The Funniest Moment in Every Season of HIMYM



The Funniest Moment in Every Season of HIMYM

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Tiffany Dai
Singling out the funniest moment in every season of "HIMYM" is no easy task, but challenge accepted. Our countdown includes Robin Sparkles, the Playbook, oh Honey, and more!

The Funniesst Moment in Every Season of HIMYM

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the The Funniest Moment in Every Season of “How I Met Your Mother.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at the legendary scenes that had us rolling with laughter for almost a decade. Be prepared for some spoilers as we’ll be seeing scenes from all nine seasons.

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Season 1: Barney’s Cousin
“Okay Awesome”

Over the course of the show, we get to see plenty of Barney’s methods of seduction. In this early episode, his tactics seem a bit less wacky and elaborate. When Robin’s on the VIP list for a new club, Barney and Ted tag along for a night of ridiculously loud music and expensive beers. In a shiny silver shirt, Barney is settled on a plan: pick a girl, dance with her all night, and then take her home. This completely backfires, because when she finally turns around, he realizes it’s his cousin Leslie. She never makes a second appearance on the show.

Season 2: Robin Sparkles
“Slap Bet”

From Swarley to the Slap Bet, season two was full of hilarious and quotable moments. Since we can only pick one, we can’t forget that the Slap Bet episode also revealed this Canadian’s big secret. When Robin refuses to go to the mall and won’t explain why, the gang becomes obsessed with her past and tries to dig up information about her life. From adult films to unrevealed marriages, everyone comes up with their own weird explanations that all turn out to be false. When Barney manages to find a video of her as a teenager, she decides to come clean: she used to be Robin Sparkles, a pop star who would tour through malls in Canada with her hit song “Let’s Go To The Mall.”

Season 3: The Gang’s Bad Habits
“Spoiler Alert”

The third season brought big changes for the whole gang. After he and Robin break up, Ted gets back into the dating scene. When the group reveals why they don’t like his new girlfriend, it starts to pick apart the fabric of their friendship. From Lily’s extremely loud chewing to Robin’s overuse of the word “literally,” the most annoying traits of each character are hilariously revealed. This massive fight ends up being a blessing, as one of Marshall’s super irritating but catchy songs turns out to be the password he needed to access his Bar exam results.

Season 4: The Best Burger in New York
“The Best Burger in New York”

We have to admit that the Naked Man was a strong contender. But Marshall’s passion for good food is too funny to pass up. When he first moved to Manhattan eight years ago, Marshall found the city pretty intimidating until he stumbled upon the most delicious burger he’d ever had. When he forgot where the diner was, he tried to find the same burger by trying countless restaurants with Lily and even recruiting the help of Regis Philbin. Now that he’s struggling to find work, the one thing that keeps Marshall going is hunting down the same burger joint. Not only does he stop a very hungry Robin from even taking a bite, he goes on to describe this perfect burger in his hilarious speech.

Season 5: The Playbook
“The Playbook”

After their rough patch, Barney and Robin break up and try to go back to being just friends. As he jumps back into his womanizing ways, we get to see a compilation of Barney’s wackiest schemes. The milder scams he pulls are believable enough, such as saving a woman from a spiked drink, or dressing up like Ted and saying he was left at the altar. However, when you get to plays like “The Mrs. Stinsfire” or “The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn,” his ideas are just downright ridiculous.

Season 6: Oh Honey
“Oh Honey”

When Zoey sets Ted up with her cute but oblivious cousin, we got to see Katy Perry shine as a guest star in season six. Unfortunately, no one in the gang can remember her name so they just call her “Honey”, mainly because they want to save her from her own innocence. This gullible sweetheart seems like an ideal target for Barney, but she ends up turning the tables on him and comforting him about his dad. Eventually, Honey’s trusting nature leads to an unexpectedly happy ending: she ends up being the catalyst for Zoey and Ted finally getting together.

Season 7: Marshall & Ted Have a Sandwich
“Tick Tick Tick”

When Groova Palooza brings together a bunch of 90s bands, that can only mean one thing: a bag of sandwiches. But when Lily says Marshall can’t have any, he has a bite with Ted anyway. In a haze of paranoia, the guys are sent on a quest for nachos that feels like an eternity. They imagine that they’ve walked around the entire arena, and for some reason, repeatedly end up in line for the ladies’ bathroom because they think it leads to the concession stand. To top it off, they keep running when a creepy man with a guitar seems to be following them. After this emotional rollercoaster, the security footage reveals that they were gone for less than two minutes.

Season 8: Marshall Drops His Skittles
“Weekend at Barney’s”

In season eight, Lily gets her dream job as the Captain’s new art consultant, and one of her first assignments is to meet an up-and-coming artist at a gallery opening. Despite his best efforts, Marshall is a bit out of his element. Like the loyal partner he is, he does his best to support Lily - even if it means accidentally sitting on a few expensive sculptures. When the artist dedicates a moment of silence to his grandmother, Marshall’s massive bag of Skittles slowly trickles out of his pocket onto the ground. The look on Lily’s face is the highlight of this scene: we can tell that she knows it’s Marshall the moment the first Skittle hits the ground.

Season 9: Ted’s Allergies

In the final season dedicated to Robin and Barney’s wedding weekend, the group is still up to their regular shenanigans. Barney has a terrible hangover on the morning of the wedding, so the rest of the gang set off to find all the ingredients for Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir. Marshall and Ted are on the hunt for grease, but they can only get it if the kitchen is forced to cook more bacon for the breakfast service. Ted says he can’t eat the entire batch because he’s allergic, but he realizes that his mom only told him so to get him to eat healthy. His naiveté and newfound love for bacon saves the day, and the guys are rewarded with a big pint of grease.