Top 10 Celebrities That Are Famous for No Reason – Best of WatchMojo



Top 10 Celebrities That Are Famous for No Reason – Best of WatchMojo

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While most celebrities work hard for their money and fame, these ones got it handed to them on a silver platter. Join.WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities Who are Famous for No Reason.

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Top 10 Celebrities That Are Famous for No Reason – Best of WatchMojo

While most celebrities work hard for their money and fame, these ones got it handed to them on a silver platter. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrities who are famous for no reason.

For this list, we’re looking at those so-called celebrities that have become household names but have done nothing of importance to deserve that fame – at least originally. We’re excluding famous people with hated reputations, such as Justin Bieber, because as much as you may hate them, his fame is justified and understandable.

#10: Bristol Palin Being the daughter of a Vice Presidential candidate is sure to bring you some form of recognition, but not to the extent that Bristol has received over the years. During the 2008 Presidential Election, it was revealed that Republican Vice President candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol was pregnant out of wedlock at age 17. This resulted in intense media coverage and her eventual fame. She has since appeared on “Dancing With the Stars,” starred in a self-titled Lifetime reality TV series and written a memoir. Palin is currently living in Alaska after ending her engagement to her baby-daddy. Twice.

#9: Teresa Giudice

Known as the breakout star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Teresa Giudice is celebrated primarily for her extravagant lifestyle. She has also written three cookbooks and has appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” but it’s her lavish lifestyle that earned her fame and attention. Her excessive ways came to an end on January 5th, 2015, however, as she entered federal prison to begin a 15-month sentence for bank, mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. It seems all good things must come to end.

#8: Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

This celebrity power couple – known as Speidi – took the Internet by storm in the mid-2000s when they appeared on “The Hills” together, a show that chronicled the daily lives of women living in Los Angeles. They created most of the drama on the show when Montag’s relationship with Pratt caused her friendship with housemate Lauren Conrad to implode, and the two got kicked off due to “erratic behavior.” Yeah, they’re basically famous for stirring up high school drama. Heidi’s infamy grew exponentially – as did other parts of her – when she had ten cosmetic surgeries in one day, and since then, the pair’s kept themselves in the public eye by placing as runners-up on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

#7: Kate Gosselin

Gosselin rose to international fame when she, her husband, their twins and sextuplets starred in “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” a reality show which followed the couple as they tried to raise their eight children. That’s literally all she’s famous for: raising a large amount of children on TV, and while we have to admit that does sound like a lot of work, it’s not why she’s stayed famous. The story does not have a happy ending, as Jon and Kate have since divorced, with Kate and her attention-seeking ways becoming a reality show standard. She had a brief stint on “Dancing With the Stars,” and appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice,” but was heavily criticized and eliminated from both. The woman just can’t catch a break.

#6: Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

Snooki rose to fame in late-2009 when she appeared on the reality show “Jersey Shore,” which followed a bunch of self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes as they partied and generally acted like idiots. Seriously, one of them calls himself “The Situation.” While she with the bouffant poof may be finally settling down with a hubby and kids, her fame came from her outrageous party girl lifestyle and her infamous orange skin. She was eventually paid $150,000 per episode of “Jersey Shore,” a hard earned paycheck that she got for carousing and trash talking her friends. Where do I sign up?

#5: Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson

Star of the infamous TLC show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo Child, rose to fame as a child beauty pageant contestant on the reality series “Toddlers & Tiaras,” and later her own spinoff. “Honey Boo Boo” follows Alana and her family, who are often criticized for being disgusting hicks, and are constantly parodied as such. Only 6-years-old when she first started her TV career, Alana received fame simply for being the product of a particularly entertaining family – entertaining in a gross kinda way. But let’s be honest, she’s not exactly an angel herself.

#4: Amber Rose

Sure, Rose has made various mediocre singles over the years and has produced some fashion accessories, but her fame comes from one thing and one thing only: dating rappers. Rose had a relationship with Kanye West from 2008-10, causing intense media coverage and her eventual fame. When they separated, she then dated and eventually married rapper Wiz Khalifa, but they too have since gone their separate ways. If you can’t make it with your songs and fashion, a relationship with a famous person is sure to bring you recognition.

#3: Farrah Abraham

If you can earn millions of dollars just for being a teenage mother, why don’t more people do it!? Well, we’ll tell you. Abraham first made a name for herself in 2009 when she appeared on the reality show “16 and Pregnant,” and later starred in four seasons of “Teen Mom,” shows which chronicle the lives of teenage mothers. As if her fame wasn’t ridiculous enough, her notoriety increased when she released a sex tape entitled “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” and sold it for $1.5 million. Stay classy, Farrah.

#2: Paris Hilton

Paris is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the popular Hilton Hotels chain, so it can be argued that she basically got a free ride through life living off his hard work and riches. After debuting as a model and the star of the sex tape “1 Night in Paris,” she appeared in the condescending reality show “The Simple Life” with friend Nicole Richie, where they struggled to complete manual labor jobs. Sure, she’s had bit parts in movies, but really, who’s seen them? Critics have labeled her a celebutante, the child of a wealthy family who attracts extraordinary amounts of attention without really doing anything to earn it. Sounds about right.

Before we make our top pick even more famous, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Kevin Federline
- Jesse James
- Nadya Suleman
- Michael Lohan

#1: Kim Kardashian

Kardashian has a famous defense lawyer for a father and an Olympic gold medal winner for a stepfather. How did she gain HER fame? By starring in a sex tape and exploiting her spoiled kid attitude, naturally. Kardashian skillfully parlayed that to a headlining role on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which skyrocketed her to recognition. She got even more press when she filed for divorce from basketball player Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage. Her subsequent marriage to Kanye West only solidified her status as a famous-for-no-reason celebrity. Oh well, at least she can make fun of herself.

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