Amazon Go! 3 Facts about Amazon Changing the Way You Shop!

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Written by Matt Wende

The largest internet retailer in the world has developed it's own technology for it's brand new store, Amazon Go, which allows users to simply walk in, take what they want, and walk out! WatchMojo News presents 3 need to know facts about and it's new grocery store? Where is it? What do they sell? When does it open? What does this mean for the future of shopping? Watch to find out!

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Transcript, the largest Internet retailer in the world is opening… a grocery store. Wait, what?!

Welcome to WatchMojo News, the series from where we look at stories that might be on your radar! In this installment, we’re counting down 3 fascinating facts you should know about Amazon’s latest venture, Amazon Go!

#3: What Is Amazon Go?

It’s basically a convenience store, and it sells basic essentials, as well as snacks, drinks and even meal kits with all the ingredients you’ll need. So, Amazon’s going into competition with 7-Eleven? Well… no. Amazon Go is unlike any other store you’ve ever shopped at; at this store, there are no cashiers! With a smartphone hooked up with the Amazon Go app and synced with your Amazon account, you simply walk in with your phone, take what you want, and leave! After you step out of the store, you’re charged for the items you picked up directly through your Amazon account. No lines, no checkout, no cash.

#2: Will It Actually Work?

Amazon Technologies, Inc. filed a patent in 2014 for the “Just Walk Out” shopping technology used in the store. We’re not going to be getting too in depth with the technical mumbo-jumbo because a) you probably don’t care and b) I don’t understand it. Essentially though, the store uses a complex computer system that takes in data using cameras and microphones, storing the information and using "learning algorithms" to keep track of what you’ve taken and then charges you as soon as you leave the store. It's actually quite similar to how self-driving cars work. Regardless of how you feel about Big Brother selling you food, it’s an impressive feat! So why wasn’t it done before? As Fortune magazine has pointed out, integrating new technologies into pre-existing business models can be challenging. Radically changing Walmart using tech developed by IBM or Microsoft is no-one’s idea of a good time! But Amazon has vertical integration on their side, meaning they’re building their own store, with their own resources, and above all with their own technology.

#1: What’s Next for Amazon Go?

I don’t know about you, but my least favorite part of shopping is waiting in line… or maybe it’s interacting with people? Either way, shoppers like me could possibly get to avoid both thanks to Amazon’s futuristic store. Right now, Amazon Go only has one store located in Seattle, Washington, and as of the end of 2016, it’s in the beta program, meaning it’s only open to Amazon employees. Amazon plans to open the store to the public in early 2017, and while no plans have been publicly discussed, if it’s successful it’s likely that they will be expanding stores across the United States as they did with bookstores, and potentially the world. Questions are also arising around what stores like this could mean for actual cashiers, as more and more businesses are adopting cashier-less buying systems. Regardless of what the future holds, Amazon plans on using its technology to change the way we buy things… again.

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