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Top 10 CoD Black Ops 4 Specialists

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 fans, gather 'round! Let's go over 10 Specialists and analyze the roster’s abilities, equipment, and potential contributions to a team. Enjoy our picks for the Top 10 CoD Black Ops 4 Specialists. To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 CoD Black Ops 4 Specialists

Some are more special than others. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 CoD Black Ops 4 Specialists.

For this list, we’re ranking “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s” ten Specialists by analyzing the roster’s abilities, equipment, and potential contributions to a team.

#10: Ajax

In the right hands, any Specialist can be deployed productively, but this bruiser definitely drew the short straw. A tank character designed to lead the charge and deflect bullets, Ajax's ballistic shield can withstand one hell of a frontal assault, while the "9-Bang" tactical grenades are ideal for storming the enemy's headquarters. The problem is that Ajax also moves about as quick as a tank, and the soldier's shield is vulnerable to flank attacks. "Call of Duty's" gameplay has always been twitch-based rather than tactical, and Ajax seems ill-equipped to handle "Black Ops 4's" frantic matches.

#9: Firebreak

Introduced in "Black Ops III," this firestarter might be the most awesome looking member of the roster. Armed with a flamethrower that is absolutely devastating in close quarters, Firebreak's moveset reflects the character's loner personality, but this is one soldier who desperately requires some support. Besides the flamethrower, Firebreak can also unleash a radiation field that chips away at the enemy's health, but both weapons have a small charge-up that leaves the player vulnerable. In a well-choreographed team, Firebreak could be near unstoppable, but the warrior is not the easiest to master.

#8: Prophet

As implied by the name, Specialists are at peak effectiveness when used in certain environments. Equipped with an electricity-based rifle capable of chaining attacks between enemies, Prophet benefits greatly from a larger map, as the soldier's weapons can be unpredictable. Ditching the gun's recharge time but reducing its impact, Prophet's rifle is simultaneously superior and inferior to its "Black Ops III" predecessor, but it is far more reliable than the AI-controlled "seeker shock mine." In theory, a device that paralyzes enemies sounds great, but the mine does not always target the right opponent.

#7: Seraph

"Black Ops 4's" multiplayer strives to combine "Call of Duty's" definitive twitch gunplay with a heavier focus on teamwork and tactics. This shift is most evident when it comes to Seraph's ability, which has been switched from "Black Ops III's" score multiplier to a beacon that allows the rest of the team to spawn in the neighboring area. Depending on the situation, the Tac-Deploy is either indispensable or completely worthless, but Seraph's destructive revolver is more than potent enough to wreck the opposing unit. Communication is key to unlocking Seraph's full potential.

#6: Nomad

In a raging war zone featuring flamethrowers and lightning guns, nothing quite compares to an attack dog. On paper, Nomad's "K9 Unit" ability sounds almost ridiculous, but this deadly mutt is genuinely among the most overpowered ultimates in the game. Whether intentional or slightly broken, Nomad's canine quickly reduces the target into dog food, but there is a limit on how often the hell-hound can be summoned. When not converting enemy combatants into glorified chew toys, Nomad can be found spreading explosive tripwires across the battlefield.

#5: Crash

With regenerating health not an option, players need to either exercise caution or deploy a medic. "Black Ops 4's" roster is chiefly packed with attack-minded Specialists capable of acting solo or working in a team, but Crash is primarily a support character. The Australian's ability heals wounds and can even boost the max HP of up to four allies, while Crash's equipment re-supplies the team with ammo that grants bonus points for kills. A specialist who lifts up the rest of the unit, Crash might be "Black Ops 4's" unsung hero.

#4: Ruin

What is the point of scoring a kill if you cannot look awesome while doing it? Armed with a grappling hook and a leaping shock-wave attack, Ruin seems better suited for a game like "Overwatch" than "Call of Duty," but that does little to diminish the Specialist's inherent fun factor. Besides allowing Ruin to traverse the map with relative ease, the grapple gun perfectly compliments the "Grav Slam's" destructive potential. Batman's hook does come with a timer, therefore, Ruin benefits from some self-control and patience.

#3: Battery

Once in a while, there is nothing more refreshing than diving headfirst into enemy territory and blowing everyone to smithereens! Capable of dishing out one-liners with the most seasoned action-movie heroes, Battery embodies everything great about "Call of Duty's" visceral gameplay. Specializing in projectiles, Battery can either bounce grenades all over the place or cover the walls in tiny explosives; one way or the other, someone is going to go boom. While Battery's shoot first, think never approach is a ton of fun, the Specialist is predictable and rather easy to counter.

#2: Torque

A good attack is nothing without a solid defense. Unless playing one of the free-for-alls, "Heist," or "Kill Confirmed;" no team would be complete without Torque. Four multiplayer modes center around objectives requiring some form of safekeeping, and Torque is explicitly designed to protect the gold from the other team. Besides securing the player and the objective, "Barricade" transmits a radiation field that slows enemies to a crawl. Torque is also armed with a razor wire that can be positioned around an objective or down a narrow hall, essentially turning the map into a big death trap

#1: Recon

If this Specialist is misused, a team is practically fighting blind. Lacking much in the way of offensive or defensive skills, Recon is a surveillance master who exposes the enemy's location for a brief period or within a specific zone. Whether employing the soldier's "Vision Pulse" or "Sensor Dart," Recon is often the difference between a successful assault or a disastrous ambush. Assuming most units will take advantage of Recon's surveillance skills, any team unwilling to do the same will be fighting a futile battle. Why make life harder than it needs to be?

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