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To 10 Funniest Taskmaster Tasks

VO: Karen Young WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Let the challenges begin. Welcome to WatchMojoUK and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 “Taskmaster” tasks. For this list we’re looking at the best tasks from the “Taskmaster” series, from the hilarious to the ingenious. Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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To 10 Funniest Taskmaster Moments

Let the challenges begin. Welcome to WatchMojoUK and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 “Taskmaster” tasks.

For this list we’re looking at the best tasks from the “Taskmaster” series, from the hilarious to the ingenious.

#10: Hide a Pineapple on Your Person

Let’s start things off with a good laugh, shall we? In this particularly silly challenge, participants attempt to conceal an entire pineapple on their person by chopping or blending the fruit and hiding bags of it in their clothes, after they more or less all realise that eating the entire pineapple isn’t really an option. Watching five comedians strap chunks of fruit to themselves with cling film is brilliant, but the crowning jewels of the segment include the speed at which Doc Brown devours his fruit, as well as seeing Joe Wilkinson trying to walk out of the room without losing any bits.

#9: Get Three Exercise Balls Up a Hill

Carrying one inflatable exercise ball is relatively easy. Two and you might struggle a bit, though it’s definitely still manageable. But having to carry three at once to the top of a steep hill? That’s a serious undertaking. While Richard Osman came out of this task victorious, the award for funniest performance (at least in our book) is a tie between Jon Richardson and Joe Wilkinson. Tragedy strikes at the end though, as while Jon does manage to get all three of the enormous balls to the fabled yoga mat, he loses one and uselessly watches it roll all the way back down.

#8: Throw a Teabag into a Mug

Frank Skinner shows us all how it’s done in this series one task, coming up with a few rather ingenious hacks and tricks to help him get a teabag into a mug from the furthest distance. He may not have managed to seize victory from Tim Key, but he did come in a worthy second place. He’s the first who actually manages to get a teabag into a mug, and then eventually props up a large piece of cardboard so that all the teabags he throws get directed straight into it. It’s almost like he’s done this before.

#7: Film Something That Will Look Impressive in Reverse

An especially original task, this one threw up all sorts of unexpected ideas. Although, while any of the films being truly impressive is debatable (most of them are rather silly), Romesh manages to create one of the most distinctly bizarre minutes of footage you’ll ever see. Filming himself jumping out of a tree and then bursting a bunch of balloons, Romesh then sings a song about being a “tree wizard” who “creates” balloons. What makes this video so memorable is just how hilariously unimpressive the end result was, but that song was pure comedy gold.

#6: Create a Video for a Nursery Rhyme

Never one to let his musical talents go to waste, Doc Brown flexes his musical ability in this task by creating a remixed version of the childhood nursery rhyme, “Once I Caught a Fish Alive.” Standing on a riverbank dressed as a fisherman, he adds a sometimes-profane twist to the original lyrics and even gets his hands on an impressively-sized fish. But it’s when he shows off his blood-soaked, fish-bitten hand at the end that the stomachs of the studio audience are well and truly turned. This earned him first place in the task, tying with Richardson’s similarly dark approach to “Three Blind Mice”.

#5: Move the Boulder

Next, the comedians are faced with an enormous fake boulder that they have an hour to move as far away from the starting location as possible. It’s large, but apparently not too heavy, and since none of them seem to have any cars, hilarity naturally ensues. Josh is the one most successful at transporting the rock, while Tim attempts to use helium balloons, but it’s Roisin’s last-place attempt that proves the funniest. She wastes most of her time by ringing around for a courier to come and collect the boulder and drive it to Camber Sands, then resorts to just rolling it away.

#4: Write and Perform a Song for a Stranger

Split into two teams, our comics are introduced to a stranger called Rosalind and given only five minutes to question her and then twenty minutes to write a song and subsequently perform it. As you can imagine, getting a group of comedians to write a song in twenty minutes delivers some very funny results. Ultimately, while Sally, Aisling and Bob’s “Rosalind is a Nightmare” song is arguably a bit funnier, it’s Nish and Mark’s which is much more impressive. Mainly because they have real instruments – even if one is a kids’ drum kit.

#3: Most Surprisingly Expensive Item

Everyone’s been ripped off by something not worth the money at one point or another, but this task takes that to extremes as they’re purposely sent out to get the most “surprisingly expensive” item. While Sally Phillips’ idea is to pay £10,000-15,000 to preserve one of Bob Mortimer’s poos in resin – yes, really – it’s Mark Watson’s attempt to build a gate on a plot of communal land which really wins. Forced to pay £18,000 not just for the gate but for membership in a residents’ association, Greg can’t believe his ears.

#2: Create an Exotic Sandwich

“Exotic” is a word which can have many different connotations – as Noel Fielding ultimately proves with his efforts here. Many of the contestants opt to try and make the weirdest sandwich they can possibly imagine, with Mel stacking a dozen layers of as many chocolate bars and sweets as she can find between the bread. But Noel has the idea to build an exotic “dance” sandwich, which involves him tying bread and filling to Alex with string and convincing Alex to do a striptease. Hands up if you saw that coming?

#1: Buy a Gift for the Taskmaster

This task is unique in that it’s been featured in every single series of the show. However, we’re specifically looking at the first one, in which Josh Widdicombe sets a very high standard for all the gifts to follow. They’re given £20 and have ten weeks to buy Greg the best gift, which seems simple enough. But it became immediately clear that Josh was going to win when he revealed a tattoo of Greg’s name on his foot. It’s no surprise he went on to be the Champion of Champions victor as well.

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