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Top 10 Unforgettable Rachel & Finn Moments

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Francesca LaMantia

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Script written by Francesca LaMantia

Top 10 Rachel and Finn Moments on Glee

First they were teammates, then friends, then one of TV’s ultimate couples. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Rachel and Finn Moments On Glee.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the best moments from this musical couple.

#10: Don’t Stop Believing


This is the song that started it all. Though it’s technically not the first song they ever sang together, it was their first real performance – even if it was just for themselves. After struggling to really come together as a team, Finn commits to the club and takes charge, leading the Glee Club to the song that would go on to become their anthem. This first performance solidified Finn and Rachel as the united leaders of the club, and set the tone for their relationship.

#9: When He Let Her Go


After their Nationals win, Finn and Rachel are on the way to their wedding, but instead Finn takes Rachel to the train station to send her to New York. In a heart-wrenching goodbye, Finn refuses to let Rachel put off her future because of him, and tells her she has to go to New York without him while he figures out his own future. They agree to trust in each other and the universe and surrender – and if they’re meant to end up together, they will. Rachel singing her goodbye to her friends, and Finn running alongside the train to see her off is one of the most beautiful moments in “Glee” history.

#8: Finn Proposes To Rachel


Speaking of Finn and Rachel getting married, was there really any doubt that Rachel would say yes to Finn’s proposal? After helping Mr. Schue propose to Ms. Pillsbury in that completely over the top “Glee” way we love so much, Finn takes a more understated approach which is just as magical. He brings Rachel to the auditorium and proposes to her in the spot where they had their first kiss. The impassioned speech he gives about how everything about his future is uncertain except for Rachel is absolutely swoonworthy.

#7: The First Time

“The First Time”

After starring in the New Directions’ production of West Side Story, Rachel feels closer than ever to her dreams. But after a college recruiter tells Finn his football career is over, he’s feeling discouraged about his future. Rachel tells him he’s simply outgrown his dreams, reminding him how special he is, and the two finally make love for the first time. This moment isn’t just the payoff of a long-awaited moment between these two characters, but a reminder that no matter what, they always believe in each other.

#6: First Kiss


Speaking of firsts, first kisses can be pretty awkward – and Rachel and Finn’s first kiss is no exception. While working on their singing in the auditorium, Rachel and Finn take a break for a picnic she prepared for them. Finn tells Rachel that her singing touched his heart and the two kiss for the first time. It was actually pretty magical until Finn suddenly... uh... needed to think about the mailman and runs off. Though they wouldn’t actually get together until much later, this moment is an important first step in their relationship – and it was pretty hilarious.

#5: Faithfully

“Journey To Regionals”

New Directions’ journey to regionals was a long and rocky one, and Rachel and Finn’s personal journey ran parallel to it. Through all the ups and downs, they finally came together and performed a killer Journey duet to “Faithfully”. Seeing the product of what the two of them, and the whole Glee Club, worked so hard for was amazing. Naturally, the song just so happened to be the perfect representation of what the two were feeling in their personal lives. Even more beautiful than the duet itself is what happened backstage. Just before they go out to perform, Rachel tells Finn to break a leg and Finn says 'I love you'.

#4: When Finn Helps Rachel With Her Broadway Audition

“Sweet Dreams”

Everyone always knew Rachel Berry was bound for Broadway. But when all of her dreams are suddenly at her fingertips, she has trouble deciding which song to sing to nail her “Funny Girl” audition. So she calls on the person who knows her best for help: Finn. The conversation is brief, but even in the short time they spend talking, Finn knows the right thing to say, and tells Rachel exactly what she needs to hear. Even though they aren’t together anymore, they can always count on each other when it matters most.

#3: The Star

“Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

As if Finn could top the star necklace that he gave Rachel on Valentine’s Day to remind her who she really is when they weren’t even together. And yet, he does! For Christmas, when they’re a couple again, Finn gets Rachel a real star named after himself. Telling her there’s already a star named Rachel Berry, he wants her to know that wherever they end up, there’s always a Finn Hudson watching over her. It’s a sweet moment between the two of them where Finn proves just how well he knows Rachel – and after Cory Monteith’s death, this scene is even more emotional.

#2: Pretending

“New York”

Rachel and Finn’s duets have always been supercharged with emotion. But there’s something truly special about this original duet written by Finn, which they sing together at New Directions’ first trip to Nationals. The song is truly powerful and profound. We’re with you Rachel, we didn’t know Finn had it in him! They’re unable to contain their feelings anymore by the song’s end, and Rachel and Finn kiss on stage – shocking the entire audience, Mr. Schue, and their teammates. Even though it lost them Nationals, it led to them getting back together and being even stronger for their final year in Glee Club.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

When Finn Tells Rachel How Much He Believed in Her


When Rachel Believed in Finn Even When He Didn't Believe in Himself

“I Am Unicorn"

When Rachel Helped Finn Pick Out a Corsage

“Prom Queen”

#1: When Finn Tells Rachel They Were Endgame

“I Do”

You wouldn’t expect there to be much love in the air at the reception of a failed wedding, but somehow Finn and Rachel can find romance anywhere. At Will and Emma's wedding, Finn holds nothing back in telling Rachel once and for all how he feels. He plays the old “she loves me, she loves me not” game with a flower while telling Rachel that they may be apart now, but no matter where they go in life – or who they’re with – it’ll be the two of them together in the end. Though Rachel doesn’t say anything back, she pulls the last petal of the flower, definitively stating she loves him back.

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