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Top 10 Craziest Ways People Quit Their Jobs

VO: DM WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada

Script written by Andrew Tejada

Quitting with a letter wasn’t enough for these employees. From quitting through a commercial during the Superbowl, to writing a novella, to posting a naked YouTube video, these individuals lay it all on the line. WatchMojo counts down ten craziest ways people quit their jobs.

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Script written by Andrew Tejada

Top 10 Craziest Ways People Quit Their Jobs

Quitting with a letter wasn’t enough for these employees. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten craziest ways people quit their jobs.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the risky, creative or just weird ways people chose to leave their positions.

#10: Reporter Quits On Live TV

Sometimes you have to take a stand for what you believe in. Liz Wahl was a reporter for RT America, a Russian supported news network based in Washington D.C. While working there, she felt the network was slanting stories to promote Russian propaganda. In 2014, controversial reporting about the Crimean Crisis pushed Wahl over the edge and she resigned from her position during a live broadcast with an emotional speech. As she walked away from her desk for the final time, Wahl walked into a media storm, with some people questioning if her resignation was actually American propaganda, leaving the reporter to weather the criticisms on her own terms.

#9: Moe's Manager's Dance Routine

Working in the restaurant industry can really test one’s patience. One anonymous restaurant manager showed that he completely lost his with this unique resignation. Armed with two backup dancers and Vanilla Ice’s signature hit “Ice Ice Baby”, the manager leaped up on the counter. After ripping off his shirt to reveal “I Quit” on his chest, he and his partners kicked of a choreographed dance routine. The manager brought the restaurant to a standstill with customers and employees left with nothing to do but laugh and film it all. With over 600,000 views, this video may become more recognizable than the restaurant chain itself.

#8: Writing A Novella

Ernest Hemingway may have been a Pulitzer prize winning writer, but he had issues at work like the rest of us. Early in his career, he signed a contract to write for publishing company Boni & Liverwright, however, things weren't hunky-dory. His B&L contract would end if one of his next three works were rejected, so Hemingway allegedly wrote “Torrents of Spring” to accomplish just that. The novella satirized writers, had a crazy romantic plotline and – most importantly – was denied weeks after it was submitted. While most writers try to avoid rejection, Hemingway’s swift break with his publisher may have lead us to classics like Old Man and the Sea.

#7: During a Superbowl Commercial

If you want to make sure your boss knows you’re quitting, then why not go with one of the most-watched events in the U.S.? Queens native Gwen Dean was working as an HVAC technician while pursuing her dreams of becoming a full-time puppeteer. After spotting a ad about puppeteers quitting their jobs, she knew her time had come. During Super Bowl 48, she starred in a short commercial with John Turturro wherein she announced her resignation. The spot was so well-received that Dean’s former boss texted her to say he liked it. Dean went on to start her new business, while her commercial went on to become legendary.

#6: Naked Youtube Video

You don’t need clothes to quit your job. Joy Mukarji decided to leave his position at a communications company by sending in an exposing video. It begins with an imitation Star Wars credits crawl that lists his reasons for quitting and is followed by a list of the co-workers he thought about sleeping with. The video then transitions to Joy dancing naked in front of a green screen. Thankfully, a picture of a man prevents us from seeing too much of Joy’ and the video closes with an offer of his special effects services to George Lucas. Based on the video quality, we hope Joy sent his resume elsewhere.

#5: Music Video at the Office

The only thing better than quitting your job is going viral while doing it. Marina Shifrin was working for an animation company when she became disillusioned with their direction of their video content. Armed with nothing but determination and her camera, she went to her office at 4:30am and danced everywhere from bathrooms to recording booths while Kanye West’s “Gone” played in the background. The video went viral, getting over 11 million views and netting her job offers from people like Queen Latifah, and eventually accepting one with Comedy Central's @midnight. With Shifrin’s resume growing every year, we’re guessing she has better reasons to dance nowadays.

#4: Marching Out With a Band

Working at a hotel isn't for everyone, but for Joey DeFrancesco, it was unbearable. During his time working at a Rhode Island hotel, he attempted to start a union to make conditions better for employees, but was met with resistance. In 2011, he fought back with the power of music. "DeFrancesco lead marching band “What Cheer?” into the hotel and right up to his manager. He then dropped his resignation letter at his manager's feet and happily marched away." After the video went viral, he continued to fight for better working conditions for his former co-workers and “What Cheer?” continued to bring sweet music wherever it’s needed.

#3: Trump Twitter Blackout

Sometimes actions can speak louder than 140 characters. In 2017, President Donald Trump’s Twitter account seemingly vanished from the website for 11 minutes. Given that the social media platform is the controversial President’s primary method of communicating with the American people, it didn’t take long for other users to notice and tweet out their concern, or relief, about the missing account. When the account returned, Twitter released a statement saying that the incident occurred due to “human error”, but later revealed that the account was deactivated by a Twitter customer service employee, who wanted to make a statement on their last day at work. Based on the response, we’d say they were successful.

#2: Quitting Live For Cannabis

Legalizing marijuana is a topic still debated in America, but one reporter made her stance clear with her resignation. Charlo Greene was reporting for KTVA Alaska in 2014 when they aired a story about the local Alaskan Cannabis Club. At the end of the segment, Greene, live on the air, admitted that she owned the club before giving an R-rated resignation. Her co-anchor was left flustered in the wake of the blunt announcement. A few years later, despite facing some legal troubles, Greene launched a YouTube series called “The Weed Show” where she focuses on advocacy and education about marijuana with as much colorful language as she wants.

#1: Sliding Out of A Plane

Most hope to never see an airplane’s emergency slide, but it was the perfect route for flight attendant Steven Slater to resign. In 2010, a passenger allegedly hit Slater with some luggage as they removed it from the overhead compartment. This incident combined with some outside stress resulted in Slater taking to the plane intercom, screaming “I’ve had it”, grabbing two beers and finally exiting via the emergency slide. He was later arrested and sentenced to a year of probation and $10,000 fine. Shortly after the incident, Slater’s story became part of pop culture and may go down as the most insane way anyone has ever quit a job.

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