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Top 5 Signs You are a TRUE Leo

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Spencer Sher What are some signs that define a true leo? Take a look and see if you identify with any of these traits! A true leo is loyal, stubborn, you love leadership, you’re confident, and you love being the centre of attention.

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Top 5 Signs You're A True Leo

If your birthday is between July 22nd and August 22nd, we’ve got some insight about your personality. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the

For this list, we’re looking at the most common Leo personality traits, so listen up to find out if you’re similar to other famous Leos like Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence and Kylie Jenner.

#5: You’re Loyal

Leos love their friends and family fiercely, and will do pretty much anything for them. They’re naturally extroverts, so they tend to surround themselves with lots of friends and acquaintances, but they will always have a core group of people who really matter the most to them. Their loyalty knows no bounds, and they’ll stay devoted to the people close to them at any cost. Leos are also very caring and generous, willing to lend their time, energy or even money to a friend in need.

#4: You’re Stubborn

Leos are sure footed and are always very much aware of what they want out of life. In many ways, this is a positive quality, but sometimes it can turn into an immovable stubbornness if they don’t get their way. They don’t like to waste time taking courses of action that they don’t believe will be effective, and as a result… they can become short-tempered when people try to force them to do things against their nature. Leos also tend to be impatient when they feel that others are taking too long with a task and might try to take over themselves.

#3: You Love Leadership

Leos are natural leaders, and like to surround themselves with people who are willing to follow in their footsteps. They tend to move up quickly in workplace hierarchies and comfortably assume managerial positions. They don’t mind telling people what to do, because they pretty much always feel that their way is the right one. Leos can be a little bit bossy in that way, which might ruffle feathers with some people. More often than not though, their drive, authoritative nature, self-assurance and intelligence usually make people hang on to their every word.

#2: You Love Being the Center of Attention

If there’s one thing that people know about Leos, it’s that they do not shy away from the limelight. Many Leos dream of fame and celebrity, and go into fields like acting or other performance arts that will be guaranteed to put them center stage. They certainly aren’t wallflowers, and you’ll usually find Leos right in the thick of things, be it in the middle of the dance floor or surrounded by their devoted admirers. The darker side of this trait is that Leos tend to have a lot of trouble being alone because of their love of other’s attention. They can develop issues of self-confidence due to this need for affirmation.

#1: You're Confident

All of the qualities we’ve mentioned so far add up to one simple fact: Leos have no problem when it comes to confidence. Though they do like to get attention from others, they also have a great inner sense of self and don’t often doubt their decisions. They’re sure of themselves and won’t take any BS from anyone because they can stand on their own two feet. Sometimes Leos can seem overconfident or egocentric and may need a little help from a close friend to bring them back down to earth, but for the most part… that innate sense of confidence is a gift.


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