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Top 10 Hilarious and Best American Idol Moments

Top 10 Hilarious and Best American Idol Moments
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Q.V. Hough

These are the Good, the Bad and all the viral sensations that influence pop culture from the American singing competition series created by Simon Cowell. Join http://www.watchmojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious & Best American Idol Moments. For this list, we're celebrating the final season of American Idol by highlighting the most talked about moments that fueled the show's groundbreaking run on primetime television.

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Top 10 Hilarious and Best American Idol Moments

These are the Good, the Bad and all the viral sensations that influence pop culture from the American singing competition series created by Simon Cowell. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious & Best American Idol Moments.

For this list, we’re celebrating the final season of “American Idol” by highlighting the most talked about moments that fueled the show’s groundbreaking run on primetime television.

#10: Weirdness Is Originality Too
Mary Roach Audition

Dressed for success - or perhaps like a Christmas stick - Mary Roach/Guilbeaux arrived for her “American Idol” audition with a little nervous energy and whole lotta…star power? Ok, maybe she’s the real-life Mary Katherine Gallagher, and to be honest, the whole fiasco might have been staged, but even so, the “physical” performance left the judges speechless. Simon Cowell offered up the brutal truth, which awakened the voices of Mary Roach, and by the end, she treated us all to a poignant rendition of crazy.

#9: The Man in Black… Nail Polish
Adam Lambert - “Ring of Fire”

The name Johnny Cash doesn’t usually conjure up images of makeup and “Middle Eastern Flair,” but hey – it was Adam Lambert who was attempting to win “American Idol” – not the Man in Black. With Randy Travis assigned to lend advice during Grand Ole Opry Week, he ultimately received an education himself, as Lambert proceeded to deliver a most original performance of the country classic. Though Kara, Randy and Paula appreciated the modern take, it was Simon who asked the most obvious question of all.

#8: Just Press Play
Reynaldo Lapuz Audition

In Season 7, a Filipino-American named Reynaldo Lapuz showed up for his “American Idol” audition like an ol’ school peeyimp and bearing Simon’s name on his extravagant feathered hat. Singing his own composition, Lapuz initially stunned the judges with his dominating voice, however the “song” was actually a chorus that went on and on and on. Given the passion and kindness of the contestant, Simon couldn’t help but applaud, and Lapuz later made a triumphant return for the season finale.

#7: The Idol Cure
Candice Glover - “Lovesong”

There are contestants who leave the judges speechless for a variety of reasons, but in a transcendent Season 12 performance, Candice Glover shut down the competition with a bluesy version of The Cure’s “Lovesong.” Just moments in, Mariah Carey was already drifting away thanks to the poetic runs, and by the end, the pop diva stood up and sprinkled a bit of diva glitter towards the standout star. With no critical feedback necessary, Randy Jackson led the parade, and Glover would ultimately take the top prize.

#6: Go Down Moses
James Lewis Audition

He described himself as a cross between Paul Robeson and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, but his voice channeled the subject of his song…Moses. Well, at least if Moses was piss drunk on top of a mountain. As the dapper contestant tried to process the judges’ shameful reaction, his face transformed from confusion to understanding, much like Moses after 40 years in the desert. Just when you thought it was over, poor James gave it one more shot, which cemented his place in “American Idol” history alongside contestants like Nicholas Zitzmann and Keith Beukelaer.

#5: The Three Divas Denied
Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson & LaToya London

In 2004, the “American Idol” contestants were asked to perform the songs of one Barry Manilow. However it didn’t go so well for the three divas, Fantasia, Jennifer and LaToya, at least according to the final vote. All parties involved were clearly shocked at the bottom three announcement, which opened up a larger discussion about race on the show, and the voting process. Each of the women would become stars in their own right, and Fantasia would actually win the competition, but much like Chris Daughtry’s shocking exit, this jaw-dropping moment had the world talking.

#4: Pants on the Ground
Larry Platt Audition

In a world full of social unrest, along came a former civil rights activist… who’d eventually go on to fight against a most devastating fashion trend known as ‘sagging.” Utilizing “American Idol” as his platform for change, ‘General’ Larry Platt served up an original composition aimed at all those misguided souls who walk around with their ass-crack hangin’ out. You know who you are. With a little old school funk and plenty of emotion, the 62-year-old General became a viral sensation through his timely message.

#3: Country Crossover
Carrie Underwood Wins

By 2005, “American Idol” was in its fourth season and the world was about to change upon the arrival of YouTube and iPhones. However, before social media became a “thing” – a rather important thing - it was an Oklahoma girl named Carrie Underwood who played a pivotal role in a brand new world of pop culture. From her sensational audition to the final announcement, the country artist captured the world’s attention and proved to be one of the most successful American Idols, and a modern legend of the music industry.

#2: Well, Hung!
William Hung Audition

Back in 2004, “American Idol” was already well known for showcasing the most brutal of auditions, and then came an unassuming civil engineering student who thrust-ed all over the stage like a young Elvis Presley. Ok, maybe he looked more like a puppet or perhaps even a remote control mannequin, but dammit, William Hung gave it his all. In fact, he even dropped out of college to pursue a music career, fueled by the media attention and probably the legions of groupies. When you have the stage presence of Mr. Hung or fellow contestant Sanjaya Malakar, it’s only natural to want to share it with the world, and they sure did.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions aka the best of Simon Cowell.

#1: The Birth of a Pop Culture Phenomenon
Kelly Clarkson Wins

Premiering on June 11th, 2002, “American Idol” has produced unforgettable moments over the years, and certainly plenty of stars, but none quite like the original winner Kelly Clarkson. When the Texan’s audition first aired, the FOX series was immediately legitimized, and week after week, Clarkson further proved the value and importance of “American Idol.” She inspired a generation of hopeful performers, and upon winning the first season, Clarkson fulfilled her potential by selling millions of records and winning several Grammy Awards. American-born and the paramount American Idol, Kelly Clarkson set the standard for success.

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I think William Hung's audition was horrible and people made fun of him after that.
Where is the Robin Williams performance as Ivan Yakinoff?