Top 10 WORST Celebrity Neighbors
Top 10 WORST Celebrity Neighbors

Top 10 WORST Celebrity Neighbors

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
“Love thy neighbor” is easier said than done, especially when they're famous. From Paris Hilton to the Kardashians, we would not want to live next to these annoying celebs. WatchMojo is counting down the WORST celebrities to have as neighbors.

Script written by Michael Wynands

Top 10 WORST Celebrity Neighbors

“Love thy neighbor” is easier said than done, especially when they’re famous. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 worst celebrities to have as neighbors.

For this list, we’re looking at famous and high profile individuals who have been accused of being awful to the people they live near. Sometimes this is because they don’t think about how others may be affected by what they’re doing, but other times, it’s because they actively harm or upset their neighbors.

#10: Paris Hilton

In early 2007, the heiress was arrested and jailed for driving with a suspended license, much to the relief of her fellow Beverly Hills residents. After a slew of issues that come with having one of the paparazzi’s favorite marks down the street, neighbors clubbed together to warn the local authorities about the noise and traffic from the various reporters that were likely to crowd the area when she was released. It’s also been alleged that Paris mistreats the dogs she is seen to fawn over on-screen, with neighbors complaining about the animals escaping the house, forcing them to chase and return the pets.

#9: Hulk Hogan

Like Paris Hilton, Hulk Hogan is another excessive animal lover, who, also like Paris, drew the ire of his Floridian neighbors in the 2000s. They complained to the police that the house was a verifiable zoo of pets and farm animals, all dating back to when he acquired a license to keep a rooster in 1999. By the time the cops showed up, they reportedly counted “five chickens, one rooster, six dogs, one cat, bird cages and a ferret.” Despite being ordered various times to clean up his act, it seems like the persistent noise and smell continued for longer than anybody would like.

#8: Brandon Jones

Some suspected there was something sinister about this “Pretty Little Liars” actor... and they may have been right. In early 2017, Jones pleaded no contest to a count of assault, after pulling a gun on one of his neighbors the previous year. Through his rep, he claimed that he and his girlfriend felt “under threat”, but this clearly wasn’t a good enough reason for the authorities as he was sentenced to 180 days in jail, 3 years of probation, 30 days of community labor, and 26 anger management classes. However, considering he was originally facing five years in prison, the fact that he took this plea makes sense.

#7: Natalie Suleman [aka “Octomom”]

Motherhood brought her fame, but it's made her infamous at home where her fourteen children have been causing chaos in her small, California neighborhood. According to locals, Suleman fails to discipline or watch her kids properly, leaving them screaming at all hours of the night while she focuses on taking care of the octuplets rather than the six eldest. To make matters worse, it’s hard for the neighbors not just to live there, but also to try and move away; realtors have to disclose to potential buyers that Octomom lives nearby, which decreases property values and makes it difficult for anybody to leave.

#6: Flesh-n-Bone

In the late 1990s, a case was being built against one Stanley House for an illegal fireworks display, and one of his neighbors was set to be a witness to testify about what had happened. This was enough to push Flesh-N-Bone over the edge, and he was arrested by police threatening him. Just a few days earlier, he had been charged for firing an assault rifle after gunshots were reported. When his family home was searched following the investigation of a bomb squad, they found an AK-47, dynamite and some firecrackers. In the end, House spent eight years in prison after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

#5: Ivanka Trump

When President Trump's daughter and her family moved to an elite area of Washington D.C., none of the residents knew what to expect – but she’s since been accused of “ruin[ing] the neighborhood.” With the First Family always potentially in danger, the Secret Service flocking to the area and taking up parking spots supposed to belong to residents has caused great dismay. While locals initially welcomed the Trump-Kushners to the area, the lack of response and ensuing media circus left them infuriated. Worse, the family is also accused of leaving garbage bags on the curb for days before it gets collected.

#4: The Kardashians

Reality TV's most famous family are constantly stirring up controversy. In 2015, Khloe launched an elaborate firework display at midnight without warning neighbors beforehand or even getting a permit from the city. In response, twelve homeowners decided to sue her for $7500 in damages each. If that wasn’t enough, Kim and Kanye have also upset neighbors elsewhere with the loud and lengthy renovations to their Bel-Air mansion as well as the general frustration of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” camera crew constantly hanging around the area.

#3: Chris Brown

He’s no stranger to controversy and scandal, so it’s perhaps not that surprising that Chris Brown’s neighbors are also affected by his bad behavior. In fact, by 2016 his neighbors resorted to begging the rapper to leave the area so that they can have some peace. He reportedly drives his ATV up and down the street, has his friends over to play with his fast cars at all hours of the night, and the police are constantly called out. However, he drew the most attention after a 2016 incident where the police waited for him outside for eleven hours after there were claims he threatened a woman with a gun in his home.

#2: Justin Bieber

He’s drawn more hate and contention than many other celebrities, and it's not always without good reason. In 2014, Bieber egged neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz’s house late one night, but rather than pay for the damages right away, the case became long and drawn out, lasting for years. Justin missed five depositions in a row, and Schwartz eventually claimed that he and his family were also threatened and harassed, including with anti-Semitic insults. Schwartz said in 2017 that $1 million dollars is a more appropriate sum for all the trauma caused, though Justin has already paid out almost $90,000 for the damages.

#1: Jake Paul

This YouTube star garnered mainstream media attention after burning furniture in his pool, and it was an infamous 2017 interview with local news station KTLA that showed the true extent of this “hell on earth.” With dozens of “Paulers” camped outside, he also climbed on top of the news van and mocked the reporter’s shoes. After some residents planned on bringing a class action lawsuit against him, Jake accused his neighbors of attempted murder, claiming that their van had issues and had to be towed. Also in 2017, his equally-controversial brother Logan bought a mansion where he planned to throw “awesome rager parties.” Only time will tell if his neighbors will hate him, too.