Top 10 Worst Songs By The Paul Brothers
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Top 10 Worst Songs By The Paul Brothers

Script written by Owen Maxwell

While anyone can make music these days, it doesn't mean that everybody should. Santa Diss Track, The Fall of Jake Paul and The Rise of the Pauls are just a few of the objectionable songs by YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul. WatchMojo is counting down the worst Paul Brothers songs.
Script written by Owen Maxwell

Top 10 Worst Songs By The Paul Brothers

While anyone can make music these days, it doesn't mean that everybody should. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Songs by The Paul Brothers.

For this list we're looking at the biggest crimes against music perpetrated by Jake and Logan Paul. We're basing our choices on a mix of questionable lyrics, incessant product placement and how difficult each song is to listen to in its entirety.

#10: "Santa Diss Track" (2017)

Logan Paul

From the outset of this holiday rap track, Logan Paul is clearly just trying to make a commercial for his products. Though the title suggests Logan is making a cheeky hip hop song against Santa, over half the song is about Paul's merchandise. Paul's disses about Santa's weight and criminal-like activity are weak, and he often sneaks in plugs for his backpacks. While the song doesn't sound as bad as, say, any of Jake's Christmas songs, Logan's lazy writing makes it nearly unbearable. Between his repetitive backing track and commercialization of the holidays, Logan manages to make yuletide music even more annoying.

#9: "Ohio Fried Chicken” (2017)

Jake Paul feat. Team 10

Jake Paul's ode to Ohio farm-life carries the hip hop attitude you'd expect, but his yokel character seems more insulting than inspiring. Jake has never been a great vocalist, but hearing him sing while attempting an accent is absolute torture. The offensive hick jokes run out of steam fast, and Team 10 eventually resort to naming off farm equipment and animals. Jake Paul even opens his song by saying 'Merch link in bio.' Even with Paul's massive following, 'Ohio Fried Chicken' has amassed over 300,000 dislikes and counting. While Paul talks about Ohio pride, his obnoxious performance doesn't do the state any favors.

#8: "The Fall of Jake Paul” (2017)

Logan Paul feat. Why Don’t We

After Jake's diss track about his brother, Logan fired back with a song that was almost as bad. Logan Paul's insults sound like pulled punches, and he spends half the track proving that Jake is actually successful. The production is also insanely loud, and the second section feels like a different song altogether. Why Don't We's rhythm shifts repeatedly in their verse, and the track pauses after each of their lines. Logan's choice to end his song with an apology makes it all the more obvious how manufactured the brothers' feud actually is. Despite all its faults, the track has earned over 70 million views.

#7: "I Love You Bro” (2017)

Jake Paul feat. Logan Paul

At the tail end of the Paul Brothers' drama, Jake Paul released his own song to smooth things over. Jake's vocals aren't so even however, as his use of auto-tune is still brutally off-key. The guitar-filled backing track behind the brothers is as generic as their rapping, and the track often sounds like a parody of The Chainsmokers. The song's potential to be catchy is also undercut by the duo's consistently monotone delivery and bad sense of rhythm. While the brothers' message of love and family would be heartwarming, their fabricated drama and product placement rings hollow.

#6: "YouTube Stars Diss Track" (2017)

Jake Paul

In an effort to fight back against his negative media attention, Jake Paul made a track to show what the news hasn't said about him. Jake quickly mentions his charity work, and even tugs at heartstrings with a Make-A-Wish story. Though Paul's philanthropic work is certainly praiseworthy, bragging about it for sympathy really cheapens his actions. Jake's claim about Selena Gomez getting praised for leaving Disney falls flat as well, since he himself was fired for disturbing a neighborhood. While the beats on this track work well, Paul's singing over every chorus is so off that even autotune can't save it.

#5: "The Rise Of The Pauls (2017)

Logan Paul feat. Jake Paul

The trap vibe on this track was already annoying by the time the song came out, and it's mixed so loudly that it's barely listenable. Although their verse about other YouTubers is on point, the rest of the lyrics feel random. Logan's line about his brother's Disney contract quickly became a joke as well, when Jake was terminated barely a month after the song came out. Logan and Jake's bickering in the spoken-word section is also inaccessible if you haven't watched all their videos. While the Pauls have done several collaborations together, their boasting and genre-hopping is at its worst on this track.

#4: "Saturday Night” (2017)

Jake Paul feat. Nick Crompton & Chad Tepper

Jake Paul's Southern accent was bad enough on a country track, but 'Saturday Night' made it genuinely intolerable. Though Jake has the best flow in the song, his goofy voice doesn't even fit his lyrics. The song's catchy hook also becomes irritating, since everyone but Jake just repeats “Saturday night” in every line of the song. Nick Crompton's delivery is hilariously dry, and his lyrics mostly list British stereotypes. Despite Jake's devoted fandom, the song has also earned several thousand more dislikes than likes. While 'Saturday Night' features one of Jake's few decent backing tracks, the combined messiness of the vocals utterly ruins it.

#3: "The Jake Paulers Song" (2017)

Jake Paul

Instead of celebrating his success, and legions of followers, in a classy way, Jake Paul spent two minutes boasting about his own awesomeness. Though this track is pretty typical of Jake's production, the words read like a musical advertisement for his brand. Many of Paul's mature lyrics also feel inappropriate considering most of his fans are actually children. This said, these same children also helped the track briefly become the number one trending video on YouTube. Jake's massive ego really hurts the song however, since he acknowledges himself more than his own fans, throughout.

#2: "Logang Sucks" (2017)

Jake Paul

Jake Paul's diss tracks have never left any deep cuts, but he doesn't even sound like he's trying on 'Logang Sucks.' Jake's insults are often far too general, and his hyper-specific digs at Logan rarely pack a punch for the average fan. Even the song's best lines miss the mark, as Paul goes wildly off-tempo throughout the track. Jake's “Help Me Help You” joke is surprisingly clever, but he repeats it to death by the end of the song. Jake's viewership numbers certainly don't lie either, as “Logang Sucks” is one of the most hated songs on his channel.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few dishonorable mentions:

"Deck The Halls" (2017)

Jake Paul feat. Anthony Trujillo

"Outta My Hair" (2017)

Logan Paul

"HERO" (2017)

Logan Paul

#1: "It's Everyday Bro” (2017)

Jake Paul feat. Team 10

Jake Paul's frat-boy swagger is off-putting in all his videos, but in 'It's Everyday Bro' he reached his peak. Jake's repeated 'Bro' yells sound genuinely demented and his guest vocalists get worse and worse. Nick Crompton's words are barely audible in the track, and his 'England is my city' line became a joke of its own. Jake's brag about selling merch like a 'god church' is just as confusing as it is offensive. With so many mismatched elements in one song, the track has racked up a whopping three million dislikes to put its two million likes to shame.
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