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Top 10 Most Viewed Gaming Videos on YouTube

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Who doesn't love a good gaming video? These are the ones that blew all the others out of the water! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Viewed Gaming Videos on YouTube. In this video we'll be looking at the most popular gaming videos by Youtubers such as jacksepticeye, Tobuscus and PewDiePie. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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Top 10 Most Viewed Gaming Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a game of numbers, and these videos have somehow beaten it. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Viewed Gaming Videos on YouTube.

For this list, we’re looking at gaming-related YouTube videos with obscenely high view counts. However, we aren’t considering game trailers, as those are for a list of their own.

#10: Gangnam Style - Just Dance 2015 - Full Gameplay 5 Stars

Humberto Contreras

In all honesty, we're surprised this video isn't higher on this list! Psy's “Gangnam Style” took the world by storm and held the record for the Most Viewed Video on YouTube for quite a while. So, it only makes sense for a video like this to be one of the most viewed gaming videos. In November 2014, Humberto Contreras uploaded a video showing him earning all five stars to “Gangnam Style” in “Just Dance 2015”. Considering the song's popularity died by this point, it's a bit of a shocker that the video still managed to rack up more than sixty million views. Some things just don't die, do they?

#9: Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough 1 - Sand Central Station (Demo)


Sometimes, we simply cannot wait to see the first bit of a demo for our most anticipated games. However, we weren’t expecting so many people to be desperate to see a demo for “Lego Marvel Super Heroes”. Chances are you’re aware of the YouTube channel “packattack04082”; that channel has dozens upon dozens of walkthroughs, and their video of the “Sand Central Station” level from “Lego Marvel” holds over sixty-five million views! There was some appeal to this video, as this was the first “Lego” game to take on Marvel characters. So, packattack must have gotten reap the rewards from “Lego Marvel’s” hype.

#8: My Talking Tom: The End


Mobile games don’t get a lot of publicity with let’s play channels and streamers. There are dozens of mobile games ripe for milking the mysterious YouTube algorithm, which is why we’re curious as to how something like “My Talking Tom” made this list. YouTube user DroidCheat uploaded their last video of “My Talking Tom”, and there’s no commentary or special effects. It’s just gameplay footage of grooming Tom and popping colored bubbles and its somehow accumulated over sixty-nine million views. If that wasn’t confusing enough, you should see the comments section…

#7: ALL THE WAY - Jacksepticeye Songify Remix by Schmoyoho


While it may not be a “pure gameplay” video, this still qualifies for a spot on this list for how the footage is used in a music video format. In July 2016, Jacksepticeye and music group Schmoyoho collaborated for a video where Schmoyoho would use Sean’s “Happy Wheels” videos to create a jammin’ song. Since its release, “All the Way” has earned over seventy-two million views. On the video’s one-year anniversary, a remix of the remix was uploaded, garnering over ten million views. Both videos may have different styles, but you might find yourself singing the song after your first viewing.

#6: I CAN SWING MY SWORD! - Minecraft Song


Hey, hey, HEY!! We said gaming-related videos. So, don’t go clacking in the comments about technicalities. Toby Turner’s “I Can Swing My Sword” music video is one of the most recognizable videos on YouTube, and the view count continues to climb, albeit slower than it used to. Sitting above seventy-six million views, the music video boasts a kickass tune and excellent animation from GonzoSSM. For something that was based on a one-off joke in Turner’s “Minecraft” let’s plays, the lyrics are well-written and creative. We’d probably be whistling a similar tune if we had a diamond sword of our own.

#5: A Funny Montage


What is this? Pewdiepie made a list for most viewed gaming videos? *gasp* What a shocker! Seriously, Felix was bound to appear at some point, but it is somewhat surprising that he isn’t in a higher spot. Nevertheless, the Pewds most viewed video is simply titled “A Funny Montage”. As the name explicitly describes itself, the video is a montage showcasing various moments from his other videos, and it has been viewed over eighty-four million times. As we said, it’s not a shocker that Pewds is on this list, but it makes us curious as to what has gotten more views than a video from him.

#4: Mario Party 9 Step It Up - Mario vs Luigi Master Difficulty Gameplay

Cartoons Mee

When it comes to competitive games, it can be very amusing to watch the computers go head-to-head and place bets with our friends. However, we'd never expect a game like “Mario Party 9” to capture someone's attention. In January 2018, YouTuber Cartoons Mee uploaded a video of Mario and Luigi competing in the Step It Up game mode with both of them set to the hardest difficulty. Since then, the video has garnered over eighty-six million views. We're not quite sure how a video of one of the worst “Mario Party” games could beat Pewds, but we suppose everyone has their own idea for entertainment.

#3: Cars 2 HD Gameplay CompilationV

Whatever YouTube rocket science Dominic Sheard (aka “DarkZeroTV”) managed to crack, we’d really like to know the solution. When we came across this, our jaws hit the floor. Would you like to take a guess at the view count for a compilation of “Cars 2” gameplay? This gameplay video of a movie tie-in game based on one of the worst Pixar movies ever made has earned...drum roll, please... ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY MILLION VIEWS! While Sheard doesn’t have a definite answer for the ludicrous view count, one of his theories is that parents use the twenty-minute clip to quiet their kids. The video is really that mesmerizing, huh?

#2: Timber | Just Dance 2014 | Full Gameplay 5 Stars

Humberto Contreras

Our dancing fiend Humberto Contreras returns with yet another “Just Dance” video. This time, Humberto is going to achieve all five stars for Pitbull's “Timber featuring Kesha”. As much as we love listening to this song, we're dumbfounded by how this video managed to surpass “Gangnam Style” by more than DOUBLE the view count! Since its upload in February 2014, Humberto's “Timber” run has accrued over one hundred and fifty-one million views. Wait a minute… This video came out before the “Gangnam Style” video and holds more than double the views? YouTube is a mysterious beast.

Before we reveal the most viewed video, here are a couple of Honorable Mentions…

Newer Super Mario Bros. - All Castles (2 Player)

Gmod Sandbox - The Toys Escape! (Garry’s Mod Skits & Funny Moments)

#1: BeamNG.Drive Porsche 911 GT2 v4.1 Crash Testing #29


Okay, we can definitely see why people have flocked to see this! Have you ever wanted to see a high-class, expensive car get smashed to bits? YouTube user “Insanegaz” has got plenty of videos to keep you entertained. This video, in particular, shows the many ways you can smash the Porsche 911 GT2, and dear god… It’s beautiful! Like the many other slow-motion spectacle videos you can find on YouTube, there’s something amusing about seeing the destruction of an object. Others must feel the same way as the video has accumulated over one hundred fifty-five million views! That’s a lot of car crashing!

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