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Top 10 PlayStation FAILS

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Nathan Sharp More like Fail-Station, #amiright? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 PlayStation FAILS. Special thanks to our user “kaeshmsoshi” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 PlayStation Fails

Even the biggest corporations make big mistakes once in a while. Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten PlayStation fails.

For this list, we'll be looking at the biggest blunders and missteps in PlayStation history. Be it their games, consoles or overall business actions, if it was under the official Playstation brand, it’s eligible.

#10: Creepy As Hell Commercials

It's not difficult to make a commercial centered around a video game console: just show some people playing and enjoying the console along with some gameplay from your most popular games, simple right? Well Sony didn’t think so and we got … these. Few questions: A) Why do you need to show a baby doll crying and laughing demonically at a PlayStation 3 console? B) What does that have to do with the console? And C) WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? How about the one featuring a man in a bathtub literally pointing a gun at the audience and cackling like a madman? Or the Mental Wealth ad? We really have no idea what Sony was thinking with these.

#9: PlayStation TV

Serving as a microconsole, the PlayStation TV is basically a non-handheld version of the Vita, promising to play Vita titles on the TV and stream various media apps similar to a set-top box. Then the thing actually came out Buyers were immediately hit with a terrible interface that was ported straight from the Vita, which doesn't work nearly as well on a TV. Furthermore it couldn’t keep it’s main promise, as various popular Vita games were not compatible with the device, Plus a lot of basic media-streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video were notably absent at launch. Decent idea, terrible execution.

#8: Mascot Confusion

Every great console has a mascot: Nintendo has Mario and his gang of misfits. Xbox has Master Chief. And PlayStation has...uh...Nathan Drake? Crash Bandicoot? Maybe? No? Ok, Hey what about Ratchet & Daxter I MEAN Jak & Clank? This is way too confusing. While Sony intended to make the horrendous Polygon Man its PlayStation mascot way back when, it was immediately shot down for being stupid, and they've never recovered. While the PlayStation has many stellar exclusives, they lack a face or a name. While this may not be as big a deal as some other faux-pas’ on this list, it's frustrating that the PlayStation doesn't have a go-to mascot to feel a connection with.

#7: Inferior PS3 Ports

There's no doubt that the PlayStation 3 had a rough launch, and the straight up inferior ports were definitely a contributor. Many different developers have stated on numerous occasions that the PS3’s Cell Processor was overly complicated and extremely difficult to work with, and as a result, many games performed poorly on the PS3. These problems ranged from much longer loading times to noticeably worse frame rates to inferior graphics. The worst offenders however, were Bethesda’s Open World titles, as the Fallout games and Skyrim suffered from slowdown the further in the game players progressed, rendering the games borderline unplayable.

#6: Paid Subscription (and Increases)

Sony, you were supposed to be our friend! Online gaming was free on the PlayStation 3, which provided the severely beat-upon console a significant increase in appreciation. Sure, it may not have been as good as Xbox Live Gold, but hey, it was free! Until it wasn't. At E3 2013, Sony confirmed that a PlayStation Plus subscription would now be necessary for online play, which infuriated many. In August 2016, Sony announced that they were raising the prices of PS Plus, with yearly subscriptions going from $50 to $60 in the US and $50 to $70 in Canada. These raises are apparently due to “market conditions,” but many gamers interpreted that as “we are greedy, and we know you'll just pay it anyway.”

#5: PSP Go

And we thought the PS TV was a disappointment. The PSP Go was basically a smaller PSP that used flash memory instead of UMDs, yet so many things went wrong that it's not even funny. For one thing, the loss of a UMD drive means that your PSP game collection is now useless, and downloading games was an excruciating experience due to the device's slow wi-fi capabilities. Being forced to download games meant that you had to buy everything at Sony's prices, and the lack of an interchangeable battery was a notable absence. Oh, and it cost a mind-boggling $250 at launch. While it may not have been too bad for newcomers, it was a nightmare for everyone else.

#4: PlayStation Underground’s 2004 Holiday Demo Disc

PlayStation Underground members probably still have PTSD flashbacks regarding the nightmare that was the 2004 holiday demo disc. Back before downloadable demos were a thing, demos came on discs, and this particular disc came with the highly-anticipated demo of “Viewtiful Joe 2.” Rather than be amazed at the experience, players were left infuriated, as the game contained a nasty glitch which wiped the contents of any memory card currently residing in the console. The ENTIRE contents. Imagine booting up your copy of “San Andreas” that you've spent 50 hours playing only to find the saved data completely wiped. Gamers were pissed, and Sony had a big oopsie on its hands.

#3: PlayStation 3’s Launch Price

We've spoken previously about how rough the PS3 had it at launch, and the largest contributing factor to that was arguably the outrageous launch price. At launch, the PS3 was sold in two packages: a 20 GB model priced at $499 US, and a 60 GB model priced at $599. Suffice it to say that gamers were NOT interested in paying $600 plus tax for a new console, and Sony was basically laughed out of competition. For comparison, the Wii was launched for $249, and the premium 360 bundle for $399. It was mostly because of this high price, that Sony ended up losing the majority of the console gaming market share that they had built up with the Playstation 2.

#2: PS Vita

While we're aware that the Vita has its passionate fans, there's no denying that the device was disappointing. While the Vita's hardware was certainly worth praise, many things about it were total flops. For one thing, it was released at a time when mobile gaming was on the rise, leading many to question its viability. It also lacked notable games, as many were simply crappy ports of console games, and its launch price was way too high. Couple that with the laughably expensive memory cards, and you have many gamers who steered far away. The viability concerns became a reality, as Sony soon announced that they would be focusing primarily on the PS4 and that the Vita was dead in the water.

#1: The 2011 PSN Security Breach

The PlayStation Network outage is sure to go down in gaming infamy. In April of 2011, hackers infiltrated the PlayStation Network, compromising roughly 77 million accounts and forcing the Network's closure for weeks. Personally identifiable information was potentially stolen from these millions of accounts, including home addresses & credit card numbers. The fallout was absolute anarchy, as Sony was not only getting it from PlayStation users, but also US Senators and the British Information Commissioners’ Office, all of whom condemned Sony for its poor handling of the situation and the security breach itself. To say the whole situation was a mess would be an understatement.


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