Top 10 Reasons Logan Paul Is Hated
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Top 10 Reasons Logan Paul Is Hated

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Getting older doesn't always mean getting wiser. For this list, we're looking at what haters have against Logan Paul, going over the worst rumors and controversies involving the YouTube megastar. From his taser video to his annoying behavior, WatchMojo is counting down the reasons people hate Logan Paul.

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Script written by Caitlin Johnson

Top 10 Reasons Logan Paul is Hated

Getting older doesn’t always mean getting wiser. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 reasons Logan Paul is hated.

For this list, we’re looking at what haters have against Logan Paul, going over the worst rumors and controversies involving the YouTube megastar.

#10: He Told People to Sabotage His Brother’s Van

While this is a gigantic “maybe”, the circumstances are certainly suspicious. The widely-covered feud between Jake and his neighbors culminated in a now infamous interview with the local news station, and an alleged incident in which Team 10’s van was sabotaged. Jake claims that the neighbors loosened the lug nuts on the wheels, resulting in a dangerous accident on the highway. But there’s also a conspiracy, started by PewDiePie, that it was actually Logan who loosened the nuts - after Logan suggested that Jake’s neighbors do just that. Was it a coincidence? Part of a larger cross-channel script? Whatever the case, Logan’s anti-fans weren’t impressed.

#9: The “No Handlebars” Controversy

Both Paul brothers have provoked backlash against their “music” careers, but Logan generated particularly bad publicity with “No Handlebars”, based on the Flobots track “Handlebars”. The Flobots song is about reaching a crossroads and deciding how to use your power. Apparently, Logan decided to use it by riding a bicycle made out of women - literally reducing them to objects - while singing about riding “your girl with no handlebars”. The model he “rides”, who thought the video would be satire, said she felt abused and ashamed. And Flobots frontman Jamie Laurie slammed Logan as the face of “douchebag entitlement”, releasing the diss track “Handle Your Bars”. Now that’s a burn.

#8: His Twitch Stream

When his revenue was suspended on YouTube, Logan decided to try his hand at the fastest-growing entertainment platform out there: Twitch. Having already moved from Vine to YouTube, expanding to Twitch seemed like a logical jump – but many Twitch users were far from happy. During his first Twitch stream, he showcased how much he sucked at the game Fortnite, read out a username that included a racial slur, and was barraged by images of penises. Even so, he still scored 630,000 subscribers on Twitch overnight, infuriating many of the streamers who work hard for subs on the site.

#7: His Taser Video

Hopefully, few people go on YouTube to watch videos of people abusing dead animals. And while “abusing” may be a strong word, zapping a pair of dead rats with a Taser seems like a pretty good example. Believe it or not, in the aftermath of other controversies, this dead rat video came as part of Logan’s comeback efforts, following a three-week hiatus – but resulted in all ads being suspended from his YouTube channel. Where he got dead rats from is anybody’s guess, but Google wasn’t having any of it, taking a hard-line approach in monitoring the content of YouTube’s biggest vloggers.

#6: How He Markets Merch

Both Paul brothers are relentless in pushing their merchandise, although Jake is the one who’s most often called out on it. Since their core audience is made up of kids who aren’t necessarily very marketing-savvy, their tactics have come under fire as being more than a little problematic. Logan is constantly pushing his “Maverick” clothing line, telling his young fans that they’ll be part of a movement and ahead of the crowd if they do. The product placement in his videos is non-stop, and he even drops the word “maverick” into his sentences as often as possible.

#5: He’s Rude Overseas

Nobody enjoys rude tourists in their home countries, and the Paul brothers are classic examples. While his trip to Japan is the most notorious of all, his time in Italy was almost as bad. When the Pauls jumped into a canal in Venice, it inspired an online campaign to get them arrested. But they managed to provoke even more hate in Rome, where Logan decided to fly a drone over the Colosseum, landing him in Italian custody. To make matters worse, he filmed and uploaded his entire arrest, as well as the illegally captured drone footage.

#4: He’s Just Annoying

While he may sometimes be considered the lesser of two evils beside his brother, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still rub a lot of people the wrong way. When it comes down to it, many people find Logan just plain annoying – or at least, his douchey online persona. It’s hard to tell what someone’s really like when they’re mostly pushing merchandise and playing pranks. His attempts to branch out from social media haven’t encouraged a warmer welcome; he did make a pretty convincing jock in “Foursome”, but a bland, generic hero in YouTube Red movie “The Thinning.”

#3: His Role in the Jalissa Drama

“Jalissa”: was it ever real? Ex-Team 10 member Alissa Violet left the house in a whirlwind of drama, with Jake claiming she’d cheated on him, and Alissa saying that Jake had cheated on her all the time. Matters only got worse when rumors spread that Alissa had hooked up with Jake’s own brother Logan. As if this wasn’t all weird enough, the Logang released a diss track aimed at Jake, featuring Alissa - and seemed to reference their hookup. It included a savage “second verse” that Logan didn’t originally release because it was too cruel . . . but then later uploaded anyway.

#2: He Faked His Own Death

A prankster at heart, Logan’s taken his jokes too far numerous times, but this is one of the worst. Announcing he was going to “do something wrong that feels so right,” he took advantage of the crowds of eager young fans who follow him everywhere by staging his own murder. Given the age range of his most dedicated fans, it must have been pretty traumatic to watch their idol apparently get shot to death by a home intruder, even if it was revealed to be one big joke at the end. It’s just one in a long line of horrific stunts that somehow seemed like a good idea at the time.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Dishonorable Mentions:

His Extravagant Spending

His Tide Pod Joke

#1: His Controversial Japan Video

It became one of the biggest scandals since YouTube began, for very good reason. While on vacation in Japan, the Logang decided to visit Aokigahara Forest, colloquially known as the “suicide forest” because it’s the site of frequent suicides. While there, the friends found the body of a man who had hung himself and was still suspended from a tree. They proceeded to film it – while laughing – and then uploaded the video to YouTube. Logan has since apologized for his actions, although critics felt he came off as insincere. The event has truly cemented his infamy.
tommyinnit and logan paul are friends on twitter should someone talk to them about this?
like who fucking laughs at a dead body in a forest known for it's suicides, films it, and posts it online????
I hate logan paul and jake paul they're the worst
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