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Top 10 Most Hilarious Bloopers from Parks and Recreation

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Caitlin Johnson We could watch these bloopers from Parks and Recreation on repeat! For this list, we’re looking at the mistakes that were so funny they were included in the show’s gag reels, because even though they’re not scripted they’re still too good to never be seen!

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Top 10 Most Hilarious Bloopers from Parks and Recreation

Even in a comedy show, sometimes the funniest things aren’t in the script. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Hilarious Bloopers from Parks and Recreation.

For this list, we’re looking at the mistakes that were so funny they were included in the show’s gag reels, because even though they’re not scripted, they’re still too good to never be seen.

#10: We’re Rolling

While struggling to keep a lid on the secret that Leslie is pregnant, Andy begins to act suspiciously. This leads to April relentlessly questioning about the secret he’s hiding, but during a scene where he’s meant to falsely confess that Jerry has a deadly disease to avert suspicion, the take is ruined by Jim O’Heir chatting with some extras. Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza observe and note that Jim doesn’t know they’re rolling, ultimately leading to Chris yelling at him to get his attention and the whole scene needing to be reshot. Still, all three actors take it in stride, and Plaza and Pratt throw in some over-the-top jabs at O’Heir for good measure.

#9: The Gag Reel

During a conversation about planning the upcoming Unity Concert, the scene is ruined when Amy Poehler’s chair gets stuck as she tries to wheel it over to a table. She jokes about only doing this to try and get onto the gag reel, which leads to a long back and forth between her and Adam Scott where they blame their various mess-ups on deliberate attempts to get into the Season 6 gag reel, or alternatively sarcastically comment about how they hope all their mistakes definitely don’t end up in the gag reel. Whether it’s deliberate or not, it’s always funny.

#8: My Deepest Darkest Secret

There’s no doubt that most of the lines that actually did make the final cut of this scene were improv’d by Chris Pratt. In the scene, Andy reveals several of his secrets to Ron, including gems like he once threw beer at a swan and he doesn’t know who Al Gore is. But in the gag reel of the scene, one secret about Andy’s oversized head as a baby gets a little out of control, and gets the normally unflappable Nick Offerman to break character. If Ron Swanson’s laughing, you can bet the audience is too.

#7: Ice Cream Cone Vagina

More Chris Pratt shenanigans occur when Jerry takes Ben and the guys to his favorite ice cream parlor as part of Ben’s bachelor party. Of course, with Chris being Chris, he couldn’t just eat the ice cream like anybody else would; he had to mould it into an inappropriate yet hilarious shape. The fact it was strawberry flavored ice cream only made it more unnerving. The cast and crew really don’t know what to make of it as he holds the cone out to them and asks people if they want some. We can’t really blame them.

#6: P.S.

While Ben and April are working in Washington D.C. they receive a slew of packages and parcels from Leslie and Andy respectively. While Leslie sends Ben treats and gifts, April s left with a box full of Andy’s dirty laundry. But when reading out Andy’s note in the gag reel, it becomes clear that Aubrey Plaza doesn’t know her lines. She struggles to remember them and turns the page over, until Adam Scott interrupts and makes fun of her for not learning her lines because she thought they would just be written on the piece of paper. It’s always nice to see that actors can be just as lazy as the rest of us.

#5: Is She Gonna Powder Her Vagina?

While trying to get out in front of the scandal that Leslie wasn’t actually born in Pawnee, Tom and Ben take TV journalist Joan Callamezzo out to dinner, hoping that Tom might be able to sweet-talk her into dropping her “gotcha” campaign against Leslie. At one point, Joan leaves the table and tells Tom she’s going to powder her nose, along with “other things.” As soon as she’s gone, Ben’s next line is supposed to be, “Dude, is she gonna powder her vagina?” but Adam Scott cannot get it out and he and Aziz keep cracking up laughing.

#4: Pulling Teeth

In one of the show’s most famous openings, Ron Swanson pulls out his tooth in the middle of a meeting with a pair of pliers he just happened to have on him. He reveals that the tooth had already been removed and it was all a trick, but Nick Offerman definitely had some trouble pulling this one off. Rather than pull out the fake tooth, in this blooper he accidentally pulls out the entire set of fake dentures he was wearing, leading to mock-horrified reactions from the other cast members who continue to act in character despite the hilarious fail.

#3: Circle Joke

At the Pawnee Correspondents’ Lunch, Leslie’s speech to roast The Pawnee Sun is stolen by reporter Kim Terlando. In a matter of minutes, Leslie has to come up with a new speech, which she tries to write by playing a game with her co-workers where they go around in a circle and all say a different word, hopefully forming a joke in the process. Unfortunately, the sentence they end up with is “Kim Terlando eats so much potato that Ron thinks that she’s potato America.” It’s when Amy Poehler repeats this line back that the cast break character and burst out laughing.

#2: Some Dude’s Briefcase

Forget “breaking and entering”; this blooper’s more like “entering and breaking”. Andy, Chris and Leslie sneak into the Eagleton hall of records to retrieve Leslie’s birth certificate. Andy goes into the back to get it and returns with a stolen briefcase, which he then tosses back over the desk, hitting and breaking the set’s light switch in the process. As if this wasn’t enough vandalism, Pratt attempts to cover his tracks by also jumping over a desk, which results in him knocking over an incredibly expensive Apple iMac, which presumably breaks as well. As Chris says: “That’s not something that props can fix”

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable Mentions:

Ben’s Bachelor Party Board Game Madness

Farts on Camera

Let’s Get This Three-Way Going

#1: Comebacks

One of the most infamous improvised one-liners to ever come out of a blooper reel was, of course, delivered by Chris Pratt. Ann and Leslie are trying to motivate their co-workers to help launch a comeback for Leslie’s political career, listing famous celebrities who have made comebacks, to which Andy suggests Kim Kardashian. They’re all understandably confused, until Pratt elaborates by saying, “In the video she gets cum on her back, I think.” Suffice it to say, the entire cast immediately break character, and the only thing funnier than the line is Chris Pratt’s casual delivery of it.

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