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Top 10 Underrated YouTube Gamers

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Justin Giglio Hello, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Underrated YouTube gamers. For this list, we’re looking at channels with smaller fan bases and with less than 2 million subscribers, but who are nonetheless extremely good at what they do. Special thanks to our users SMC0DT for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Justin Giglio

Top 10 Underrated Youtube Gamers

Hello, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Underrated YouTube gamers.

For this list, we’re looking at channels with smaller fan bases and with less than 2 million subscribers, but who are nonetheless extremely good at what they do. 

#10: TheKingNappy

Though he’s yet to eclipse the half-million subscribers mark, this King of charisma and his recurring cast of friends try to catch them all with an infectious enthusiasm. While relatively small, his fan base relies on Kyle, AKA Nappy, for entertaining Let’s Plays, as well as news and updates about new and upcoming Pokémon releases. Nappy started in 2011 with general Let’s Play videos for many different kinds of games, but started to focus on Pokémon after the release of his Pokémon Sapphire Let's Play published in 2012 – he and his audience have never looked back. 

#9: TheRPGMinX

Primarily focusing on horror and indie games, Michelle Smith or TheRPGMinx is an influential female voice in the YouTube gaming community. She’s collaborated with other YouTube gamers for such popular series as Two Lesbians Play, with her wife Krism. She’s also known for her critical commentary, where she and YouTuber Sinow play the worst games that Steam has to offer, and another series where she deconstructs some of the absurd games that are created for and marketed towards women. With just over 1 million subs, it’s clear why her unique voice has amassed such a large and dedicated audience.

#8: MetalJesusRocks

Despite a small subscriber base of just under 300,000, MetalJesusRocks is a bona fide YouTube gaming veteran, having been a part of the community since 2006. Mixing his love of gaming with his passion for music, he and his gang of friends provide insightful retrospectives, highlighting some of the forgotten and hidden gems of gaming both new and old. He’s also a big-time collector, boasting an impressive game room with over 5,000 titles in his collection. If your looking for tips to build your own gaming sanctuary, look no further than MetaJesusRocks. 

#7: KPopp

KPopp describes her channel as “Video Game Entertainment with Sarcasm, Shade & Sass” – all of which, when put together, make for some interesting and unique Let’s Plays. KPopp joined YouTube in 2006 and has been posting Let’s Plays since 2010, growing a fan base of over half a million subscribers. Primarily focusing on The Sims, KPopp has provided her ironic commentary on a number of games spanning a wide array of genres from Triple A titles like Heavy Rain to bizarre licensed games like America’s Next Top Model for the Wii. 

#6: Sp00nerism - (TheCampingTree)

Known for his outlandish, often immature sense of humor, Sp00n began as a machinima director, but due to copyright issues, his films have been removed from YouTube. He then pivoted to become a popular Let’s Play commentator, and joined TheCreatureHub, a collective of like-minded Let’s Players and machinima makers, in 2009. Sp00nerism lends his commentary and comedy chops in Let’s Plays for a ton of popular multiplayer first person shooters from CSGO to Overwatch, as well as other games like Minecraft and GTA V. His over 750,000 subs come for the games and stay for the laughs.

#5: SpaceHamster

Another gamer whose sense of humor has become a staple of their videos, Jeff Fabre AKA SpaceHamster’s funny and informative Top 10 and Top 5 videos about video games have become his claim to fame. Aside from lists, Jeff posts game reviews and is a founding member of the popular gaming site Hidden Block, along with other well-known and active members of the YouTube gaming community. His style is definitely one-of-a-kind, and has earned him a strong subscriber base of over 500,000.

#4: SomecallmeJohnny

Despite having the lowest subscriber count on this list with just under 250,000, Somecallmejohnny is nonetheless a noteworthy gaming personality whose review style is uniquely his own. Johnny is best known for his “Johnny vs.” series, where he reviews mostly classic games with an irreverence and calm delivery that is both hilarious and insightful. Long-time fans of the channel will no doubt be familiar with the countless recurring in-jokes scattered throughout his videos, which probably wouldn’t make much sense to first-time viewers.

#3: ImmortalHD

A former-member of the gaming collective The Creatures before starting his own group known as Cow Chop, ImmortalHD or Aleksandr Merchant is a well-respected voice in the YouTube gaming community due in large part to the production quality of both his Let’s Plays and hilarious machinima short films. Known for his funny and sarcastic imitations of the average pro gamer, Aleks has built a strong bond with his fans over the years and has a large following of over 1,200,000 subscribers. 

#2: Extra Credits

Providing invaluable insight and analysis into the cultural, financial and design implications of video games and gamer culture, Extra Credits is like the class you wish you could have taken in school. Founded in 2011, Extra Credits has made it their mission to explore gaming in new and exciting ways, and to inform players about all the decisions that go into making a game. With over 800,000 subscribers, Extra Credits makes its fan base smarter with each new video and occupies an important space in the YouTube gaming community.

Before we get to the #1 Underrated YouTube Gamer, here are a few honorable mentions:


Fawful's Minoin


Super Bunnyhop


#1: ChuggaaConroy

ChugaaConroy’s deep love and knowledge of games is immediately obvious to anyone who’s watched more than a minute of any one of his videos. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his Let’s Plays are light and funny, as he tends to cover Nintendo games like Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. Sure, his puns are bad, but in a way that’s funny and endearing. His videos are for gamers of all ages, and you’d have to think that out of his 1 million subscribers, there are gamers from all walks of life who can all enjoy his easy-going approach.

What are some of your favorite underrated gamers on YouTube? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, vote for upcoming lists on our suggest page, and for more gaming top tens published everyday, be sure to subscribe to!

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