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Top 10 Cringe Worthy Moments in Video Games

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Alex-Crilly Mckean The Cringe is REAL! These are the most awkward, spine chilling, awful and just plain cringeworthy moments from video games. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cringe Worthy Moments in Video Games. Special thanks to our users “cof1sro”, “mac121mr0” & “HakumeiOkami” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Cringe Worthy Moments in Video Games

Well, that was awkward. Welcome to WatchMojo,com and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten cringe worthy moments in video games.

For this list we’ll be looking at the times that scenes in video games were just plain embarrassing to watch. Keep in mind that some of these moments aren’t just full of cringe, but a few spoilers!

#10: Random Train Sex - “Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy” (2005)

To be fair, we all knew that our two protagonist would end up in some kind of relationship sooner or later, but boy was this conclusion more forced than Lucas’ hallucinations. After discovering the truth about the Oracle, the Indigo Child and how the majority of humanity are going to be wiped out, Carla and Lucas reconcile in an abandoned train before the final battle. Less than a minute later their both declaring their love with a scene like something out of a harlequin romance novel.

#9: Paying Respects - “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”

You know the one thing that can take you right out of a supposed deeply emotional scene? When you have to press a button. After losing a friend during combat, Jack Mitchell attends their funeral, where you can imagine the atmosphere is a rather sombre one. But then it all became a big joke when players are prompted to press a specific button in order to show your respect. Not only does this break the immersive nature of the narrative but is so ludicrously funny that it’s no surprise that the internet tore it to shreds.

#8: Iris’ Death - “Mega Man X4” (1997)

Oh, awful English dubbing, we will never get tired of you, especially when you keep giving us beautifully horrible moments like this one. Don’t get us wrong, the combat, characterisation and overall story makes this an impressive entry in the franchise…it just so happens that Zero’s voice was dubbed so poorly that what should have been a powerful death scene has us simultaneously busting a gut while trying to cover our ears. To be fair, Iris doesn’t get off scot free either, with both obnoxious voices making us wish she would just bite the dust already!

#7: Hella Sweet Dialogue Fam - “Life is Strange” (2015)

Chloe Price is a badass, tortured soul that immediately drew us in with her dry wit, punkish persona and very well-developed romance/friendship with Max Caulfield. However, her use of the word ‘hella’ got very old, very fast. The game eventually turns this trope on its head when Max alters time, but for a fair while pretty much everything was hella this, hella that, and hella everything inbetween. We love you Chloe, but you need to come up with a way less cringe inducing phrase, you’re way too cool for it.

#6: LIIIGHT - “Devil May Cry” (2001)

Look, Dante is such a beast that he can pretty much get away with saying anything and still be the epitome of awesome. After all there are very few half-demons with so much swag they can brush off getting impaled. Unfortunately there is a limit to what we can look past, with this little monologue takes the cake. With Trish’s supposed death, Dante mourns her, and in a powerful burst of uncharacteristic emotion and pain cries out how he should have been the one to save her soul...which concludes with him screeching in a such a way that it makes us wonder if he suddenly went through puberty.

#5: Every Spoken Line - “Resident Evil” (1996)

While it might have helped to pioneer the survival horror genre, the English voice acting in this game is infamous for being so poor that it’s nothing short of laughable. With all the serious and horrifying things going down, it often feels like the character are just far too casual about the whole situation. It would be easy to blame the terrible writing, but clearly the voice actors couldn’t have cared less either. An otherwise landmark game, the terrible dialogue has almost become endearing. Almost.

#4: Undersea Musical - “Kingdom Hearts II” (2005)

If you thought the gummy ships were weird, get a lot of this. Yes, this is really happening, so you best learn how to shake those fins to the beat! We can appreciate the developers wanting to change things up a bit, but with the fate of so many worlds on the line, including that of love interest Kairi, you would have thought Sora would care more about getting a move on than a duet with Ariel. The whole thing feels completely out of place, and at best it’s a really forced homage to one of Disney’s best musical numbers.

#3: Worst, Sex Scenes, Ever - “Ride to Hell: Retribution” (2013)

Sex in video games have come a long way over the years. Sometimes it’s unnecessary, sometimes its crude, other times it’s masterfully woven into the story to further character development…and then there’s this. Aside from being a travesty of a game in of itself, the sex scenes in Ride to Hell are so poorly executed that it’s more like watching two life-size fully clothed dolls rubbing against each over with cheesy music blaring in the background. Of course there’s also the fact that some of these sessions take place moments after you’ve killed a bunch of goons or have saved the ladies themselves from being sexually assaulted.

#2: Tidus’ Laugh - “Final Fantasy X” (2001)

We know the intention behind this scene was to have a sweet interaction between Tidus and Yuna, we know fans of the series have talked about it to death, we know that it’s an overused trope cemented for the ages, but…there really is no escaping just how obnoxious Tidus’ laugh is. Going on for way longer than it should, all we can do is clench up as our protagonist lets loose a laugh that was nothing short of painful.

#1: Elise Kisses Sonic - “Sonic the Hedgehog” (2006)

As if this game wasn’t enough of a crime with it’s insane amount of glitches, bugs, horrific storytelling and general lack of reason to exist, the climax greeted us to something we never, ever wanted to see; Sonic the ‘Hedgehog’ locking lips with a seventeen year old human princess. What the actual hell game!? It had been awkwardly hinted at that the relationship these two had was getting uncomfortable close, and this whole scene feels like something out of fan fiction. We all knew the franchise had been declining as of late, but really Sega?

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