Top 10 Ridiculous Things You Didn't Know About the Kardashians



Top 10 Ridiculous Things You Didn't Know About the Kardashians

Script written by Savannah Sher

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been running for over a decade, but how much do you now about this reality TV family? They're called Reality TV's royal family for a reason! Did you know that Khloe Kardashian has a serious brain injury from a severe accident she suffered from way before they became celebrities they are today? That Kim only wears bikinis on overcast days to hide her cellulite, that Kendall's middle name was inspired by Nicole Simpson? That for a company endorsement, Kim requires a minimum of $750,000?

Top 10 Ridiculous Things You Didn't Know About the Kardashians

Think you know everything about reality TV’s first family? Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Ridiculous Things You Didn't Know About the Kardashians.

For this list, we’re looking at interesting tidbits, fun facts and strange details about the Kardashian family.

#10: Kendall's Name Has a Strange Origin

One of the family’s early claims to fame is the Olympic gold medal win of their former patriarch Bruce Jenner, who has since divorced from wife Kris Jenner, undergone sex reassignment surgery and rechristened herself Caitlyn. According to Glamour Magazine, the joke in the family was that in his youth, buff former-athlete Bruce looked just like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken. And so, when Bruce and Kris Jenner had their first child together, they decided to go for a unique name that conveniently fit with the K theme they already had going with Kris’ older daughters. They picked the name Kendall because it sounded like “Ken Doll”. Get it?

#9: Kendall's Middle Name Was Inspired by Nicole Simpson

The now famous model also owes her middle name to a famous figure. Most fans know that Robert Kardashian (Kim’s dad) was OJ Simpson’s defense lawyer in his murder trial. Though Kris and Robert were already divorced when the trial began, their relationship was made even more strained because Kris was close friends with the victim. One year after the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson took place, Kendall was born and Kris Jenner honored her deceased friend by giving her name to her daughter.

#8: Kourtney Took Her Parents' Divorce Very Hard

If you’ve watched “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” you probably think of Kourtney as being unemotional- almost to a fault. Kourtney is not usually the one to cry or break down on camera and is better known for her sense of humor and irreverent comments. Back in 1991 however, when she was only 12 years old, her parents’ split caused her to go into a period of mourning. Sources say that she actually wore black for five years after the divorce to represent her grief.

#7: Khloé Was Home Schooled

Kim, Kourtney and Khloé all attended Marymount High School, a Roman Catholic all-girls secondary school in Los Angeles. But while her two older sisters finished their high school years there, Khloé opted to leave Marymount in favor of being homeschooled. She says that she felt as though she didn’t have any friends at the institution. It looks like it all worked out for the best though, because Khloé actually ended up graduating early and with honors. Following in her big sister’s footsteps, Kendall also went the homeschooling route while she was pursuing her career in modelling.

#6: Khloé Kardashian Was Banned from Giving a Speech at Her Sister Kim's Wedding

While we know the Kardashian sisters are close, it seems that someone was actually forbidden from taking the mic at Kim and Kanye’s nuptials. In an interview with James Corden, Khloé revealed that Kim told her she’d have to sit out the speech portion of the wedding reception because she tends to talk for too long. Kanye however was given full license to ramble and, according to Khloé, he gave a speech that lasted approximately 45 minutes. Is anyone really surprised by that number though?

#5: Kim Only Wears a Bikini on Overcast Days

Kim is no stranger to being in the spotlight, and as an expert at posing for the cameras, knows that sunlight doesn’t play nice. Though she is known for her curvy physique, her shapely butt especially, with that kind of bod... cellulite is inevitable. The starlet clearly makes every effort to stay in shape, but as she has stated, no one is perfect. And when spending time with Elle Magazine, she revealed that she’ll never step into direct sunlight in a bikini. Since she’s always being followed by the paparazzi, she knows tabloid photos are unavoidable, but she does her best to only bare her body when she knows the lighting is flattering.

#4: Khloé Had a Serious Brain Injury

Back in 2001, long before the Kardashians were a household name, Khloé Kardashian was in a very serious auto accident. She went through the car’s front windshield and suffered from trauma to her brain, among other injuries. Khloé claims that there are long periods of her childhood that she has no memory of, and believes that she suffers from long term memory loss. On one episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Khloé sees several health professionals in an attempt to diagnose her issues and recover some of her lost memories.

#3: Kim Knows How to Test Her Friends

It’s not surprising that Kim Kardashian has learned to be distrustful considering so many details of her personal life have been leaked to the press in the past. But the social media star used a wily technique to identifnorthy disloyal friends when her first child, North West, was born. Not long after delivering, Kim reportedly sent baby photos to people in her life that she wanted to test to see if they would end up in the press. The trick was that she sent each person a random picture, none of which were actually of little Noree. Vindicated, she says that some of these fake photos did in fact make it into the tabloids.

#2: Kris Jenner Founded a Church

If you’ve watched even a single episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” you’ll know that the family’s matriarch can be a little bit controlling. She’s a stage mom extraordinaire and the “momager” for her famous daughters. Throughout the years, she has taken on projects big and small, some more strange than others... but this one takes the cake (or the host, if you will). In 2012, Kris partnered with a pastor to found the California Community Church (formerly the Life Change Church), which requires a pricey membership fee of $1000 a month (or 10% of one’s income). Only a Kardashian could make religion a modern luxury commodity.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Show's Name Was a Last Minute Addition

Kim Says that She Can Smell Tooth Decay

Khloé Kardashian Changes Her Bed Sheets Every Two Days

#1: For a Company Endorsement, Kim Requires a Minimum of $750,000

Celebrities and advertising have gone hand in hand for decades, but in the social media age the lines have been blurred between ads and organic content. While all of the Kardashians have done their fair share of sponsored posts, it won’t come as a surprise that a product or service endorsed by Kim is the most costly. For Kim to promote something, she requires a payment of AT LEAST three quarters of a million dollars. And if we were to guess, we’d say she probably makes a whole lot more than that on most of the ads she does.