Top 10 Descendants Characters



Top 10 Descendants Characters

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton
Script written by Mersini Karkoulas

These Descendants characters are rotten to the core! In this countdown we're taking at the top 10 Descendants Characters. For this list, we're looking at original characters from the films only. This means that characters established before the films, or who are present in the animated show, won't be included. We've included Harry Hook, Princess Audrey, Lonnie, Uma, Jane, Princess Audrey and Carlos de Vil.

Top 10 Descendants Characters

They’re rotten to the core. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Descendants Characters.
For this list, we’re looking at original characters from the films only. This means that characters established before the films, or who are present in the animated show, won’t be included.

#10: Harry Hook

Everyone loves a pirate, and Harry Hook, the eyeliner wearing, sword-wielding son of Captain Hook is no exception. One of the henchmen of Uma, he takes after his infamous father and has no problem threatening people with his fake hook hand - or making them walk the plank. The smarter of Uma’s two main henchmen, he is her right hand, carrying out her threats. With his Scottish accent, smooth voice, and epic dance moves, Harry is definitely one of our favorite original characters, even though our hearts were in our mouths when he threatened Ben.

#9: Princess Audrey

It wouldn’t be a Disney movie without a princess, and Audrey is the only real princess in the cast. The daughter of Aurora and Phillip, she is the coolest and most popular girl at school. She’s head cheerleader, dating Prince Ben, and an icon for the rest of the Auradon student body with her fashion choices. That is, until Mal and her friends come along and topple Audrey off the top of the social ladder. She’s our favorite person to hate, and she reminds us that you don’t have to be evil to be bad.

#8: Jane

The sweetest person at Auradon Prep, we’d expect nothing less of the daughter of the Fairy Godmother. Forbidden to use magic, she is still fascinated by it, especially when Mal uses it to show her how different her life could be. But when things go wrong, Jane goes back to not using magic, and by the second movie, has moved up the social ladder by becoming a cheerleader and planning Cotillion. She puts in 100% effort into her endeavors, but sometimes forgets to worry about herself. So we couldn’t help but cheer at the awkward, adorable moment when Carlos asks her to Cotillion and her face lights up.

#7: Lonnie

If you expected the daughter of Mulan to be anything less than awesome, we don’t know what you were thinking. An excellent fighter with sword skills, she tries to join the Swords and Shields team at Auradon, but finds that the rules state it must be comprised of “a captain and eight men”. Not allowed to participate because of her gender, she pushes for inclusion, and when she tags along to the Isle, proves herself to be a capable fighter. This prompts Jay to find a loophole, making Lonnie the captain of the Swords and Shields, and leaving us doing a happy dance in front of our TVs.

#6: Uma

The villainous Uma just wants acceptance and for people to know her name. Overlooked by her mother, Ursula, she works at her mom’s fish and chips shop on the Isle. That is, until she sees her opportunity to progress in the world and kidnaps Ben, threatening to kill him unless Mal gives her the Fairy Godmother’s wand. A swashbuckling sword-fighter with awesome hair, a fantastic voice, and a crew of pirates at her command, she is someone to be feared. And that’s not even mentioning that she turns into a giant half-octopus, half-human hybrid at will. We love her, even if we hate her a little bit for almost ruining Mal and Ben’s happy ever after.

#5: Ben

Tall, with honey brown hair, hazel green eyes, and a soft heart, Ben is everything anyone could ask for in a Prince. This dashing guy is the reason our favorite villainous kids got their chance at redemption. After a shaky start, Mal and Ben get along and begin dating in what is one of our favorite small screen romances. It’s not always smooth for them, but we know true love when we see it, and Ben is destined to be a great king with Mal at his side. And we have to say that seeing him try be bad to fit in during the second movie is a truly unforgettable scene.

#4: Carlos de Vil

You’ve gotta love this kid. Raised by the abominable Cruella de Vil, Carlos grows up being absolutely terrified of dogs. But after leaving the Isle and the clutches of his mother, Carlos really starts growing into a cool person, discovering along the way that dogs aren’t so bad after all. He takes a liking to Dude, and the two of them are almost inseparable, even when the school mutt finds his voice and begins speaking hard truths to Carlos. All we know is that these two have each other’s backs. And with his great sense of style and growing courage, we love seeing where Carlos’ personal journey takes him.

#3: Jay

If you’re surprised that Jafar had a son, we are too. But it turns out Jay is one of the greatest dudes around. With his laid-back attitude, handsome smile, and excellent fighting skills, it’s no wonder that Jay gets along with everyone and becomes captain of the Swords and Shields team. Learning to be chivalrous, he eventually figures out ways to help other people, including finding a way to help Lonnie achieve her dream of joining the Swords and Shields team. We can’t help but be a little bit in love with him, and wish we had a guy like that in our lives.

#2: Evie

More than just a pretty face, Evie is the daughter of the Evil Queen. While she loves fashion and beauty, she is also an intelligent young lady who learns that it’s a good thing to be smart and ambitious. Despite being the most excited of her friends to attend Auradon Prep, she quickly learns that being a princess doesn’t count for as much as she’d hoped, and that finding a prince shouldn’t be her life’s goal. We have to say that when she starts going out with the nerdy Doug, we loved that it showed how far she’d come. And besides, she’s Mal’s best friend, so of course we’re going to love her.

Before we unveil our top picks, here are some honorable mentions:

Chad Charming



#1: Mal

Mal, daughter of Maleficent, is a purple-haired, magic-wielding badass who will do anything to get what she wants. Reliant on magic, she struggles to give it up when she finally turns good, but after a disastrous date with Ben she finally vows to not use it again. She's loyal to her friends and does her best to separate herself from her mother’s legacy of evil. She finds it hard to believe she’s worthy of Ben’s adoration, but in the end, realises that nothing can get in the way of true love. But the most awesome thing about her? She can turn into a giant dragon!

Yeah I think Carlos should be ahead of jay and I think dude should be with him.
I miss you Carlos you were a great person
Why is Jay better than Carlos arent they as good as each other ?