Nintendo 3DS VS Playstation Vita REDUX



Nintendo 3DS VS Playstation Vita REDUX

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Two years ago when we put these 2 handheld juggernauts up against each other, based on what the features and hardware promised, we gave the prize to the Vita. Now two years down the road, both systems have had the opportunity to deliver on their promises, so let's see how they've done. Join as we REDUX our showdown between the Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation Vita.

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Nintendo 3DS vs PlayStation Vita (REDUX)

Two years ago when we put these 2 handheld juggernauts up against each other, based on what the features and hardware promised we gave the prize to the Vita. Now 2 years down the road, both systems have had the opportunity to deliver on that promise, so lets see how they’ve done. Welcome to and today we’re Reduxing our showdown between the Nintendo 3DS and the Vita.

Round 1: Layout

Since we last put these 2 consoles in the ring both systems have received significant redesigns.

The first overhaul was the 3DS XL. It still retains the clamshell design of the original but rather than a glossy finish, the shell now sports now a flat, matte finish. Never the less it sports a much bigger D-pad while the stylus has now been moved to the side rather than the back, and as such is easier to reach.

Its other new model is the 2DS, which was designed to be a budget version of the system with kids in mind, going with a slab design rather than a clamshell, though without anything to protect the screens, Nintendo suggests you buy a case extra for it.

The Vita’s 2nd model is the Vita slim, and at first glance the 2 systems look almost identical, it’s only when you put the 2 side by side that you notice how much Sony have trimmed off to make the system more portable. Which is because if a portable system isn’t portable…then what is it?

While the XL can still fit in your pocket, its pretty bulky, were as Sony remembered the best way to carry around a portable, was to trim the bulk not add to it, so they retain the point.

Vita: 1 / 3DS: 0

Round 2: Technical Features

Last time the Vita took this entry with ease but now with the redesigns we’re expecting some changes.

The graphics and processing power haven’t changed so Vita is still stronger there, But while the XL does have a bigger screen to match the Vita’s size more closely, the resolution is still the same. Though its 3D now has a wider tolerance field before things get blurry, tilting the screen during intense play will still give you a headache pretty fast.

The Vita Slim no longer has the beautiful looking OLED screen as its older brother, but still has a wider aspect ratio than the 3DS and the better resolution.

In terms of battery life however, the 3DS XL and 2DS ads about half an hour of extra battery life over the original system, where as the Vita Slim since it no longer has the power hungry OLED now dwarfs all the other systems at almost 6 hours.

Vita retains then point again.

Vita: 2 / 3DS: 0

Round 3: Cost

As they stand now the 3DS XL and the 2 Vita models share the same recommended retail price of $199. Some models come bundled with digital download codes for a bundled game, and to go even cheaper, the original 3DS currently sits at $169 and 2DS at $129.

Compare top tier models ends in a tie while cheaper models do offer more options for consumers.

It also doesn’t help that the Vita has another hidden cost in terms of storage, as Sony opted to use expensive proprietary memory cards, compared to the 3DS which utilizes more competitive and widely used SD cards.

3DS is still the more affordable and consumer friendly system here.

PS Vita: 2 / 3DS: 1

Round 4: Online and Features

Last time the Vita took this round, but has the 3DS stepped up it’s game?

Both systems now support video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix, as well as the ability to play music and take pictures, even though the camera sucks for both systems. The Vita also has the ability to store and watch videos, The 3DS does have a dedicated video player but its restricted to streaming a selected library.

With extra features, the 3DS has had some major improvements; we disregarded Streetpass as a novelty when it came out, but since then the feature has grown to becoming a whole new gaming experience altogether, even spawning meet-up groups around the world, thanks to games designed specifically to use this feature. The closest thing the Vita has to this is Toro Friend Network, but it’s a single game, where as Streetpass is integrated into a slew of major 3DS titles.

3DS online feature have also been improved, Now including its own social media network in the form of Miiverse which was introduced in the Wii U.

Overall while streaming PS4 games to the Vita sounds nice in theory, a mobile console is at it’s strongest when it’s out of the house. Thus 3DS takes this round.

So its all tied up now, time for the most important element of the 2 systems.

PS Vita: 2 / 3DS: 2

Final Round: The Games

The Vita’s best exclusives since the system came out came in the form of Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercenaries, Uncharted Golden Abyss and the amazing Tearaway, not exactly a thrilling exclusive selection. The problem is that most of the Vita’s other standout games like Persona 4 Golden, Rayman Origins and Guacamelee are ports from other system, often available for cheaper and in cases like Borderlands 2 which the Vita Slim is bundled with, are greatly inferior to their original offerings.

The 3DS on the other hand had an amazing release of exclusive retail games with the likes of Pokemon X & Y, Zelda: A Link Between World, Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Fire Emblem Awakening, there are many others. Those 5 games in particular are even great enough to buy the system for. While on the indie side its offering aren’t quite as strong as the Vita, but because of the systems unique design some games you won’t find anywhere else.

If the Vita had more games like Tearaway, a game that’s only possible with the Vita features, we’d be all over it. But the 3DS’s library as a whole takes advantage of the systems unique features much better than it’s competitor, meaning that it clinches the final round.

Vita: 2 / 3DS: 3

Winner 3DS.

Thanks to addressing its launch issues and giving us a fantastic library the 3DS has reclaimed the position as the superior handheld. Ok Console fanboys, now that our comparison is out of the way, feel free to duke it out in the comments section. And be sure to subscribe to