Tell your coworkers about OUTRANKED

VOICE OVER: Chris Masson
The WatchMojo crew are overcome with joy and giggling with delight as the studio officially announces the premiere season of Outranked, the latest original web series from the minds that brought you The Lineup and Bolt to E3. Outranked is a brand-spanking new movie trivia quiz show that combines WM's signature top 10 lists with the fam's undying love for the silver screen. Over 7 episodes, entertainment-obsessed trivia warriors will out-geek each other and attempt to impress a mystery judge with their duelling, movie-centric Top 10 lists. The show is hosted by WatchMojo's very own Chris Masson and features a slew of familiar faces. Episodes feature popular topics that get Mojoholics going including Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies, Top 10 Iconic Movie Villains, and Top 10 Adam Sandler Movies. Okay, that last one's a joke, but it's got us excited for a second season.