Top 10 Best Blizzard Games

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Blizzard sure has thrown a lot of heroes into the storm ...Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Blizzard Games!

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Top 10 Blizzard Games

You can’t become a legendary developer just by getting legendary gear. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Blizzard Games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at every game made by Blizzard Entertainment, from their humble beginnings, to their ground breaking achievements. Expansions will be excluded from the list, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure they are not forgotten.

#10: “Hearthstone" (2014)

Fighting through mobs, raiding dungeons, and taking down evil rulers can be tough work. Even the bravest heroes and villains need time to unwind. EnterHearthstone, a card game where heroes and villains from Azeroth come together to play. Featuring legendary warriors as player classes, each deck has a unique set of play styles to accompany them. The rules are basic - reduce your opponent’s life to 0 before your own. A simple game, that manages to boast the level of depth and competitiveness of TCGs like Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone continues to live on through new game-modes, cards, and so much more.

#9: “Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls” (2012)

12 years, 12 long agonizing years it had been since Diablo had last seen the hellish light of day. Longtime fans were hyped to get their hands on Diablo 3 and play it, they couldn’t wait. Despite great sales, Diablo 3 unfortunately seemed to falter, losing large player counts and having just average content. When the game seemed all but lost, the Reaper of Souls expansion swooped in, fixing much of the launch problems, balancing the game, adding proper end-game content, and focusing to bring free content in the future. Despite having a rocky start, Diablo 3 has managed to join the ranks of Blizzard’s elite titles, and will manage to keep the souls of the damned at bay, for a while longer.

#8: “Warcraft III: Rein of Chaos” (2002)

The last entry in the OG Warcraft series, Warcraft 3 brought an immense amount of story to Azeroth, from the Orcs and Tauren forming what would soon be the horde, to the Alliance losing valiant heroes like Arthas to the scourge, the world of Azeroth was set up for something great. While the gameplay didn’t change much from the past entries in the series, this last entry was well refined, and offered just enough new content in the form of new playable races and an updated graphics engine to keep players happy. It also served as the base for what would eventually become one of the biggest games in the world.

#7: “Starcraft 2” (2010-15)

Unless it involves another expansion, Blizzard seems to have a bad habit of taking forever to release sequels to their games. Roughly 12 years since the last Starcraft, and 8 years since Warcraft 3, RTS fans were clamoring for another Blizzard strategy game. With a gorgeous new engine to show off that space marine glimmer, Starcraft 2 was a hit. Despite taking 5 years to finish the campaign, this game not only still have a huge place in the competitive gaming scene for 7 years, but has seen much more community support thanks in part to mods.

#6: “Overwatch” (2016)

A MOBA, an MMO, a card game, and an RTS, Blizzard nearly has all the competitive markets cornered; all they needed was a FPS. With Overwatch, it seems like Blizzard’s near unstoppable company has just grown stronger. Combining elements of classic shooters like Team Fortress and Quake, with that of modern shooters, Overwatch is a game for any shooter fan. Picking the right character for the situation is paramount, even if you have to be Mercy once again, teamwork is always a key factor. With Blizzard’s regular free updates for new heroes, balances, seasons, new cosmetics, maps and so much more, Overwatch is a welcome addition to Blizzard’s roster.

#5: “Diablo” (1996)

Portals to hell have opened, unleashing demons and monsters upon the earth. A much darker fantasy compared to that of Warcraft 3, Diablo showed us what terror was, and then let us kick its butt. One of the first games to be labeled as a “hack and slash”, Diablo helped create a brand new sub-genre to the growingly popular RPGs. With real-time combat, and hordes of enemies to fend off, it provided more intense action gameplay to the normally slow and strategic RPG genre. Not to mention it was the first game to utilize Blizzard’s online service. Ever the trendsetters Blizzard are.

#4: “Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness” (1995)

Sequel to the game that helped establish Blizzard’s popularity, Warcraft 2 managed to not only help the company rise to power, but helped blend storytelling and gameplay into RTS games. Where Warcraft was very cut-and-dry with its story, the sequel created a much more in-depth narrative, which would soon become a staple of the series. While not a huge overhaul with gameplay, Warcraft 2 also benefited greatly from a later expansion that includes Battle.Net support. So while you may not have Warcraft 2 to thank for gameplay, it is thanks to its deeper narrative, that the world of Azeroth could be expanded further...

#3: “Starcraft” (1998)

With Warcraft winning the hearts of many, and heroes busy kicking demonic butt in Hell, Blizzard decided to take a more sci-fi approach. Utilizing their already acclaimed RTS development skills, Blizzard dove headlong into the new genre to create a brand new game, and thus Starcraft was born. Starcraft would not only be beloved, but rival even Warcraft’s RTS crown. Boasting faster paced gameplay than Warcraft, and 3 playable factions instead of two, Starcraft helped to revolutionize strategy games as we know it. Plus with the game getting the remaster treatment, now is as good a time as ever to jump into the series if you’ve never played it before.

#2: “Diablo 2” (2000)

Hailed from heaven and hell as one of Blizzard’s greatest games of all time, Diablo 2 not only proved to be a true sequel, but an overall fantastic game. Diablo 2 provided new classes, story, and a much, much longer campaign. On top of that, it managed to revamp many mechanics and features - introducing new tiers to gear, difficulty settings, and even a PvP mode. While it may be quite dated, fans of the series still play it today. Receiving support to this day, Diablo 2 has stood the test of time, thanks also in part to the series introduction to online multiplayer support.

Before we open our last chest, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Heroes of the Storm” (2015)
“The Lost Vikings” (1993)
“Warcraft: Orcs and Humans” (1994)

#1: “World of Warcraft” (2004)

As if we wouldn’t choose this. World of Warcraft has come a VERY long way as an MMO; taking the crown as MMO king, it has seen the most concurrent subscribers of any MMO in history. Nearly 13 years old, World of Warcraft has outlasted many of its competitors, blowing them out of the water. A game has achieved legendary status when even those who haven’t heard of Blizzard or aren’t gamers know what your game is. It has had its lows in the past years, but millions of fans still remain faithful. Whether you are Alliance or Horde, you can agree that Blizzard is number one for keeping Azeroth alive for so long.