Top 10 Times Piers Morgan Went Too Far



Top 10 Times Piers Morgan Went Too Far

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You'll be shocked by the infamous escapades of this controversial public figure. For this list, we're looking at the biggest ways this English provocateur has gotten on people's nerves. Our countdown includes His Campaign Against Meghan Markle, The Iraq War Photo Scandal, His Comments on Trump's Travel Ban, and more!

Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate Piers Morgan

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate Piers Morgan.

For this list, we’re looking at the biggest ways this English provocateur has gotten on people’s nerves.

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#10: His Campaign Against Meghan Markle

Along with the tabloids he used to write for and run, Morgan has been relentless in his attacks of Duchess Meghan Markle. Discussing his animosity, he’s bitterly recounted that he and Markle had a few drinks at a pub one night, but that she “ghosted” him after meeting Prince Harry. This vendetta came to a head when Markle told Oprah about feeling suicidal and experiencing racism. Morgan’s respond on “Good Morning Britain” that Markle was making it all up. He offered no real reasons, and later stormed off set when called out by a colleague. Under pressure, Morgan left the program, citing “freedom of speech” in a Tweet. Which is funny, because he once banned Hugh Grant from his shows for speaking against tabloids …

#9: His Dismissive Remarks About Olympians

While watching the 2016 Rio Olympics, Piers was disappointed in how poorly he felt Team GB was doing. So he took to Twitter to express his feelings, saying “Gold is all that matters.” The Tweet wasn’t well-received online, especially by Olympians, who accused him of being dismissive of the talent and determination it takes to qualify in the Olympics, let alone take home a bronze or silver medal. Putting his world class trolling skills on display, Morgan tried to discredit the respondents, by firing back that none of them had ever won gold.

#8: The Janet Mock Interview

In 2014, Morgan had transgender activist Janet Mock on his CNN show to talk about her memoir memoir Redefining Realness. However, to publicise the interview, he Tweeted out: “How would you feel if you found out the woman you are dating was formerly a man?”. Mock took issue with this, responding ‘I was not "formerly a man.’ Pls stop sensationalizing my life and misgendering trans women”. Her followers also criticized Morgan. In response, Morgan apologized, and… just kidding; he laid into Mock, calling her disgraceful and portraying himself as a victim. To his credit, he did bring her back on for another interview, asking what he did wrong … but insisted all the way that HE’D been horribly wronged.

#7: His Comments on Trump’s Travel Ban

Morgan has had a long-running relationship with Donald Trump, even winning the top spot in the 2008 season of Celebrity Apprentice - despite Trump describing him as "ruthless, arrogant, evil and obnoxious". During Trump’s Presidency, Morgan alternated between praise and criticism, ultimately deeming him “mentally unfit”. He expressed sympathy however with Trump’s controversial travel ban, arguing that it was not really a “Muslim ban”. While running for office, Trump had called for a "complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United State”; his Executive Order 13769 restricted travel from seven countries. Hearing Morgan’s reasoning, Australia’s Jim Jeffries had a visceral reaction, as did many at home. Morgan would come under fire again in 2018 for an interview with Trump that viewers perceived as weak and sycophantic.

#6: He Despises Harry Potter

Piers Morgan’s comments on the Muslim ban attracted criticism online, notably from “Harry Potter” author J. K. Rowling. Morgan retorted that that was why he’d never read the Harry Potter books. Just try to make sense of that: Morgan hasn’t read a series of books that started in 1997 because the author criticized him on Twitter in 2017. This escalated into a Twitter feud in which Morgan claimed his published “diary” “The Insider” was better written. Rowling arguably won the debate when she posted praise that Morgan had written about her, which he didn’t seem to initially recognize as his own words. But as if to rub salt in the wound, Morgan’s son responded by Tweeting out HIS love of Harry Potter.

#5: His Response to BLM

Piers Morgan has been a vocal critic of Black Lives Matter, and frequently inserted himself into the conversation. In 2015, when activist Marc Lamont Hill Tweeted that “all black lives matter”, Morgan insisted that actually, “all lives matter” and accused the hashtag of being divisive. Later that year, he also rushed in to make room for “whiteness” when activist DeRay Mckesson’s expressed his love for blackness. You could practically hear Twitter users rolling their eyes at Morgan’s desire to be included. The following year, Morgan penned a column condemning Black Lives Matter as “a well-intentioned idea that’s gone bad”. Funnily enough though, in 2020, when BLM gained greater support, he struck out against critics of the movement, offering his own breakdown of the slogan ...

#4: The Iraq War Photo Scandal

Piers Morgan’s time as editor of the “Daily Mirror” from 1995 to 2004 saw the tabloid dive head-first into a number of scandals. The one that got him fired came when he decided to run alleged photos of British Army soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. The photos turned out to be fabricated, and the paper was accused of endangering British troops for nothing. Despite this, Morgan refused to apologize, arguing that “If nobody knows the provenance of these photographs, why should we apologise?" Which of course begs the question: why publish the photos without knowing their provenance?

#3: His Men’s March Idea

Troubled by what he saw as “rabid feminists” organizing a worldwide Women’s March the day after President Trump’s inauguration, Piers Morgan mulled the idea of organizing a Men’s March. He ended the Tweet asking “who’s with me?” Unfortunately for Piers, there weren’t many takers, just people like Patton Oswalt waiting to troll him in a string of hilarious Tweets. After the backlash he received online, Morgan backed off his poorly thought out idea, but that didn’t stop him from finding negative things to say about the more successful Women’s March.

#2: His Sexist Remarks

The Women’s March wasn’t the only time that Piers Morgan has put his foot in his mouth when discussing womens. He seems especially preoccupied with how women dress. His more uncomfortable moments on “Good Morning Britain” include fixations on weather girl Laura Tobin’s pants, and presenter Charlotte Hawkins’ dress. But his attention has mostly been critical. He’s attacked celebrities like Susan Sarandon for what they choose to wear, and called Jennifer Aniston a hypocrite for complaining about women being judged for their looks while appearing in photo shoots. Morgan has also defended the right of workplaces to require women to wear high heels on the job, although he walked that statement back after trying on heels himself.

#1: The Phone Hacking Controversy

There’s a reason that tabloids are also known as “rags”. But even given their reputation for inaccuracy, harassment, and underhanded tactics, the phone hacking scandal that embroiled Rupert Murdoch’s British papers in the 2000s ignited outrage. When investigations revealed that the papers had been hacking phones to get “scoops”, Morgan’s “Daily Mirror” was exposed as one of the culprits. In response, Morgan has said he never hacked a phone himself, or told reporters to. But one of his own articles for the “Daily Mail” relied on information obtained from a private voicemail. There’s also a clip of him from 2003 explaining how the practice works. As a result, few have been convinced by his denials.