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Top 10 Malec Moments in Shadowhunters

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Tiffany Ezuma
Script written by Tiffany Ezuma The relationship between Magnus and Alec is so special, it deserves a list of its own! For this list, we’re looking at our favorite moments between Magnus and Alec on the TV show, “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.” We’ve included moments when Magnus kissed Alec to save his life, their first date, when Malec first meets, Malec’s first time, when Magnus opens up to Alec about his past, their first “I love you” and when Alec kisses Magnus at the wedding.

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Top 10 Malec Moments

The relationship between Magnus and Alec is so special, it deserves a list of its own. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Malec Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at our favorite moments between Magnus and Alec on the TV show, “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.”

#10: When Magnus Kissed Alec to Save His Life

“Parabatai Lost”

In fairytales, “true love’s kiss” is the answer to most problems, but that’s definitely not the same in the Shadowhunter world. After Alec’s life hangs in the balance due to his fractured connection with Jace, Magnus is desperate to try anything to save him. So he kisses Alec, his personal Sleeping Beauty, in hopes that it will bring him back to life. It doesn’t work, since Alec’s Parabatai bond with Jace is the real cure, but the gesture did make our hearts swell. Alec later told Magnus that the kiss did help to bring him back, showing how pure their bond is.

#9: Magnus Comforts Alec After Jocelyn's Death

Dust and Shadows

Alec has grown up being responsible for the lives and deaths of others around him, but that doesn’t mean that killing a person doesn’t affect him deeply. After a demon took over his body and caused him to murder Jocelyn Fray, Alec was distraught over allowing himself to be vulnerable in the first place. He went to Magnus’ place but pushed the warlock away when he tried to reason with him. But Magnus didn’t back down and proved that he could be a source of strength for Alec. He let him know that it’s okay to feel pain, which was an important message for Alec to hear.

#8: Their First Date

Iron Sisters

After everything these two had been through, it seemed like we were never going to make it to their first date. Season two finally gave us that relationship milestone, and it was well worth the wait. Magnus convinced Alec to join him for a game of pool, and over some drinks they discussed Alec’s lack of romantic experience compared to Magnus’ 17,000 other lovers. Despite the gap in their romantic pasts, both guys wanted to see where their relationship could go. In all the craziness of the Shadowhunter world, it was important for them to define their relationship and have a normal discussion about what they wanted.

#7: When Malec First Meets

Raising Hell

Magnus first laid eyes on Alec when he appeared at a Downworlder club to shoot down a threat. Instantly impressed with Alec’s grace and deadly aim, it’s pretty funny when Magnus asks “who are you?” They didn’t formally meet until later in the episode when Magnus took down an attacker of his own, but when they introduced themselves, it was the stuff of meet-cute dreams. Alec was slightly tongue-tied after Magnus locked eyes with him, but there was an immediate attraction on both sides. Neither could look away from the other and that lingering gaze signaled that this would be the start of something beautiful.

#6: Malec's First Time

How Are Thou Fallen

The decision to take a relationship to the next step and have sex can be daunting for anyone, even someone with a lot of previous experience. That’s why it was nice to see Magnus be the reluctant one when it came to broaching the topic. He opened up to Alec, telling him that despite all of his experience he was still nervous about rushing into anything, and that he was afraid of losing Alec. Alec was quick to reassure him that Magnus had nothing to worry about, and the two fell into bed. Their consummation was earnest and their connection was easily felt.

#5: When They Share Strength

Of Men and Angels

While there was an obvious sexual attraction between Magnus and Alec when they first met, it wasn’t clear if it would manifest into something deeper. But when Magnus needed virgin Shadowhunter energy to help treat Luke’s bite from an alpha werewolf, he called upon Alec for help. Whether he really needed Alec specifically or not is up to interpretation, but Alec ended up sharing his strength with him anyway. The gesture was selfless and showed off Alec’s character and willingness to go that extra mile. Magnus would be crazy for not wanting to pursue him after that, and luckily for us he did.

#4: Magnus Opens up to Alec About His Past

A Problem of Memory

Even though Malec had to deal with so much before they even officially got together, there was still a lot they were both holding back; particularly Magnus, who had gone through a lot of trauma early on in his (very long) life. When an agony rune made Magnus relive his worst memory, he was forced to confront his past: he used his magic to kill his stepfather after the man blamed him for his mother’s suicide. But instead of running away from Magnus and his dark secret, Alec embraced him and let Magnus know that there was “nothing ugly about him”. The moment was touching and further strengthened the duo’s bond.

#3: Magnus Says: "You've Unlocked Something in Me."

Of Men and Angels

Both Magnus and Alec brought a lot of baggage into their relationship, which made it difficult for them to open up to one another. Despite their trepidations, though, neither can resist the magnetic pull between them. When Magnus asks Alec to come over, Alec shows up to his apartment unsure of why the warlock wants to see him. Magnus isn’t afraid to admit that he’s drawn to Alec, and after nearly a century of closing himself off emotionally from men and women, he tells Alec he’s “unlocked something” in him. Bold and honest, his declaration made it clear that he was in this for the long-haul.

#2: Their First "I Love You."

By the Light of Dawn

Saying the first “I love you” is a major moment for any couple, but it’s that much sweeter when the path to getting there was as difficult as it was with these two. They’ve gone through a lot in their relationship including Alec’s near marriage, a death scare, Alec’s coming out, and the growing distrust between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Many couples would buckle underneath so much pressure but throughout it all, these two fought for each other. When Alec thought he might have lost Magnus in battle, it made him realize that he truly loved the warlock. Their simple and brief exchange outside the Institute conveyed a wealth of emotions and was the perfect way to express their feelings.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Magnus Talks to Alec After the Wedding

Morning Star

Alec Tells Magnus About the Arranged Marriage

Rise Up

Magnus Asks Alec out for a Drink

Moo Shu to Go

#1: Alec Kisses Magnus at the Wedding


With a first kiss as epic as this one, it would be foolish for it not to grab the top spot. Throughout season one it looked like Malec was never going to happen, due largely to Alec’s impending marriage to Lydia. Alec made it all the way to the altar but just as he was about to say “I do,” Magnus burst into the room. Without making a grand speech, he waited for Alec to choose him, and Alec did just that. Alec disregarded his mother and everyone else in the room when he gave Magnus a kiss of a lifetime. It exceeded every expectation and cemented Malec in our hearts as the show’s best couple.

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