the overwhelming nostalgia we have for this outfit. Another reason we love it so much is because the outfit manages to be incredibly detailed without sacrificing the basic NES design. Now, if only we can get a new “Ninja Gaiden” game with the same level of detail...

Tecmo 50th Anniversary collection

Before development ceased for “Dead or Alive 5” in 2017, we were treated to a collection that celebrated Tecmo’s 50th anniversary. These outfits gave every fighter (except Mai Shiranui) a costume based on beloved Tecmo properties. Some of the guys were given football uniforms based on “Tecmo Bowl” while a few ladies were given outfits based on Pixie from the “Monster Rancher” franchise. Although, hardcore Koei Tecmo fans would get a kick out of the shirts that referenced classic titles such as Ryu’s stylish “Ninja Gaiden” tee or Eliot’s “Solomon’s Key” shirt. It may not have been a massive party, but this was still an exceptional way to celebrate the Tecmo side of Koei Tecmo’s long history!

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