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Celebrities Say the Darndest Things - The Kim Cattrall + Quincy Jones Edition! - Mojo Talks

Subscribe to MojoTalks for more great coverage of breaking stories and trending news: Kim Cattrall and Quincy Jones are the latest celebrities to say outrageous things online (in the case of Cattrall) or in interviews (in the case of Jones). Does Sarah Jessica parker deserve all that vitriol? Did Michael Jackson really steal hit songs from his peers? And does social media create an environment where becoming unhinged is the norm for those in the celebrity spotlight? The Mojo Talks team answers these questions, and more!! Check out these related WatchMojo videos - Top 10 Celebrity Feuds: Top 10 Most Controversial Interviews: MojoTalks is a brand new channel from WatchMojo that covers all of the topics and categories that you love in a Talk format! Our in-house experts will interview, debate and breakdown all the latest news and releases in Movies, TV, Video Games and Pop Culture. Stick around, we'll talk you through it!

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