Top 10 Unforgettable Ross and Rachel Moments



Top 10 Unforgettable Ross and Rachel Moments

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Top 10 Most Memorable Ross and Rachel Moments
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“We were on a BREAK!!!” Or was it? That's still the age-old question we debate about amongst friends! There were so many memorable Ross and Rachel moments; just picking 10 was really hard! Remember the time when Ross took Rachel to the hospital? The time they got married in Vegas, the night at the museum, that one breakup that left us crying, when Ross says Rachel instead of Emily at the alter, when Emma was born, Ross and Rachel's first kiss, that time when Rachel gets off the plane for Ross, and Ross's made-up proposal?

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Top 10 Most Memorable Ross and Rachel Moments

He’s her lobster! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most memorable Ross and Rachel moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the break-ups, make-ups and everything in between of one of television’s most iconic couples.

#10: Ross Takes Rachel to the Hospital
“The One with a Chick and a Duck”

Not long after their infamous breakup, Ross proves he’s not such a bad guy by giving up the professional opportunity of a lifetime to help his ex-girlfriend. Ross has a spot on a panel for the Discovery Channel, but an injured Rachel begs for his help to get ready for a work dinner. He tries to rush through doing her makeup – HILARIOUSLY – but ultimately decides it’s more important that he take Rachel to the hospital. The tension between them, and the fact that Rachel doesn’t know what Ross is giving up for her, make this moment stand out. And when Rachel DOES find out, she’s incredibly moved, and almost seems ready to forgive Ross for the ‘we were on a break’ fiasco.

#9: Marriage in Vegas
“The One in Vegas”

The season 5 finale had us all prepared for a Bing/Geller wedding, but instead of the nuptials we’d been promised all season, we got the marriage we’d been asking for since the very beginning. Granted, it wasn’t under the most perfect of circumstances, but for a few short episodes, we were all treated to a glimpse of “Mrs. Ross and Mr. Rachel.” Lucky for us, the marriage leads to some of the funniest Ross and Rachel moments, as Rachel finds out from Ross’s divorce lawyer that he didn’t get the annulment, and she files for one herself, claiming that Ross is a gay, mentally unstable drug addict who couldn’t consummate the marriage.

#8: “When Were You… Under Me?”
“The One Where Ross Finds Out”

Ross has THE WORST luck: he just so happens to be in China when Rachel finds out about his feelings for her and decides to give a relationship with him a try. Y’know, Rachel: the girl he’d pined for since high school? Rachel heads to the airport to surprise him, but when Ross gets off the plane with Julie, Rachel does not take it well. She eventually hits rock bottom when she leaves Ross a drunken voicemail, and her best attempts to prevent Ross from hearing it aren’t quite good enough. David Schwimmer is at his uncontrollable best as Ross tries to process the information, but Julie arrives just in time to add to the awkwardness, leaving Ross and Rachel’s fate in the balance.

#7: Night at the Museum
“The One Where Ross and Rachel… You Know”

Ross and Rachel are both excited for their first real date when Ross gets called in to work. While a museum date may sound lame, Ross pulls out all the stops, setting up some sexy tunes and a beautiful projection so the pair can stargaze while sipping on their juice boxes. It wasn’t the date they’d been planning, but it turns out to be just as romantic – if not more so… That is, until they wake up the next morning to see a visiting group of stunned schoolchildren. This may be the ultimate example of Ross going the extra mile, and he certainly scores points with Rachel, but we’re still not quite sure how he didn’t get fired.

#6: The Breakup
“The One with the Morning After”

You could always count on “Friends” to be funny, but when the situation called for heavy drama, the show was unafraid to punch us right in the gut. Besides the rest of the gang eating leg wax in Monica’s bedroom, there’s very little to laugh about in “The One with the Morning After.” That’s when Rachel finds out that Ross cheated on her – or took advantage of them being on a break, depending on how you look at it. The resulting scene is so relatable and so heartbreaking; we still have trouble watching it. But the breakup is written in such a way that you clearly see both sides of the argument, and the actors more than do it justice.

#5: The Prom Video
“The One with the Prom Video”

It may be hard to believe, but Ross Geller wasn’t always such a smooth-talking ladies’ man – as evidenced by Monica’s old prom video. While Monica and Rachel get ready for their big night, Ross – the older college student with facial hair extraordinaire – is lurking in the background, ready to jump at the chance to save the girl he loves from high school humiliation. Of course, it’s Ross who’s eventually humiliated, but the gesture is enough for present-day Rachel to forgive him for the infamous pros-and-cons list. The ensuing kiss makes any list of memorable “Friends” moments, and kicks off the pair’s relationship for real. And as for the mating rituals of lobsters: Phoebe has never spoken truer words.

#4: “We Were On a Break”
“The One with the Jellyfish”

The show’s most infamous quote originated in season three, when Rachel suggests they take time apart to think about their relationship and, well, we’ve already mentioned what happens next… Ross’ excuse became a running gag on “Friends,” but perhaps its greatest ever use comes during their second breakup. Y’know, the one where Rachel writes Ross that letter asking him to take full responsibility for everything bad that happened between them? There’s nothing subtle about this blowout: this time, both Ross and Rachel do their best to publicly shame each other. It was gutsy to write a funny breakup scene for this fan-favorite couple, but David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston shine – this time in loud, over-the-top performances. It definitely paid off.

#3: Ross Says Rachel
“The One with Ross’s Wedding”

The Ross and Rachel saga wasn’t a huge part of season four, so when the friends took off for London to see Ross marry Emily, it left us wondering if our favorite TV couple was over for good. Little did we know that shelving the pair throughout the season was a cruel ploy, as Ross’ accidental confession at the altar comes out of nowhere, reopening the door for this off-and-on couple in one of the show’s most surprising twists. The minds behind “Friends” always knew when to keep Ross and Rachel on the backburner – in fact, sometimes they did it for entire seasons. But the longer the buildup, the more memorable the payoff.

#2: The First Kiss
“The One Where Ross Finds Out”

“The One Where Ross Finds Out” is arguably the most quintessential Ross and Rachel episode ever, as drunken messages and arguments over Ross and Julie’s cat culminate in one iconic moment at Central Perk. Rachel is closing down the deserted coffee shop when Ross turns up to rant at her. Emotions run high, ships have sailed, but it’s clear what they both want even through all the yelling. It’s satisfying to see a moment that’s been building for a full 30 episodes actually pay off, but Ross and Rachel’s first kiss is so much more than just a first kiss; it cemented their place in television history as early as season two.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Emma Is Born
“The One Where Rachel Has a Baby”

- Ross’s Made-Up Proposal
“The One in Massapequa”

- Rachel Thanks Ross by Kissing Him
“The One with the East German Laundry Detergent”

#1: “I Got Off the Plane”
“The Last One”

Ten years after we first met this iconic couple, Rachel finds herself moving to Paris and has to say “au revoir” to her friends. After she says goodbye to everyone but Ross, then sleeps with him, then gets on the plane to Paris anyway, Ross gets one final chance to tell Rachel how he feels courtesy of a frantic race to the airport. He returns home rejected; but soon enough, ten seasons of will they/won’t they, laundry and lobsters, and loads of “we-were-on-a-breaks” are all wrapped up in five little words. The wait to see Ross and Rachel get their happily ever after comes down to a last-minute change of heart and a faulty phalange, but it was all totally worth it.

Do you agree with our list? Which Ross and Rachel moment did we leave out? For more memorable top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.