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Top 10 Hilarious Ron Swanson Moments

Written by Nick Spake This one might require more bacon than usual. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Ron Swanson Moments. For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest scenes from “Parks and Recreation” involving Ronald Ulysses Swanson. If you’re not up to date, a SPOILER ALERT is probably in order.

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This one might require more bacon than usual. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Ron Swanson Moments.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest scenes from “Parks and Recreation” involving Ronald Ulysses Swanson. If you’re not up to date, a SPOILER ALERT is probably in order.

#10: Ron Throws Out His Computer
“The Trial of Leslie Knope”

Ron values his privacy and the simple things in life. He’s also resistant to change, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving evil that is... technology. In this cold open, Ron goes online to make a purchase, but makes a shocking discovery instead. Seeing his name in a popup ad, Ron realizes that his computer can learn information about him. The tech-savvy April further pulls back the veil, instructing Ron to type his address into Google Earth. In one of the show’s funniest edits ever… we the cut to Ron tossing his computer into a dumpster.

#9: Ron Knows More Than You
“Meet n Greet”

Fixing up a house… now that’s Ron’s idea of a party. When Andy and April throw a Halloween bash, Ron seizes the opportunity to do a little handiwork for them. This requires a trip to Lowe’s where a friendly employee offers his services. Ron could easily just tell the employee that he doesn’t need any help. Instead, he matter-of-factly delivers this hysterical one-liner. The only thing more priceless than the line itself is the employee’s bemused reaction. Ron might not be the most social guy, but what he lacks in that department he more than makes up for in home improvement skills.

#8: Ron Eats a Banana
“Animal Control”

After Ron catches an illness from his girlfriend’s kids, Ann finally convinces him to get an overdue medical exam. As you might expect, Ron isn’t the best patient. He has a hilarious response for each of Ann’s questions, most notably declaring yoga to be a “mental illness.” Despite having a diet that primarily consists of meat and alcohol, Ron is in almost perfect health. Since his potassium is low, though, he reluctantly eats a banana for the sake of his loved ones. Of course this proves easier said than done. The only way Ron can stomach the healthy fruit is if it’s served on a greasy Paunch Burger. We guess that’s a fair compromise?

#7: Ron on Vegan Bacon

Bacon is to Ron Swanson what government is to Leslie Knope. Ron is deeply passionate about this pork product and red meat in general. At a health food store, Ron is dismayed to find a clerk giving out vegan bacon samples. Ron asks for a piece of the meatless substitute, but throws it out with no explanation. He then asks for another, only to repeat the action. Ron clarifies that he’s not only personally against vegan bacon, but committed to stopping anyone from eating it. April naturally gets in on the trolling. It’s another shining example of this unlikely dynamic duo working together, usually to the discomfort of others and to the amusement of us.

#6: Ron’s Pyramid of Greatness
“Go Big or Go Home”

To describe Ron Swanson as “manly” would be a serious understatement. This guy makes gladiators look like little boys. While coaching a youth basketball team, Ron shares the secret of his success through the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. The pyramid consists of several categories, including America, haircuts, and animal proteins. Oh, don’t forget about the dangers of skim milk. “Honor” most notably sits at the top of the pyramid, accompanied by words: “If you need it defined, you don’t have it.” This scene epitomizes pretty much everything about Ron Swanson, and delivers clear instructions on how you too, can be like him.

#5: Ron Has a Hernia
“The Stakeout”

As a fiercely independent individual, Ron doesn’t like asking others for help, even when his health is in jeopardy. After a sneeze puts a strain on his hernia, Ron finds himself immobile in his chair. Rather than addressing the elephant in the room, he decides to just wait it out. Unfortunately, Ron is unable to eat his lunch, turn on the lights, or leave the building. In a rare compromise, he finally allows April to take him to the hospital. You’ve got to hand it to Ron - even when he’s in unspeakable pain, the guy maintains a straight face, and that deadpan expression never fails to make us smile.

#4: Ron Remarries Tammy II
“Ron & Tammy: Part Two”

Although he usually maintains a stern, disciplined attitude, Ron loses control in the presence of his second ex-wife, Tammy II. Using her sexuality as a weapon, Tammy lives to make her ex-husband miserable. This leads to a crazy night where the two get remarried and wind up behind bars. The image of Ron Swanson with cornrows and a reverse Hitler mustache is more than enough to solidify this moment as a classic. Of course, what makes this especially hilarious is that Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are actually married in real life. It’s safe to say that their relationship is likely MUCH more functional off-screen, but hopefully no less fun.

#3: Ron Pulls His Tooth
“Andy and April’s Fancy Party”

Ron has done some shocking things over the years. But just when we thought we had a full grasp of his eccentricities, he went and pulled this move. During a run-of-the-mill meeting, Ron casually references his toothache. Out of the blue, he takes a pair of pliers and rips the tooth out of his mouth. Everybody else reacts pretty much how you’d expect. They exit the room in horror while Donna drops an f-bomb. Ron then reveals to the audience that his dentist actually pulled the tooth yesterday, but he wanted to convince his co-workers that he could endure great pain. Seeing Tom pass out? Just an added bonus.

#2: Ron Barbecues
“Ms. Knope Goes to Washington”

When Ron Swanson is put in charge of a barbecue, things get a little… weird. The Parks Department is beyond stunned when Ron arrives with a live pig. On top of that, the pig is named Tom. This is one of the few moments in the series where we actually see Ron express genuine excitement. Sadly, for him, he’s the only one. Unsurprisingly enough, everyone else is horrified by the plans to slaughter the pig, especially the kids. Even though Ron has a quote unquote permit that allows him to do whatever he wants, a ranger asserts that this is against the law. Way to ruin a perfectly good barbecue.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Ron Drinks Snake Juice
“The Fight”

- Ron’s Swivel Chair
“The Bubble”

- Ron’s Advice
“Sweet Sixteen”

#1: All the Bacon and Eggs

On a trip to Indianapolis, Ron is met with one disappointment after another. First, he learns that his favorite restaurant has been shut down. Then as an alternative, Chris serves him a vegetarian meal. Finally, Ron goes to a diner where he gets a poor excuse for a steak. There’s only one thing that can salvage the night: all the bacon and eggs the diner has. Ron further clarifies that he doesn’t just want a lot of bacon and eggs, but literally all the bacon and eggs. In addition to being arguably Ron Swanson’s most quotable line of dialogue, it reminds us why we love Ron. He’s a man of big appetites… but simple pleasures.

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