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Top 10 Judges We'd Like to See on the New American Idol

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Q.V. Hough The new American Idol is set to have a whole new panel of judges, and with Katy Perry as one of the confirmed judges you know it’s going to be a good season! There are a few other celebrities we’d like to see as judges, such as Jennifer Hudson, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Shania Twain.

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Top 10 Judges We’d Like to See on the New American Idol

Katy Perry was announced as a judge for the American Idol revival– but here are a few more names to consider, ABC! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Judges We’d Like to See on the New American Idol.

For this list, we’re focusing on pop culture celebs that we think would be a great fit for the “American Idol” judging panel. Even if they’re not necessarily likely to join the show, these are the celebrities we think would be awesome additions to the competition.

#10: Rihanna

As one of the most popular musicians of her time, Rihanna would immediately increase network ratings. But aside from all the glamour and prestige, she’s an artist that will keep it real, but without getting too dramatic. She’s a woman that speaks her mind, and Rihanna is highly respected given her industry experience. She can see the bigger picture and make her point without showing up any contestants. Rihanna’s a survivor, and she knows what it takes to succeed.

#9: Jennifer Hudson

Back in 2004, this woman kicked off her illustrious career on the “American Idol” stage. Some contestants have that undeniable X factor, but perhaps don’t have the inner will. But an artist like Jennifer Hudson represents how far one can go when they’re willing to put in the work. She has experienced professional highs along with devastating personal lows, yet she’s proven time and time again that she’s here to stay - and ready to help others achieve their dreams. Although she’ll be joining the judging panel of “The Voice” in season 13, we would love to see her return to the show that started it all for her.

#8: Lady Gaga

Early in her career, this pop star made headlines with her spectacular live shows and larger-than-life persona. Even so, Lady Gaga didn’t achieve fame by accident, as she’s a highly trained performer with a truly creative mind. On “American Idol,” she’d undoubtedly intimidate some contestants, if only because of her professional accomplishments. But, there’s a vulnerable woman behind all the glitz and glam, and she often emerges during some of Gaga’s more stripped-down live performances. She’s a beloved American musician with a rabid international fan base, and Gaga’s expertise would be invaluable for committed contestants.

#7: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Known primarily for his immensely popular Broadway production, “Hamilton,” this actor, writer and composer could help contestants with technique and form. With his creativity and endearing personality, Lin-Manuel Miranda would bring plenty of charisma and humor to “American Idol,” while motivating and inspiring the contestants with his optimism. Most of all, he’d be able to enhance the skills of theatrical contestants, while teaching performers how to command a stage.

#6: Shania Twain

As one of the most iconic crossover artists of the late 20th century, this woman forever changed country music. Shania Twain knows the industry through and through, and she understands the mental toughness it takes to endure. Of course, she’s an accomplished songwriter as well; someone that can teach young musicians how to sell themselves as artists. Shania has also appeared on shows like “The Voice” over the years, which makes her a logical candidate for “American Idol.” Perhaps most importantly, though Shania has remained humble through it all, and contestants could rely on her for practical advice without any diva attitude.

#5: Adele

While reality contestants often perform unique and original arrangements, many often imitate this woman’s voice. In modern pop culture, Adele is perhaps THE definitive vocalist, whether it’s her ability to communicate emotions or her astounding range and control. Furthermore, she’s got plenty of personality and sass, which makes her somewhat of a wildcard for an “American Idol” setting. She’s a proud Brit, and contestants could fully expect some brutally honest opinions from Adele. She’d bring pure star power to the ABC reboot, and her criticism would certainly leave a mark on the contestants.

#4: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars carries himself with a certain confidence, but not enough to make him an unlikable public figure. He’s a man that shines on stage, and his impeccable vocals are complemented by his love for performing. For a younger demographic, Bruno could remind competitors that image is indeed important, but he can also remind them that practice makes perfect, too. Many reality contestants WANT immediate fame, regardless of their talent, and a stand up guy like Bruno would understand how to deliver critical advice without being too harsh.

#3: Justin Timberlake

Based on his personality and fame alone, this man would bring a global fan base to the ABC network. Despite his youthful appearance and stage presence, Justin achieved success just as the Internet became a thing. So, he’s a veteran of Internet pop culture, and he knows how young artists can either succumb to the fame or thrive. In addition, along with his immense talent when it comes to both singing and performing, he respects and embraces different styles of music, allowing him to identify those truly unique individuals that could ultimately win the competition.

#2: Kelly Clarkson

This woman is most definitely an obvious choice, at least when considering the scope of her career. As the first “American Idol” winner, Kelly Clarkson legitimized the reality series by successfully crossing over into the mainstream. While she may not always be a trending name, she’s managed to sustain a lasting and highly successful career. She’s a bankable choice, and she’s got the personality to keep audiences engaged. Like Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson will also be joining “The Voice” as a coach, but she is another one we would have loved to see back on the stage where it began.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Miranda Lambert

Adam Lambert

Carrie Underwood

#1: Simon Cowell

Love him or hate him, this man changed the landscape of reality TV, along with another iconic judge named Paula Abdul. With a slightly obnoxious persona, Simon Cowell willfully became the first “American Idol” villain, all the while balancing his snark with poignant advice and loyalty. He’s a man that respects work ethic, and he backs up his advice by continuing to push himself professionally. Simon has discovered some of the world’s most successful acts, and he’s got a knack for recognizing people that will go the extra mile to succeed. Even though Simon has stated that he won’t return to “American Idol” panel, he remains the ideal candidate.

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