Top 10 YouTube Gamers of 2017

Script written by Ty Richardson

YouTube is overloaded with gaming channels, (btw subscribe to MojoPlays) but these guys and gals floated to the Top in 2017. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 YouTube Gamers of 2017.

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Top 10 Gaming YouTubers of 2017

These guys are making YouTube a better place for gamers. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Gaming YouTubers of 2017.

For this list, we’re recognizing these personalities for their outstanding success, achievements, and innovation. Keep in mind we’re only considering those whose works are primarily on YouTube, which means streamers on Twitch will not be accounted for.

#10: YongYea

He may not be as outrageous or exaggerated with his work as some other YouTubers, but you have to admire Yong Yea’s sense of professionalism while still showing some tenacity. Yong Yea manages to both present the facts as they are while also adding in his own unique take on the matters at hand. However, one of his most notable stories came late in the year, when he was given testimonies on mismanagement within “The Witcher” studio CD Projekt RED. Sometimes, you can learn a lot from one person than a massive news team, and Yong Yea is no exception.

#9: GameGrumps

The Grumps Arin and Dan have seen such stellar success this past year, where do we even begin? Their channel has debuted more content outside of Let's Plays, such as Doodle Doods, which was collaborated with animator friend Chris O’Neil, and The G Club, a more serious podcast where the Grumps talk about their favorite games. Additionally, almost every venue for Game Grumps LIVE has sold out, and their first game as a company, “Dream Daddy”, was met with overwhelming praise. The duo even starred in the eSports comedy “Good Game” on YouTube Red. Grump and Not-So-Grump better get some shades because their future is looking bright.

#8: Mark Brown

Mark Brown has a pretty impressive handful of news outlets he's written for: Edge, Eurogamer, and The Escapist to name a few. Nowadays, he writes his own show “Game Maker’s Toolkit”, offering viewers a chance to look under the hood of some of their favorite games. If you're looking for tips to build a game from a design philosophy perspective, Brown provides some insightful commentary and presents intriguing questions for up and coming developers to think about. For you hardcore “Zelda” fans out there, you may want to check out his series, “Boss Keys”, where he analyzes the design of dungeons across the franchise.

#7: Jim Sterling

Mr. Sterling is arguably one of the most controversial game pundits out there, often discussing enlightening observations or hateful opinionated videos, however you see it. Even if you hate the man, you can't ignore the influence he has had in the industry, and his power only grew after he won the lawsuit between him and Digital Homicide Studios. This victory sheds light to the public on the problem with copyright abuse on YouTube, as well as hostile, abusive developers uploading games on Steam. With this in mind, all we can say is, “Thank God for Jim Sterling”.

#6: JackSepticEye

Our favorite Irishman has kept us laughing all throughout 2017. And how can you not like him? With his exaggerated, over the top commentary, Jack has also been one of the most approachable and down to earth gamers on YouTube. Much like another YouTuber on this list, he's been using his influence to aid charities through live stream events. Additionally, he's also managed to launch a gaming tour in Europe, where fans have traveled across the globe just to see him. So, if you're ever having a bad day, you can always be sure his videos will greet you with an optimistic and welcoming, “Top of the morning to you, Laddies!”

#5: Kinda Funny

What a year it has been for this crew of former IGN staff. While it was difficult enduring the departure of longtime friend Colin Moriarty, the team faced it head on with the community, spending an entire episode of the “Morning Show” answering questions and explaining the situation. On top of the numerous events and panels he's hosted, co-founder Greg Miller spent time at PAX to host a one-hour panel talking about his time as a cancer patient and meeting other patients and their families. Authenticity and integrity are hard to come by these days, and Kinda Funny is setting an example.

#4: videogamedunkey

In between his signature “dunkviews”, dunkey creates video essays addressing topics you may not have thought about before, with a hilarity and bite that’s wholly unique. Ever questioned the difference between professional game reviewers and criticism from your favorite personalities? Ever looked at why character animation is important in a game? Dunkey not only manages to provide interesting subject matter, but he does so with a funny and blunt personality while remaining insightful and passionate… especially when it comes to “Knack 2.”

#3: Markiplier

“Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier…” Chances are you’ve heard that sweet voice of his somewhere on the Internet. Good ol’ Marky Moo has had his heart in the right place since his early days on YouTube. In between his ridiculous skits and lets plays, Mark has kept busy by hosting live streams an assortment of charities. With almost nineteen million subscribers under his belt, he still manages to keep contact with his massive audience through blogs and social media, whether it's on business or personal grounds. We can't wait to see what the king of “Five Nights at Freddy's” has in store for 2018, be it more Internet challenges to lose at or raging meltdowns.

#2: What's Good Games

Any hardcore gamer knows that everywhere you go, there's Andrea Rene. On top of being a co-host for Kinda Funny, she's gone on to start her own channel with other games media personalities, What's Good Games. Each brings years of experience to their coverage, so you can expect some thoughts provoking conversations on the games industry and current events. Since they've launched, What's Good Games has provided an outlet for not just female gamers, but for younger audiences and those who like their gaming coverage with a little less vulgarity.

#1: The Completionist

With over 200 games 100% completed, Jirard Khalil faced one of the most difficult challenges any YouTube Gamer has had to face. When his former Co-Host requested the removal of 120 videos of his older videos, rather than undergo a lengthy and costly legal battle, Jirard conceded and removed more than 3 years of his work from the channel. However, with a tremendous boost in Patreon support, Jirard decided to remake his older episode in his new modern format, while maintaining his current schedule. With the improvement in writing and high production value, it's hard not to enjoy Khalil and company. With that in mind guys, we name Jirard Khalil aka “The Completionist,” the top YouTube Gamer of 2017.