Top 10 Coolest Items in Fortnite!



Top 10 Coolest Items in Fortnite!

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PUBG might be more realistic, but realism definitely does not equal fun - and these whacky items prove it. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Coolest Items in Fortnite!

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Top 10 Coolest Items in Fortnite

Fortnite has some pretty cool swag! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Coolest Items in Fortnite!

For this list, we’re considering just about any item you can find in “Fortnite”, such as costumes, gliders, and, of course, weapons.

#10: Love Ranger

Valentine’s Day had some pretty cool stuff. There was that Cupid crossbow, the Tat Axe, that…creepy teddy bear outfit… Ugh, we still have nightmares… But, when we saw the Love Ranger, our hearts were set. The glowing eyes and stony muscles show we’re ready to rock our enemies like freakin’ gods! Plus, the blank stare makes some of the emoticons incredibly funny…or disturbing. Either way, it was awesome pretending to be warriors of love for Valentine’s Day this year. Maybe next year we can get a weapon that launches chocolate!

#9: Minigun

We’ll always love our mix of shotguns, grenade launchers, and RPGs. However, we’ve all been craving for weapons with a little more firepower. Once Epic Games revealed the minigun, we could imagine the wicked smiles on everyone’s faces. It may not be the most reliable, but it feels like such an accomplishment when you’re able to eliminate multiple enemies. Things REALLY get interesting when the minigun is brought in during the end-game. A player can quickly pull off an upsetting victory when everyone has gathered in a small circle. And nope…there’s nowhere you can hide.

#8: Black Knight

The time for silliness has passed. We must strike fear into the hearts of our foes! We shall become…the Black Knight! Really, this costume is admittingly frightening. Maybe it’s the piercing red eyes or the big splatter of blood on the dark armor. If you want to give your allies a good scare, might we recommend roaming the Wailing Woods? While we were considering the Red Knight outfit for this list, we just had to go with the classic Black Knight. All it’s missing are some Monty Python references.

#7: Umbrella

Tired of using the same old glider? Wanting to descend onto the battleground in a classier style? Look no further than the Umbrella! At some point, we’ve thought about floating down from a great height with an umbrella before, and now, we finally have our chance. The only question we have is how are we able to float down with something that uses metal blades? What are we saying? “Fortnite” has a bunch of unrealistic stuff in it. Besides, at least this gives us a legit excuse to yell, “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!”

#6: Codename E.L.F.

While the Ginger Gunner & Merry Marauder outfits were fun, we found ourselves using the Codename E.L.F. outfit a little more. Running around as Santa’s little helpers with guns has never been this entertaining. From the perfect curl of blonde hair to the stitched up green coat, we felt ready to take on the world with Christmas spirit! Now that we think about it, the costume reminds us of a certain Christmas character… Wait a minute, have we been playing a badass version of Hermie the Elf this whole time?

#5: Traps

Nothing is more satisfying than when an enemy has walked into a house, only to be greeted with your set of floor spikes. (Well…I guess that is why they’re called traps, but that’s beside the point.) So, once you’ve planted them, all you have to do is sit in your area and wait. The thing with Traps is that once they’re in front of a door, they become hard to avoid. If you find one in your path, you’ll have a couple of choices to make; either power through and take the massive damage or break down walls and give away your position. Our strategy? Just don’t even bother trying, especially if you’re still trying to get in the circle.

#4: AC/DC

For those about to rock with the AC/DC, we salute you! The battlefield can feel like a highway to hell, so it’s best you carry something packed with high voltage. This is the AC/DC, more dangerous than T.N.T. and it will leave your foes thunderstruck! Okay, well, maybe not since it’s only a pickaxe skin, but it’ll make you look like a war machine. As much as we want to use it for the entire game, we know it’s a long way to the top, if you go by melee weapons alone. Still, it’s a cool weapon to have when you’re carrying out your dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

#3: Boogie Bomb

Grenades ain’t got nothing on the Boogie Bomb! Why make your enemies explode when you can make them dance to their deaths? Getting caught in the blast will render you unable to use your weapons, which makes getting eliminated feel so humiliating. Seriously, those who carry loads of the stuff are some of the biggest trolls in the community… Eh, maybe they just want to see a show before they put us out of our misery. We never suspected a small disco ball to be such a deadly weapon.

#2: Get Down!

Disco is just on our minds today, huh? While there are many gliders we could have put on the list, we have to go with the Get Down. Every time we open it, it feels like we’re ready to drop a party of death to those who dare land within close proximity of us. Its just such a cool item to look at, too, as it is one of the most decorative gliders and one of the most creatively designed. We’re just glad the reflections aren’t so strong, otherwise we’d be blinding a few players and giving away our position.

#1: Meme Pad

Better than a jump pad, and better than skydiving from a Battle Bus, it’s the Meme Pad. No, it doesn’t spew overused memes every time you bounce on it. This simple construction launches you into the air, allowing you to quickly glide to a nearby destination so you may flank your foes. Why is it called the Meme Pad, though? Because it gives you the opportunity to yell something before your enemy can comprehend what’s happening. Using a meme pad is both exhilarating and sidesplitting. Just try not to get too cocky.