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Top 10 Celebs Who Stopped Playing by the Rules

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut

Script written by Mark Sammut

When you’re this famous, what even matters anymore anyway? Stars like Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey and Rihanna definitely play by their own rules. WatchMojo is counting down the celebs who just stopped caring what anyone thinks.

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Script written by Mark Sammut

Top 10 Celebs Who Stopped Playing by the Rules

When you’re this famous, what even matters anymore anyway? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebs Who Just Stopped Giving a F***.
For this list, we’re looking at celebrities who stopped caring about toeing the line. Stars like Eminem – who never gave a damn in the first place – will be excluded.

#10: Harrison Ford

Let’s start off with a doozy. Like, we’re talking Indy and Han Solo here: this legendary actor is untouchable. Harrison Ford has been in the business since the mid-'70s, and the actor has made it clear that he is in it for the money. Unless Ryan Gosling happens to be in the room, the notoriously grumpy celebrity rarely cracks a smile during interviews and paints a picture of someone who really does not want to be there. While fans were hyped for Han Solo's return in “The Force Awakens,” Ford's motives were more, shall we say, economic.

#9: Jim Carrey

At the best of times, differentiating an actor from his characters can be challenging, and this star is a good example. Known for his energetic and hilarious performances, Jim Carrey is an icon of the big screen, who has dedicated more than two decades to make people laugh. But the comedian's interviews and Twitter account have taken a turn for the puzzling and bizarre. Carrey has talked about overcoming depression by retiring the character of “Jim Carrey” and freeing himself from Hollywood. And with acting gigs becoming something of a rarity, Ace Ventura prefers to spend most of his time painting.

#8: Taylor Swift

America's girl next door is no longer the picture of innocence. During the early days of her career, Taylor Swift came across as a sweet and almost fragile country singer, who did not have a mean bone in her body. After releasing a couple of the biggest pop albums in the industry, Swift is no longer afraid to publicly tear down anyone who wronged or slighted her. The singer has made a career out of writing songs lambasting her ex-boyfriends; while the lead singles from her last two albums were both huge middle-fingers to the pop star's haters. She’s shakin’ it off.

#7: Quincy Jones

If there is anyone qualified to describe The Beatles as the worst musicians of all-time, it would have to be the legendary producer with 28 Grammys to his name. And, indeed, Jones has shaken the musical world by criticising some of the most beloved names in the business. In a fascinating interview with Vulture, Jones – famed for his work with the late, great, Michael Jackson – accused the King of Pop of plagiarism, before taking on the subject of who killed JFK. In the same session, Jones lambasted the President of the United States, questioned Paul McCartney's skills, and criticized modern pop music for lacking innovation. Tell us how you really feel, Q!

#6: Diane Keaton

Annie Hall might be closer to 80 than 40, but the actress has not changed a bit. Ever since making her film debut in the early '70s, Diane Keaton has always been counter-culture. This celebrity has largely stayed out of the public eye, and was even dubbed the most reclusive actress since Garbo, by Vanity Fair. Refusing to bow down to Hollywood's harsh standards, Keaton has never gone under the knife for plastic surgery. Despite dating some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, including Warren Beatty and “Godfather”-era Al Pacino, Keaton has seen no reason to get married.

#5: Kelly Clarkson

The rise of the first ever winner of “American Idol” was a great story. And with a powerful voice and some catchy hooks, Kelly Clarkson quickly became a regular fixture on the pop charts. Yet in the lead-up to the release of 2015's “Piece by Piece” album, Clarkson's physique received some negative public attention, criticism which has, to some degree, followed the singer for the majority of her career. But the 'Since U Been Gone' star refuses to let other people's opinions influence her state of mind, with Clarkson repeatedly tearing to shreds any comments about her weight.

#4: Rihanna

The poster child for not giving the traditional music (and publicity) biz an inch. The Barbadian singer hit the scene as a typical pop starlet, before Rihanna drastically altered her public persona with her third studio album, “Good Girl Gone Bad”. Abandoning the cute dresses for skin-tight leather and fishnet stockings, Rihanna discarded many of her pop trappings and ventured forth into rap, rock, and dubstep. Whether taking on trash-talking Ciara, the claiming-they-dated Matt Barnes, or fans critical of her relationship history with Chris Brown, Rihanna says and does what she wants at all times.

#3: Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana is dead and buried. Miley Cyrus grew up as Disney's live-action princess, but the singer has done everything in her power to shed that image. Since leaving Mickey Mouse's castle, Cyrus has posed nude for W Magazine, ridiculed her child star roots on “Saturday Night Live,” and embraced hip-hop culture. Miley's music videos tend to be as lucid as a fever dream, while the celebrity's VMA performance with Robin Thicke ruffled nearly everyone's feathers. Miley's antics tend to be labeled as attention-seeking, (and there’s no doubt they are), but the former Disney star was born to shock.

#2: Beyoncé

She’s bigger than the music industry. Since debuting as part of R&B girl-group Destiny's Child, Beyoncé has won more than 20 Grammy Awards, and pumped out classic hit after hit (she was even declared 2012's Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine.) Here’s the thing: as a performer, the icon rarely ever loses her cool, even when her perfect hair is being tangled up by a fan (a literal one, mind you). And in terms of not giving a F***, Beyoncé's Lemonade album, with songs like “Sorry,” took things to a whole new level, as the superstar viciously tore into her husband's (alleged) affair. Mess with the Queen, you get the stinger.

#1: Bill Murray

The legendary comedian and actor has never behaved like your typical Hollywood star. Unlike pretty much every other celebrity, Bill Murray does not believe in agents; so, filmmakers who want to cast the “Lost in Translation” star must leave a message on his 1-800 number and hope for a reply. Peter Venkman's real-life counterpart feels authentic but unpredictable, with Murray notorious for crashing student parties, photo-bombing engagement photos, or just randomly serving drinks at a bar. Also, remember Murray's triple strike in “Kingpin”? That was real! Bill Murray just might be the coolest person in the history of humans.


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