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Top 10 Ben & Leslie Moments on Parks and Recreation

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
Time to prepare for an overdose of adorableness. For this list, we’re looking at scenes that make Ben and Leslie one of TV’s best couples ever. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Ben and Leslie Moments on Parks and Rec.

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Top 10 Ben & Leslie Moments on Parks and Recreation

Time to prepare for an overdose of adorableness. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Ben and Leslie Moments On Parks and Recreation.

For this list, we’re looking at scenes that make Ben and Leslie one of TV’s best couples ever.

#10: Anniversary Gifts

What's better than a couple's day out consisting of a massage, horse-drawn carriage ride, multiple fun classes, and a whole lot of Jerry? Obviously, "Game Of Thrones" is the only right answer. Determined to out-do Pawnee's master gift-giver, Ben plans the perfect celebration for the couple's one-year anniversary but ends up going with Jerry due to Leslie being preoccupied with work. To commemorate the occasion, Ben surprises Leslie with a weirdly cute scrapbook packed with all the awesome things they could have done together. Not to be outdone, Leslie brings Westeros' Iron Throne to Pawnee.

#9: Ben’s Metaphorical Love for Pawnee

Not gonna lie, Pawnee sounds like quite an amazing place. Due to Chris' no workplace romance policy, Ben and Leslie's potential relationship seemed like a non-starter, but there were subtle hints suggesting that the couple may be willing to break the rules. After half season of flirting and tension, Ben found the perfect middle-ground to express his feelings for Leslie without disobeying Chris. Simultaneously funny and heartwarming, Adam Scott really sold the charming awkwardness of Ben's declaration of interest. If there is one way into Leslie's heart, Pawnee would be it.

#8: Paris

Every relationship comes with its fair share of ups and downs, but a couple's longevity is dependent on their reaction to the those challenges. If the episode "Second Chunce" is anything to go by, Ben and Leslie are destined to last forever. With Leslie voted out of office after inadvertently getting Ben fired from his accounting job, the newly-weds' spontaneous holiday to Paris arrived during a period of uncertainty. After spending most of the episode arguing over Leslie's stubborn decision to run in another district, this trip not only marked a turning point in Ben and Leslie's relationship but also their individual careers.

#7: Leslie Tells Ben About Her Pregnancy

Sometimes, couples are so inseparable, they manage to finish each other's sentences; well, Ben and Leslie push this cliche to extremes! While Ben and Ron are getting drunk on wine at a vineyard, Leslie learns that she is eating waffles for two, but every attempt to inform Ben ends up being cut short. Proving once again that these two are on the same wavelength, Ben declares his desire to start a family before Leslie can even get a word in. The soon-to-be parents celebrate the fantastic news by attending an ultrasound together, where another bombshell is dropped on the couple... and the audience!

#6: An Official Declaration of Love

Well, there is definitely no objecting to this declaration! After Chris learns about Leslie and Ben's relationship, Pawnee's city manager is left with no choice but to investigate the couple for potential corruption, a line of questioning that leads to Ben quitting to protect Leslie. Up until this point, Ben and Leslie had to sneak around and hide their relationship, so this announcement came as a huge relief for everyone involved. Considering the couple's feelings are now immortalized in Pawnee's court records, there was no denying that Ben and Leslie's romance is the real deal.

#5: "I Love You, I Like You"

If there was one exchange that perfectly embodied Leslie and Ben's relationship, this touching moment from the couple's wedding would have to be it. Putting aside every line uttered by Ron Swanson, "I love you and I like you" might be "Parks and Recreation's" most identifiable quote, and serves as a fantastic way to summarize the show's appeal. While the characters are not above getting into a bit of mischief, "Parks and Recreation" simply radiates warmth and passion, without coming across as unintentionally corny or forced.

#4: Spontaneous Wedding

"I love you and I like you" was merely the cherry on the sundae. Unable and unwilling to wait another three months to tie the knot, Leslie and Ben opt to spontaneously get married on the same night as an important gala fundraiser. Sadly, the couple's first attempt to walk down the aisle ends with Ron going to jail, but things ran smoothly the second time around. Surrounded by "Parks and Recreation's" core cast, Leslie and Ben finally become husband and wife, and the moment can only be described as beautiful.

#3: Screw It, They Are Worth The Risk

In the immortal words of Leslie Knope, work should never be prioritized over friends or sugary goodness. After initially butting heads, Leslie and Ben quickly develop feelings for each other, but Ben's position as state auditor meant that pursuing a relationship would be a conflict of interest. Faced with the prospect of never working together again, Leslie decides that a spot on the city council is worth risking for a future with Ben. Coming from a person whose entire existence revolves around Pawnee, Leslie put pretty much everything on the line.

#2: First Kiss

Finally! The romantic tension was starting to become unbearable. Ben and Leslie spent the opening half of season three giving each other googly eyes and dropping not-so-subtle hints that suggested to the audience that a relationship may be in the cards. But then, "Parks and Recreation" abruptly opted to drop the pretense and jump right into a relationship for these two. Despite all the build-up, the couple's first kiss still managed to feel natural and spontaneous, with Ben taking the initiative and Leslie reciprocating. These two were in sync from the very beginning.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Leslie & Ben Plan Their Future Together

Waffles in a Hospital Bed

#1: The Proposal

Hilarious and sweet: characteristics that accurately capture "Parks and Recreation's" charm. For better or worse, every proposal is unforgettable; but Ben pops the question in a nondescript room with nobody to bear witness, as Leslie is the only person that matters and anything else would just be superfluous. Amy Poehler's reaction is simultaneously amusing and endearing, but the proposal is such an amazing scene because it exemplifies the sitcom's earnest tone. While Leslie's unrelenting passion makes Pawnee seem like Washington, "Parks and Recreation" truly shines during these more human moments.


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