Top 10 Unforgettable Kurt & Blaine Moments on Glee



Top 10 Unforgettable Kurt & Blaine Moments on Glee

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Klaine forever! For this list, we'll be looking at the most romantic, and most memorable moments from this fan favorite Glee couple. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top Best 10 Kurt and Blaine Moments From Glee.

Top Best 10 Kurt and Blaine Moments From Glee

Klaine forever! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Kurt and Blaine Moments From Glee.
For this list, we’ll be looking at the most romantic, and most memorable moments from this fan favorite Glee couple.

#10: First Meeting

“Never Been Kissed”

The moment Kurt meets Blaine, he literally whisks him away on a musical adventure. With the combination of the gleeful expressions on their faces and the slow motion running down the hallway, was there really any question that they would get together eventually? Well, if there was, Blaine’s performance of Teenage Dream - that he basically sings directly to Kurt - answers that question. It might have taken Blaine a little longer to get there, but Kurt pretty much fell in love with him immediately. And we fell in love with Klaine.

#9: Daydream Duet

"Girls (and Boys) on Film"
As magical as Kurt and Blaine’s first meeting is, their break-up is devastating to the same measure. But even when they’re apart, and Kurt is spending time with someone else, a little of that old magic is still lingering. While watching “Moulin Rouge,” Kurt can’t help but daydream about singing a duet of “Come What May” with Blaine. Though they are broken up at this point, this extravagant fantasy duet gives some hope that they will eventually reunite and Klaine will live to sing together another day.

#8: Thanksgiving Call

Speaking of Kurt and Blaine’s break-up, we can’t really blame Kurt for still being mad at Blaine for cheating on him even after all of his apologies. We were just as devastated as Kurt was to hear the news. But in spite of the lingering hurt feelings, Kurt still calls Blaine on Thanksgiving to wish him good luck during Sectionals. It’s a very sweet moment between the two of them, where they have a mature conversation about their future, and make plans for Christmas. Even when they’re not together, Kurt and Blaine never stop caring about each other.

#7: Their Elevator Kiss

“The Hurt Locker, Part Two”
Apparently, Sue took Kurt and Blaine’s broken engagement harder than anyone. When it looks like this break-up might be for good, Sue takes drastic measures by trapping them in an elevator using a saw-like marionette to intimidate them until they kiss and make up. Kurt and Blaine fight the urge for as long as they can, but eventually decide that they will kiss to get out of the hot and steamy elevator, but agree that it doesn't mean anything. However, when they finally do kiss, it’s clear that there was some emotion behind it.

#6: Promise Ring

"Extraordinary Merry Christmas"
How did this scene not make it into the final cut of the episode? The creators of “Glee” finally shared this adorable deleted scene where Blaine gives Kurt a promise ring. But it’s not just any promise ring. He handmade it himself with wrappers from Kurt’s favorite gum, and even put a little bow tie on it. Anybody can go out and buy a promise ring, but Blaine shows Kurt just how well he knows him, and all the little things he loves about him by making this one of a kind ring.

#5: The First Time

“The First Time”
This moment was a long time coming for Kurt and Blaine. There are a few times throughout the episode, appropriately titled, “The First Time”, that Kurt and Blaine discuss sleeping together, but it never seems to be the right time. But after Blaine stars in the New Directions’ production of West Side Story, they are feeling the play’s themes of young love, and loss of innocence. They give into their desires and spend the night together for the first time. It is a beautiful moment for them that feels well deserved.

#4: I Love Yous

“New York”
Many times in teen drama shows like this, a character telling another they love them is made to be such a big, over dramatic gesture. Not that there’s anything wrong with that necessarily, but for Kurt and Blaine, this milestone is intimately understated, making it even more beautiful. After the New Directions Nationals performance, Kurt is filling Blaine in about the Rachel and Finn on-stage kissing disaster, and Blaine just looks up at him adoringly, and lets it slip out that he loves him, and Kurt says he loves him back.

#3: Proposal

“Love, Love, Love”
There have been many grand proposals within the “Glee” family, but Blaine’s proposal to Kurt is, arguably, the most spectacular. Blaine takes full advantage of the Glee Club's Beatles assignment and surprises Kurt with an elaborate musical proposal in the spot where they first met. He rounds up past and present New Directions members to help him, but he doesn’t stop there. To show Kurt the true unifying power of their love, he brings together all of the competing Glee Clubs to serenade him with none other than All You Need Is Love.

#2: Their Wedding

“A Wedding”
This magical Klaine moment is brought to you courtesy of Brittany and Santana. When Brittany and Santana are getting married, they decide that the only thing that could make the day even more special is sharing it with their friends. They surprise Kurt and Blaine by asking them to join them at the altar to have a double wedding. Through so many ups and downs, break-ups and makeups, and everything in between, it was so amazing to see these two finally tie the knot, and say their vows in a spontaneous celebration of love.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
‘Teenage Dream’ Again
“The Break-Up”

Christmas Duet
"A Very Glee Christmas"

Prom Queen
"Prom Queen"

#1: First Kiss

“Original Song”
We were all shipping Kurt and Blaine from the moment they first met, but it took Blaine a little while to catch up. After a “will they won’t they” period spanning several episodes, but feeling much longer, Blaine is blown away by a moving performance of “Blackbird” by Kurt. Equally as moving is Blaine’s long awaited confession of his feelings where he tells Kurt that he is moved by him. Unable to contain their feelings anymore, Kurt and Blaine kiss for the very first time, becoming one of Glee’s all time favorite couples. We’re not crying, you’re crying!