Top 10 Video Games You Should Play While Drunk

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Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Time spent not playing games is wasted, but what about time spent playing video games WHILE wasted? Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Video Games You Should Play While Drunk!

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Top 10 Video Games You Should Play While Drunk
Who’s up for another round? Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten video games you should play while drunk.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the video games that will undoubtedly be fun as hell to play should you happen to be inebriated.

#10: “Rock Band” (2007-)

We all know a little something to drink can make you feel much more confident and accomplish anything you set your increasingly hazy mind to. So why not start a rock band? If you have three of your buddies on standby who also happen to be rather tipsy, then busting out the plastic guitars and drum kit should make for one entertaining evening. You may find it far more challenging and will probably end up sounding like tone deaf buffoons, but you’ll undoubtedly feel like musical gods!

#9: “Mario Party 2” (1999)

If you’re feeling extra competitive now that you just finished that last pint, then what better way to show off your skills than by taking on your friends in one of the best entries to come out of this expansive franchise. Whether it’s a free-for-all or a team effort, the variety of crazy minigames hosted Mario and company are bound to leave you in stitches. Given the lunacy of such games as Fire Rope Jump, Lava Tile Isle, and Cake Factory, you may find these challenges a little more difficult if you’re wasted, yet the payoff with undoubtedly be worth it. Though be weary about stealing stars from your heavily drunk friends.

#8: “1-2 Switch” (2017)

Milking cows? Seducing gorillas? Shaving your face? How could these games even be considered fun? Well, chances are if you and your friends are drunk beyond belief then not only would they be enjoyable to play but would also be hysterical. Admit it, when you’ve had one too many even the silliest things seems like comedy gold. As such, minigames like air guitar, unravelling treasure chests even picking up the controller like a phone are painted in a much more hilarious light. Though if you have spent the last few hours milking imaginary udders then you’ve probably had enough to drink.

#7: “Overcooked” (2016)

Its doubtful most of us will ever reach the level of top tier chefs like Gordon Ramsay, but thanks to this co-op cooking game and a hell of a lot of booze, we get the next best thing. Playing across various sections that range from your average kitchen to inside moving trucks, players have to work in sync in order to prepare, cook and serve rapid-fire dishes to demanding customers. As such it requires a certain amount of focus and skill…which goes right out the window after a few drinks. It may be a cooking massacre but at least it’ll be fun!

#6: “Rocket League” (2015)

Be careful, this game has been known to break a few friendships, so god only knows what will happen if you add alcohol to the mix. One thing is certain, you’re driving skills aren’t going to be as up to scratch as you’d think. While players would normally be relying on angle and timing in order to nail skilful goals with their machine of choice, drunken participants are most likely going to turn the whole thing into one awesome game of bumper cars. It’ll be more messy than flashy, but each game is bound to be a barrel of drunken laughs.

#5: “Grand Theft Auto Online” (2013)

If you thought you had a habit of messing around in GTA’s massive online world before, then just wait until you end up plastered. Get a few friends together, and with every drink you’ll end up just that more tempted to raise as much chaos as possible. Waging war against the increasing waves of armed forces, shooting your friends while their back is turned, stealing a jet and trying to pull off ridiculous stunts in the air, the fun times practically write themselves with this one.

#4: “Singstar” series (2004-)

There’s always that one person who thinks that with the inclusion of alcohol they suddenly have a voice of epic proportions, one that the whole world should hear. Luckily the Singstar franchise was made for just these situations. Whether you’re actually trying to hit all those notes to Someone Like You or just feel like bellowing out the lyrics to Let it Go as a group, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’re going to be off the mark a little. Still, nothing brings people together quite like a drunk karaoke!

#3: “WarioWare: Smooth Moves” (2007)

These mini-games are even hilarious when you’re sober, so you can imagine the good time you’re in for should you decide to tackle the bizarre list of minigames provided by the likes of Nintendo’s favourite slacker after a few drinks. This is especially true should you choose to play the Wii version, where not only will you have to keep up with the increasingly fast-pace of each challenge, but also have to remember all the crazy positions to place the Wii-mote in. We bet you can’t get through a whole stage without cracking up.

#2: “Mario Kart” series (1992-)

Whether you still have a soft spot for the N64 and Gamecube versions, or you happen to be a diehard fans of the monstrously addictive Wii and Wii U instalments, Mario’s venture into driving remains a landmark series that’s fun to play at the best of times. Combine that with plenty of drinks and some friends and it won’t be long before Rainbow Road becomes your new favourite course just from how drunkenly entertaining it is. Don’t count on winning any trophies, but do expect to make some uproarious memories…as long as you don’t blackout from taking shots every time you get hit by a shell.

#1: “Just Dance” series (2009-)

Yeah! … drunk dancing, the immortal sign that someone has had way too much booze and has abandoned all care, and instead just wants to dance the night away. Well, why not take it a step further by either competing with friends or attempting to a synchronised performance as you try to match the movements on screen. Not only will it be a genuine challenge depending on how much alcohol is in your system, but will probably be the funniest sight in the world for any casual viewers watching the whole thing go down. Strike a pose! WHOOOOO!!!!!