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Top 10 Mukbang ASMR Videos

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Cassandra Kalley

Who knew you could get tingles from chewing? From GypSea ASMR, to SSSniperwolf and Crunchy ASMR, these YouTubers have created some of the most sensational ASMR/Mukbang content on the internet. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Mukbang ASMR Videos.

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Script written by Cassandra Kalley

Top 10 Mukbang ASMR Videos

Who knew you could get tingles from chewing? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the top ten Mukbang ASMR videos.

For this list, we’re looking at those wonderfully goosebump-inducing Korean (or Korean-inspired) ASMR videos that involve eating anything from ramen noodles to pizza.

#10: Pizza Cone


First of all, we had no idea that a pizza cone was a thing. All of the cheesy goodness of a pizza packed into a crusty cone? Count us in! Plus, this ASMR YouTuber - known for her giant food videos - knows how to make that cone look and, more importantly, sound delicious. From that first crunchy bite into the cone to the slurping of the gooey cheese, it’s impossible not to feel every second of it. And when she finally cuts open the delicious monstrosity, there are guaranteed tingles. Good luck not salivating through this one.

#9: Chewy Juicy Cubes


For just about everyone, there is a first time for everything. And for the YouTuber, SSSniperWolf, this venture into ASMR was just that: her first time doing it. And her choice of foods - puddings and gelatins - make this video interesting to both listen to and watch. Soft foods, as we all know, make for much better smacking noises. And the way she plays with the foods and their packaging - crinkling and tapping her fingers against the plastic as well as slapping the pudding around inside of a bowl - gives us pins and needles, and earned this video over 2 million views. Not too shabby.

#8: McDonald's McValue Box

Crunchy ASMR

Everyone loves McDonald’s. Their food tastes so good, it’s addictive and when you were a kid, you got a toy out of the deal. So when McDonald’s created a family McValue box as a promotional for “Despicable Me 3,” of course a Mukbang video of all of that deliciousness would soon follow. And Crunchy ASMR did not disappoint. With four sandwiches, fries, a drink, and McNuggets laid out in front of her - along with dipping sauces and ketchup - she happily enjoys the oversized meal. And by the end, we guarantee your stomach will be growling.

#7: Giant Lobster Claw

15 pound lobster claw? We’d all be a little scared to see the crustacean that came off of. So, for now, let’s just listen to the wonderful mouth sounds of this popular ASMR YouTuber as she devours it. Though SAS-ASMR is related to the creators of the channel in our next entry, she has gone to have her own Mukbang following with over 3 million subscribers. And with 5 million views, this particular video is unique. Where else are you going get the pins and needles associated with chewing the meat of such a large, juicy sea creature?

#6: Sushi

N.E Let's Eat

You are never too young to be YouTube famous; at least that’s what this video’s 8.1 million views proves. N.E. Let’s Eat is a family of Mukbangers, and though videos usually star the mom, this video is of her son. And dang, is he adorable as he chows down on sushi. In between smacking bites of rice and salmon, he whispers to the camera how his mom told him to go easy on the soy sauce. And then proceeds to do the opposite. He’s a rule breaker, he’s a cutie, and he’s really quite good at causing those chills and a craving for sushi. A deadly combination, if you ask us.

#5: Instant Ramen

CoolSun Time

Ramen is very commonly used in Mukbang videos. A Google search for “ramen mukbang” brings up over 300 thousand results in videos alone. With all of that slurping and munching, these can become quite addictive. CoolSun Time, specifically, has several videos of eating different types of noodles. But this video has cooking sounds as well, and that opening sizzle of the boiling water immediately sets the nerves aflame. Follow it up with those slippery chewing sounds and this video definitely earned its title of Best Instant Ramen Cooking and Just Eating Sounds.

#4: Pickles


Spirit, the creator of this channel, is considered by some as the The Queen of ASMR. And with only her clicking mouth, long tapping fingernails, and gentle whispering voice, we all can easily feel those spine and head tingles that make ASMR so thoroughly popular. But this particular video, of her thoroughly enjoying a jar of pickles, is the one that went viral and even earned her a guest spot on Tosh.0. With all of that loud crunching and juicy chewing, there is no point in fighting the sensations she serves up to you.

#3: Chicken Drumsticks


Perhaps it’s the fact that these chicken legs are cooked two different ways. Perhaps it’s the way this young man slurps the meat off of the bone. Maybe it is just the whole experience of it. Whatever it is, this video could give any viewer a deep craving for chicken and bone-deep chills to match. It is easy to hear and feel why this video has gotten 23 million views since its uploading to YouTube in December of 2016. This popular Mukbang channel certainly . . . earned their wings with this one.

#2: Korean Black Bean Noodles


Like so many on this list, suellASMR has quite the following of her typically no-talking Mukbang videos. So much of a following, in fact, that her fanbase has a name: Suellies. But this third edition of her eating this Korean comfort food is certainly the most popular of her videos amongst the ASMR community. It has 27 million views since its uploading. And when the tingles settle in even during the teaser, it is easy to become a Suellie yourself after just a few minutes of viewing and relaxing listening.

#1: McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

Hungry Cakes

Back to Mickey D’s for some McNuggets, “the best fast food fries,” and an iced tea. It’s a simple meal, but watching and listening to Hungry Cakes eat it is enough to make us crave every one of those dipping sauces, including the ketchup. Though it’s been a while since she uploaded it, there are still people watching this video and salivating to this day. And dang, just watch her happily chow down. It’s impossible not to see why this video has upwards of 34 million views and why she has gained over 500 thousand subscribers over the years. Though she uploads a new video every week, this is the tastiest and tingliest video nugget.


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