Top 10 Songs from Disney’s Descendants Franchise



Top 10 Songs from Disney's Descendants Franchise

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton
Script written by Mersini Karkoulas

Here are the top 10 songs from Disney's Descendants franchise! We've included hits like You and Me, Space Between, Descendants 2, Chillin Like a Villain, If Only, Evil Like Me, What's My Name, Ways to be Wicked, Rotton to the Core and It's Goin' Down.


Top 10 Songs From Disney’s Descendants Franchise

They were born to sing it out loud. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Songs From Disney’s Descendants Franchise.

For this list, we’re only looking at original songs written for the franchise, and therefore won’t be including any renditions of songs that have appeared in other Disney movies.

#10: “You and Me”
“Descendants 2” (2017)

“Descendants 2” kicked everything up a notch, including the drama between Mal and the handsome Ben. For a little bit, we could see that they had hit a rough patch and things weren’t looking good between them. After a fight and not talking for half the movie, Mal is shocked to find that Ben has brought the power hungry Uma as his date to Cotillion. Talk about a plot twist! We might’ve been on the edge of our seats, but hey, this is Disney after all, and we knew a happy ending was just around the corner. This song cements their relationship and gives us the warm and fuzzies.

#9: “Space Between”
“Descendants 2” (2017)

If you’ve never been jealous of the incredible relationship between two onscreen best friends, we think you might be lying. Mal and Evie always make us feel like we owe our bestie a little more love. Being such awesome BFFs, it’s only naturally that these two would get their own duet. We have never doubted that no matter what happens, they’ll support one another and have each other’s backs, but seeing them sing it in this heartfelt, touching scene at Mal’s house makes it all the more real. Besides, Evie convinced everyone else to return to the Isle for Mal. That’s true friendship.

#8: “Set It Off”
“Descendants” (2015)

After the ups and downs of “Descendants,” with the villain kids starting to find themselves away from the influence of their parents, the movie needed to end on a high. “Set It Off” definitely delivers! It’s the final scene of the movie, uniting all the cast in one big celebration that’s full of energy and vibrancy. It’s one of those songs that makes us want to get up and dance in the middle of our living room. And we do. Every time. There’s nothing like seeing these guys getting along and having the time of their lives.

#7: “Chillin’ Like a Villain”
“Descendants 2” (2017)

This one made us laugh out loud. The villains return to the Isle of the Lost with the princely Ben in tow, but without giving him a lesson or two in how to blend in, they’re at risk of getting caught out. So Jay, Evie, and Carlos break down the rules of being a villain and teach Ben how to walk, how to talk, and how to act. What results is a hella awesome dance routine and one of the catchiest songs in the series that will get stuck in your head long after the final credits roll. You may even find yourself singing along at every opportunity, like in the car.

#6: “Evil Like Me”
“Descendants” (2015)

Everyone clashes with their parent or parents on occasion. That’s just part of growing up. When Mal begins pushing against her mother’s evil ways, Maleficent isn’t too happy about it. But she sings, dances, and flies through the air, and tells her daughter that she too used to fight with her mother, but that in the end, it is inevitable that daughters grow up to be their mothers. We really want to dislike Maleficent, since she’s, you know… evil, but when you have the magnificent Kristin Chenoweth giving a fantastic performance, it’s damn near impossible to hate her.

#5: “If Only”
“Descendants” (2015)

If you weren't one hundred percent sure about whether Mal had feelings for Ben by this point, then this song makes it abundantly clear. In a solo that Dove Cameron most definitely deserves, Mal makes her heartfelt confession in song, detailing her feelings and her many insecurities. It’s the point of the movie where you just want to wrap her in a blanket and tell her everything will be fine, but we all know that she has to work it out for herself. And of course, she does and things turn out all right in the end, but for a second there, we couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.

#4: “It’s Goin’ Down”
“Descendants 2” (2017)

You know those scenes where you realize that the movie you’re watching is actually really awesome? If you had any doubts about “Descendants 2,” this song will change all that. Mal and the villains have returned to the Isle and have to fight Uma and her crew of pirates to get Ben back, and what better way than with a rap battle? With echoes of “Hamilton,” this scene brings us some of the best this franchise has to offer, and we absolutely love that Mal and Uma fight it out with song before they fight it out with swords. It reminds us that everyone on the Isle is way cooler than we will ever be.

#3: “What’s My Name”
“Descendants 2” (2017)

If you’re ever looking to take a lesson on how to effectively introduce a character into a movie, look no further than this scene. Uma is the blue/green-haired, tough-talking daughter of Ursula, and she is not willing to take anybody’s disrespect. In order to prove this, she asks the guys around her what her name is, and what follows is an empowering number about not letting any one forget who you are. We can’t help but be a little impressed that the main antagonist of this movie gets one of the coolest songs. With its catchy rhythm and sweet dance routine, you’ll wish you had a bunch of pirates singing your name in no time.

#2: “Rotten to the Core”
“Descendants” (2015)

Even if you know nothing about this franchise, you probably still recognize this song. The opening number of the first film, it introduces us to our cast and tells us just who they are. Even if the movie later proves them completely wrong about being rotten to the core, we still can’t help but love their introduction. With its references to other Disney movies and electro-pop rhythm, this song tells us that this movie is going to be nothing like anything we’ve come to expect from Disney. It’s brimming with energy, and even though you’re not sure if you want to, you’ll find yourself dancing along.

#1: “Ways to Be Wicked”
“Descendants 2” (2017)

If you’re one of the 13 million people who tuned in for the release of this movie, electric with anticipation, then this song is the first thing you saw. A great way to draw people into the movie, it’s fun, it’s catchy, it reminds us that our favorite characters aren’t as squeaky clean as they might appear to everyone else, and it left us singing “W-I-C-K-E-D” for the rest of the day. It’s anarchy and it’s amazing, an arguably even better opening number than the first movie’s. We expect nothing less than this level of brilliance from Kenny Ortega, the man who brought us Disney’s other immensely popular musical franchise, “High School Musical.”