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Top 10 Guns for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

VO: Matthew Wende

Script written by Matt Wende.

Ever wonder about the best weapons that’ll get you through the zombie apocalypse? Whether it’s an AK-47, a Glock pistol or some sort of Heckler and Koch, you need a firearm to survive the end of the world when zombies are involved. WatchMojo counts down ten of the guns that will help you kill zombies.

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Script written by Matt Wende.

Top 10 Guns for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Say all you want about clubs and swords, but when it comes to fighting the undead, you can’t beat lead. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Guns for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

For this list, we’ll be ranking firearms based on their ease of use, practicality, reliability, and effectiveness in killing the walking dead - specifically! Not all these guns are civilian legal, so this is more of a wish list than a practical one. Also, mandatory public safety announcement time: while these guns are fun to talk about, gun safety should never be taken lightly.

#10: Benelli M4 Super 90

When are zombies most dangerous? Yes, that’s right, when they’re chasing you and have you surrounded and outnumbered. The ability to engage multiple zombies rapidly is a huge asset. Any shotgun is great for fending off against the undead at close range, but having semi-automatic capability could go a long way against a horde. An added bonus of the Benelli 90 would be, given the prevalence of the 12-gauge round throughout North America and the world, that scavenging for ammo shouldn’t be a huge problem. Even if you can’t get a kill shot on a walker, there’s enough stopping power in one of these to flatten them. This weapon is known to the US Military as the M1014, and if it’s reliable enough for them, we’re betting it won’t let you down here.

#9: FN P90

Designed to bridge the gap between assault rifle and submachine gun, the P90 is small, lightweight, ergonomic, very accurate and can reach out to over 200 yards. Add the low recoil and the fact that the magazine holds fifty rounds, as well as whether you’re in close quarters or in the wilderness, and you’ve got a near perfect weapon for virtually any situation where plinking zombie heads is required. So why is it only number 9? To get these impressive stats, the small 5.7mm bullets not only lack in stopping power, but also are not super common, so you may have a tough time stocking up on ammo, and the same goes for replacement magazines.

#8: AK-47 [aka Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle]

There are literally dozens of variations of the Kalashnikov design, but they all share one thing in common: reliability. This is a rifle you can use and abuse, get dirty and beat the crap out of! It doesn’t matter where you have to go or what you have to do on your journey, the Kalash will probably outlive you, and some may even favor the bigger 7.62mm round for its stopping power against any approaching walkers. Still, it ain’t perfect. AKs are notorious for being heavier than their competition, and some have found trouble adding accessories to them, so you may be stuck with just a heavy, bare bones rifle. Still, you do worse.

#7: Ruger 10/22

Compared to some of the other weapons on this list, this may not seem like a serious rifle. Hear us out though! The gun is a semi-automatic, and fires a .22 long-rifle. That means bullets should be pretty easy to find no matter where you go, and given how tiny they are you can literally carry thousands in your pack. Not to mention, they’re quieter than most rifles, and don’t kick nearly as much. In short, you can fire rapidly at attacking walkers, without attracting dozens more to your location, and you need not fear running out of bullets like with some of the other guns on this list. Ruger also makes the MK II pistol, but given the extra range the rifle affords, we think we’re better off with that.

#6: Heckler & Koch MK 23

Designed for US Special Forces as an offensive sidearm, the MK 23 is hailed as one of the most rugged and reliable handguns ever built. Firing the beefy .45 ACP round, which is subsonic by nature, the gun comes with a long suppressor-ready threaded barrel, making it virtually unbreakable, quiet, and with excellent stopping power as well as remarkable accuracy. As much of a close range zombie-hunting demon that it may be, it’s still not without its drawbacks. The magazines are limited to only 12 rounds, and the gun is big and freaking heavy, so if you’re in trouble, it’s not gonna be a great defensive sidearm. That’s not what it was built for though, and hey… if it’s good enough for Rick, it’s good enough for us.


You may have noticed there’s a lack of sniper rifles on this list. For those of you hoping to pick off zombies from afar, consider this: even if you are able to scavenge the right ammo, carrying a good supply with the rifle is going to weigh you down. An if you’re in trouble, you won’t be able to fire the gun rapidly, and each shot will attract walkers from miles around. The SCAR-H is lightweight enough that it won’t hold you down and very reliable, with the beefy 7.62mm bullet that will give you a ton of power at close range and still be able to travel and kill at distance. This could just be the most versatile weapon in your zombie-killing arsenal.

#4: Glock Pistol

No, we didn’t pick a specific Glock model! Glocks come in a variety of different sizes and with a huge array of different calibers, so zombie hunters need to pick the right one for them. Just remember, the bigger the pistol, the more bullets it holds, and given the 9mm is the most common handgun caliber, bullets shouldn’t be hard to come across when scavenging. Unlike the MK 23, the Glock is our defensive choice of pistol, and given its legendary reliability and complete ease of use, it’s a good choice to put your life in for when the shit hits the fan.

#3: Heckler & Koch MP5

The gold standard in submachine guns for more 50 years, the MP5 has earned its place in history as one of the ultimate close quarters weapons. Let’s go through the list: Easy to find bullets? Check. Low recoil? Check. Reliable? Check. Rapid fire? Check check check! Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to throw this gun on a backpack and have it for when you need it. Whether you’re clearing an abandoned building in search of supplies, or fending off an attack, the MP5 should be no-one’s last choice. Last bonus: if you’ve got a 9mm pistol, you’ll only have to carry one type of ammo on your treks as the MP5 fires the same bullet.

#2: Remington Model 870

Everything that was good about the Benelli M4 is true of this legendary shotgun, only in pump action form. So what do we get for losing rapid fire? First reliability, which in case you hadn’t noticed is kind of a big deal. Second, there are tons of aftermarket parts out there from sidesaddle shell holders to extended magazine tubes. So if you can get your hands on them, you can add to your shotgun to make it all the more efficient. Considering that this is probably the most common shotgun in the world for both hunting and tactical use, then finding replacement parts should rarely, if ever, be an issue.

Before we lock and load our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- SIG Sauer P226

- Auto Assault-12 [aka Atchisson Assault Shotgun and AA-12]

- KRISS Vector

#1: Heckler & Koch HK416

AR-15s have got a lot going for them in the zombie apocalypse! Relatively low recoil, good range, good accuracy, common bullets and they take standard NATO magazines. Their commonality goes a long way, but that pesky Direct Gas Impingement system doesn’t do its reliability any favors, which, when surrounded by walkers could cost you your life. Enter the HK416, all the good minus the issues. Even with its short 10.5inch barrel, its reliability can rival that of the AK, all while still being lightweight, versatile, simple to modify with lights and parts, and above all, lethal. When it comes to taking on the undead, there is no better weapon.

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