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Top 10 Craziest Real Housewives of Atlanta Moments

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Tiffany Ezuma When you have a show full of rich housewives who loves drama, you bet there’s going to be heck of a lot of drama! We’ve included the hilarious phrase NeNe screamed at Kim, “Close your legs to married men!”, the sassy clapback Kenya dropped that is “I am gone with the wind fabulous”, and that time Phaedra Parks gets caught in a lie and fired.

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Top 10 Craziest Real Housewives of Atlanta Moments

Reality doesn’t get better than this! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Real Housewives of Atlanta Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the craziest, most shocking moments from the reality series that made our jaws drop. We’re including moments from the regular season as well as the reunion specials.

#10: “Close your legs to married men!”
“Reunion Special”

Best frenemies NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have one of the most unforgettable love/hate relationships we’ve ever witnessed on TV. Over the course of the first season, their friendship fell apart and by the reunion they were at odds. After Andy questioned Kim about her married boyfriend, Big Papa - an anonymous man we never saw on camera but who lavished her with gifts and supported her lifestyle - NeNe couldn’t contain herself as she screamed out this infamous phrase [“close your legs to married men!”]. Kim tried to ignore her jabs and defend their relationship, but NeNe just kept on repeating the now classic clapback.

#9: Shereé & Marlo Fight in Weird Tongues
“South Africa: Just Like Home”

Anything can happen when these women are together, but we’ve never seen anything as bizarre as this showdown. Housewife Shereé got into a heated fight with Marlo, NeNe’s BFF, when the crew traveled to South Africa. Marlo wasn’t on the initial guest list, and she used the opportunity to confront Shereé about not inviting her to a dinner party back home. The fight quickly escalated but Marlo wasn’t one to back down. As the two traded insults, it all somehow devolved into a post-language fight, with the two snapping back at each other by making sounds and funny faces. We still have no idea what happened with this one, but we’re living for it!

#8: The Full Read-off: Claudia vs. NeNe
“Puerto Read-co!”

It takes guts of steel to go against veteran Housewife NeNe Leakes, but Claudia Jordan, the one-season wonder, proved she was up to the task. After Claudia called the women out for being catty and talking behind each other’s backs, NeNe took offense and told Claudia that she was being controlled. Instead of shying away from the fight, Claudia called NeNe a “puppetmaster” and proceeded to have a comeback for every jab NeNe threw at her. NeNe took it to a whole new level though when she called Claudia a whore and said… well, this [“your clit has left your body.”]. There’s never a winner in a fight this ugly, but it did seem like for once, NeNe had met her match.

#7: The Full Tour Bus Fight
“Flamingo Road Block”

Another hit in the saga of NeNe and Kim! While on tour for her single, “Tardy for the Party,” Kim invited Kandi and NeNe to come along. It was only a matter of time before a fight broke out and while on the tour bus, NeNe accused Kim of treating her assistant like a slave. Those were fighting words so Kim accused NeNe of being jealous of her. As the fight escalated, NeNe stood up to intimidate Kim, but others held her back. Kim tried to get her thrown off the bus, but in the one moment of levity, the driver said they couldn’t stop… since they were near the Florida Everglades and too many alligators were out there.

#6: Gone with the Wind Fabulous
“I Do…But, I Won’t”

When you’re a new Housewife, cementing your spot in your first season is crucial. How do you do that? Cause a lotta drama! Kenya surely did when she picked a fight with Porsha, who introduced Kenya as Miss America 1993 instead of Miss USA 1993 at her fundraiser dinner. Kenya wouldn’t let Porsha live this mistake down, and the tension only intensified over the season. On a girls’ trip to Anguilla, they got into it yet again and Porsha called Kenya a tramp and hoe. Instead of hurling back a name, Kenya made this proclamation as she twirled her way back to her room. The move was unexpected and unforgettable – and the best way to end an argument.

#5: Shereé Pulls Kim’s Wig

At the start of season two, Shereé, Kim, and NeNe met up for a reconciliation dinner but things quickly went south between Kim and Shereé. They took the fight from the restaurant to the streets as Kim accused Shereé of being a liar. The name-calling was a bad move for Kim, since it prompted Shereé to tug on her wig. She didn’t manage to pull it off and in her confessional, Shereé stated that her only intent was to “shift it a little bit.” Kim then called Shereé out for wearing fake hair. But always quick on her feet, Shereé replied, [“this is weave, boo.”] We’re not sure what came over Shereé in the first place, but it was one of the show’s funniest exchanges.

#4: Hotel Brawl at NeNe’s “Pillow Talk” Gathering
“Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight”

It’s not often that the husbands join the Housewives for group outings. But for NeNe’s hotel Pillow Talk party, all hell broke loose with the men in the mix. It all started when one of the male guests grabbed Kenya by the arm, and her friend Brandon jumped up to defend her, causing the other husbands to beat Brandon up. It became even more of a free-for-all when Peter, Cynthia’s husband, confronted Kandi for talking behind his back. He got aggressive and in her face, which set her off to say the least [“I will drag you in this, bitch!”]. Fingers were pointed, blame was assigned, and to this day no one’s really sure how it got so chaotic.

#3: Shereé Coins Her Infamous Catchphrase
“New Attitude, Same ATL”

Sometimes the best fights aren’t between two Housewives but instead, between the women and their staff. Case in point, Shereé’s battle against Anthony the Party Planner is still one of the best reality TV fights. After a dispute over party details, Anthony came at Shereé with pure verbal rage and told her to watch herself before she got checked. Un-intimidated, Shereé stayed cool as a cucumber. It was such a power move since she still had her sunglasses on and proceeded to ask him if he was okay in her calmest voice. That set him off further and they got in a screaming match for the ages. We’re still using this catchphrase.

#2: Porsha Attacks Kenya
“Reunion Part 1”

The Housewives aren’t strangers to verbal sparring, but rarely do their altercations get this physical. Kenya and Porsha have never seen eye-to-eye. But in the first part of the season five reunion, after feeling egged on by Kenya - who waved a scepter in her face and spoke at with a bullhorn – Porsha had had enough and she dragged Kenya across the stage by her hair. It was a heat of the moment response and host, Andy Cohen, screamed at Porsha to stop. The fight shook everyone. Porsha was then sent home, unable to attend the rest of the reunion.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Shoe Attack!
“The Old Lady and the Shoe”

- NeNe & Shereé Blow Up
“Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”

- Kenya Sports Her Donkey Booty
“Make an Ass Out of a Donkey”

#1: Phaedra Gets Caught in a Lie & Fired
“Reunion Part Four”

Over the course of Housewives, we’ve heard some crazy stuff - but never a bold-faced lie this harmful. Throughout season nine, Porsha accused Kandi and her husband, Todd, of wanting to drug her and have their way with her in their sex dungeon. The accusation seemingly came out of nowhere and drove the drama of the season, even though Kandi repeatedly denied it. Things came to head at the reunion when Porsha revealed that Phaedra came to her with the accusation after Kandi admitted to it first-hand. As many suspected, it was a lie that was basically accusing Kandi of being a rapist so Phaedra could get back at her. Phaedra even lied to the producers about it. And for that – along with her alleged refusal to divulge “her true personal life”, she was fired from the show.


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