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Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Kicked Out of School

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp

Even rebels can make something of themselves. Despite their future success, stars like Keanu Reeves, Owen Wilson and Charlie Sheen were not the best students. WatchMojo is counting down the celebrities who were expelled from school.

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Script written by Nathan Sharp

Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Kicked Out of School

Even rebels can make something of themselves. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten celebrities who were kicked out of school.

For this list, we’ll be looking at notable famous individuals who were expelled from school and basing our choices on the popularity of the celebrity and the reason for the expulsion. Note that we’ve excluded people in which it can’t be 100% confirm were expelled, or where there’s still much debate surrounding the issue, like Albert Einstein.

#10: Lily Allen

Lily Allen does it all. She sings, writes songs, acts, and hosted television shows like “Lily Allen and Friends” (although that one didn’t last very long). While her career in entertainment flourishes, her time in school was not so hot. Allen attended thirteen schools during her childhood and more than a few of them expelled her for her rebellious attitude, which included smoking and drinking. Allen also admitted during an interview with Rolling Stone that she was immediately expelled from one of these schools after she was caught giving a blowjob to another student. While we’re not condoning any of her behavior, her case does go to show that sometimes, the rebellious ones can go on to have prosperous careers.

#9: Keanu Reeves

It’s no surprise that Keanu Reeves is pretty much the coolest dude on the face of the Earth. It’s rare that you’ll ever hear a single bad thing about him, and he always seems so polite and caring… which makes his expulsion years ago so hard to imagine. Reeves grew up in Toronto and attended four schools while living in the area. This included the public arts-academic high school known as the Etobicoke School of the Arts, but he was soon expelled from it for his “rambunctious” personality. According to Reeves, he didn’t get along with authority figures and he “shot [his] mouth off once too often.” Now just imagine the now mostly quiet and reserved Keanu Reeves shooting his mouth off…

#8: Courtney Love

Courtney Love had a very unstructured and difficult childhood. Her parents divorced when she was five, and her mother claims that her father fed her LSD (although her father has vehemently denied this). When Love was ten, her brother died in infancy. Meanwhile, in school, she scared her fellow students and had trouble making friends, and her family was constantly on the move. After moving from Oregon to New Zealand, she was expelled from Nelson College for Girls apparently “for weirdness” (her words, not ours). When the principal was asked to comment on Love’s expulsion years after their former student had achieved fame, the official stated that they’d “been embarrassed by her in the last little while.”

#7: Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson may be a great actor, but he wasn’t a great student. Born in Dallas, Texas, Wilson showed an interest in writing throughout his time at school. However, he supposedly had zero interest in geometry, resulting in his expulsion from St. Mark’s prep school for cheating on a geometry test. From there, Owen traveled to Roswell to attend the New Mexico Military Institute, where, according to Wilson, he finally learned to work within the rules and be a good student. He later attended the University of Texas at Austin, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

#6: Eric Clapton

Most of the time, forgoing schoolwork to get drunk and play the guitar is an enormously bad idea. In the case of Eric Clapton... well, the guitar part worked out anyway. Clapton fell in love with the instrument when he was 15, and by 16 people began to take notice. Some, however, took more notice of his slumping grades. Devoting much of his time to pubs and guitar playing, Clapton would later get the boot from the Kingston College of Art for lack of progress.

#5: Charlie Sheen

As a child, Charlie Sheen showed a lot of genuine promise. At nine years old, he made his first appearance in a movie called “The Execution of Private Slovik,” and while attending Santa Monica High School, Sheen demonstrated a lot of talent on the baseball diamond. It was also in high school when Sheen began making home movies with his brother Emilio, and friends like Sean Penn and Rob Lowe. However, just weeks away from escaping high school with diploma in hand, young Carlos was expelled due to his lack of attendance and low grades.

#4: Elizabeth Hurley

It's hard to picture Vanessa Kensington rebelling. But, when Elizabeth Hurley was a teenager, she attended Harriet Costello School in Basingstoke, Hampshire where she took an interest in punk fashion, which for her meant pink hair and a nose ring. Juxtaposing this style, Hurley studied theater and dance at the London Studio Centre. However, three years later she was expelled for poor grades in 1986. This resulted in Hurley ditching punk for an '80s take on hippiness, groovin', and keeping it real, until 1995, when she was introduced as the spokesmodel for Estée Lauder.

#3: Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando had a rough childhood. His mother was an alcoholic who would favor booze over her own children, while his father would often berate his son and tell him that he was a loser. This resulted in a rather rebellious attitude, which eventually amounted to Brando being expelled from Libertyville high school for riding his motorcycle through the hallways. He was then sent to Shattuck Military Academy, but was put on probation after showing insubordination and sneaking out of his room to visit the nearby town. While he was later allowed back, he dropped out and later relocated to New York City to study drama.

#2: Robert Pattinson

Before he rose to prominence as Edward in the “Twilight” movies, Robert Pattinson was just another kid from the Barnes area of London. Pattinson attended various independent schools as a child, including Tower House School and The Harrodian School. However, he was expelled for stealing porn magazines from a nearby store and selling them at school at exorbitant prices. Pattinson eventually confessed the scheme to Howard Stern long after it went down, and revealed that his cockiness led to him stealing racks of porn at a time until he was eventually caught by the store proprietor, squealed on by a fellow student, and removed from the school.

#1: Willem Dafoe

As a child, Willem Dafoe was raised primarily by his sisters, as his parents – a surgeon and a nurse – worked long and odd hours. This environment resulted in Dafoe having an advanced sexual education due to his maturing sisters bringing the six year old up to speed on the latest insights on both kinds of oral sex. Ironically, Willem bloomed late, and didn't find an interest in girls until he was 14. But so interested would he become that he wound up expelled from high school for producing a porno. He'd later drop out of drama studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and move to NYC.

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