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Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly McKean
Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean, Even the hugs were super…if you know what I’m saiyan! Welcome to and today we are counting our picks for the Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most awesome moments to come from Dragon Ball Z’s TRUE sequel series. As a result, you can expect to see just as many spoilers as there are Kamehamehas.

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Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments

Even the hugs were super…if you know what I’m saiyan! Welcome to and today we are counting our picks for the Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most awesome moments to come from Dragon Ball Z’s TRUE sequel series. As a result, you can expect to see just as many spoilers as there are Kamehamehas.

#10: Universe 7 vs. Anilaza

As Universe 3’s last hope of winning the Tournament of Power, Anilaza was a trump card with more power than it knew what to do with. Grand in scale and destructiveness, this monstrous fusion was so powerful that it managed to even send Goku flying. However, in a weird yet oh so awesome display of unity, the remaining members of Universe 7 come together and give it their all in a combined attack. We never imagined we’d see Android 17, Frieza, Gohan and two Super Saiyan Blues teaming up, but damn if it isn’t awesome! Well, you know what they say, the bigger they are…

#9: The Reveal of Goku Black

Now this is how you introduce a villain. In an all too familiar timeline, we see new versions of Trunks and Mai fleeing from an endless series of ki blasts. No matter how they counter, no matter what they do, they are unable to escape their pursuer. Most of us were probably thinking that it was some kind of new android, or maybe another incarnation of Cell? Nope. Instead, we come face to face with Goku, who is looking much… eviler these days.

#8: Master Roshi’s Last Stand

Nowadays, we mostly associate this old man with his perverted antics. However, as hardcore fans will recall, there was a time when Roshi was a straight up badass. He invented the Kamehameha, won the World Martial Art Tournament and even managed to defeat Goku. Sure, he was a kid back then, but it still counts. Ever since, its fair to say that Roshi hasn’t really had much time to shine. At least until the Tournament of Power, where not only did he show that he’s still got it, but was even given a really emotional send off. Who would’ve guessed the old codger had it in him.

#7: Father and Son

It’s fair to say that Gohan has…well…seen better days, especially since he became an adult. However, as this scene proved, he’s still got plenty of fighting chops. With the Tournament of Power just around the corner, Gohan takes on his father in the most brutal of practise matches. Tien and Piccolo also have their turn in the spotlight, but the real draw here is seeing Gohan step up to the plate and manage to show his father just how strong a warrior he truly is. Sure, he gets knocked on his ass as soon as Goku goes Blue, but hey, it was a valiant attempt.

#6: Goku vs. Kefla

We’re just going to come out and say it, Caulifa and Kale kick so much ass. Not only were Dragon Ball’s first female Super Saiyans likable characters, but hot damn if they didn’t know how beat the shit out of people. Things only got more awesome when they faced off against Goku in the Tournament of Power, where he proceeded to give them a violent lecture on all the forms a Saiyan can take. In order to make up the difference, the two gals end up fusing together, becoming a warrior of such strength and magnitude that in order to best her, Goku had to once again tap into Ultra Instinct!

#5: Goku vs. Hit

Super introduced us to a brand-new roster of amazing characters, but none have been as slick as Universe 6’s deadliest assassin. As the battle between Universe 6 and 7 comes to a close, Goku finds himself having to go all out when faced with Hit’s time-altering abilities. Even with the tournament’s rules handicapping them, these two fierce combatants push each other to their limits. The highlight was undoubtedly when the Kaio-Ken made a grand return as Goku combined it with his Super Saiyan Blue. How’s that for improvising?

#4: Vegeta’s Pride

And this is why we love the Prince of Saiyans. After the shocking reveal that Toppo was a candidate to become the next God of Destruction, he proceeds to wreck everyone in sight with minimal effort. All he had to do in exchange was give up on everything important to him. Insulted by Toppo’s decision and fuelled by his desire to protect his family, promises and pride, Vegeta busts out the same move that once upon a time tore apart Majin Buu. Overcoming a god for the sake of what he holds precious? Our sweet prince has surely come a long way.

#3: Awakening of Ultra Instinct

We’ve seen Super Saiyan Gods, Saiyans with flaming blue hair plus all manner of fusions, but this transformation was something else entirely. Pushed to his limit against the otherworldly power of Jiren, Goku finds himself coming back from the brink, now having accessed the legendary ability known to the Gods as Ultra Instinct. The sheer weight of this new form was akin to the first time Goku became a Super Saiyan. The fact he was suddenly able to fight Jiren on an equal playing field spoke volumes, lending itself to one of Dragon Ball’s greatest ever fight scenes.

#2: Vegito vs. Zamasu

Whoever thought we would see this fella again? As Fusion Zamasu goes on a rampage while trying to balance his immortality issues, Goku and Vegeta find themselves with no options left but to resort to fusion as well. As a result, we see the return of Vegito. Not only does he possess the power needed to finally bring this monstrous Kai to a standstill, but we also get the unexpected treat of watching him go Super Saiyan Blue. Honestly, it’s a shame he only appears this one time, because we honestly can’t get enough of just how badass this guy is.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are few honorable mentions.

Frieza Gets Decimated

Beerus’ Threat

Android 17’s Sacrifice

#1: Goku vs. Jiren: Rematch

It’s all come down to this. With the other contestants taken out, all that remains in the Tournament of Power was the battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11’s strongest warriors, and holy hell was it amazing. With Jiren’s unstoppable nature going up against Goku’s perfected Ultra Instinct, these two proceeded to tear up what was left of the area with spectacular displays of force. In many ways, this battle was reminiscent to the Dragon Ball fights of old, and a pitch perfect way of concluding this spellbinding series known as Super!

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