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Top 10 Best Moments From Rick and Morty

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Written by George Pacheco It’s time to get riggity riggity wrecked, son! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from “Rick and Morty.” For this list, we’re ranking the funniest, best and most impactful moments from the immensely popular Adult Swim program, “Rick and Morty.” Wubba lubba dub duuuuub! Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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It’s time to get riggity riggity wrecked, son! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from “Rick and Morty.”

For this list, we’re ranking the funniest, best and most impactful moments from the immensely popular Adult Swim program, “Rick and Morty.” Wubba lubba dub duuuuub!

#10: The Glitch
“M. Night Shaym-Aliens!”

In this episode, Rick and company find themselves trapped in multiple virtual reality simulations within a simulation. In an attempt to steal Rick’s secrets, a group of bureaucratic aliens accidentally abduct Jerry as well, but in order to conserve computer-processing power, they lower the fidelity of Jerry’s section. Oblivious to the situation, Jerry goes on about his day, while everyone around him is glitching out. The recurring characters and dialogue make for the episode’s funniest recurring gag.

#9: Rick’s Sacrifice
“A Rickle in Time”

This second season opener adds a nice layer of complexity to Rick and Morty’s relationship, while continuing the events of the season one finale. It’s up to Rick, Morty and Summer to repair the fractured space/time continuum. Using time-stabilizing collars, they must bring all of their alternate selves together into one, secure timeline. Summer successfully merges her timeline, but both Rick and Morty remain fragmented. So, one of the Ricks decides to sacrifice himself to save Morty, calmly accepting his fate. But once he spots the extra collar floating in space, his will to live returns and he prays to God for salvation. Of course once he survives, Rick wastes little time telling God where he can shove it.

#8: King Jellybean
“Meeseeks and Destroy”

“Rick and Morty” has never shied away from sparkling in potentially shocking moments alongside its unstoppable comedy. Case in point? The disturbingly realistic sexual assault on Morty in an alien bathroom. While on a quest to prove that he can lead an adventure, Morty lets nothing slow him down. That is, until he meets Jellybean. After fighting off the sexual predator, Morty is drained and defeated, but Rick lovingly steps in, throws the bet and gives the adventure a happy ending. Plus, we also get to see a surprising, but satisfying end to King Jellybean.

#7: Rick’s Suicide Attempt
“Auto Erotic Assimilation”

After Rick rekindles a relationship with an old flame, a world assimilating entity known as Unity, Rick is set to once again ditch his Earth family and shack up with it. Rick’s happier than we’ve ever seen him, but that happiness comes at the cost of everyone else, including Unity itself. After being dumped, Rick slips into a deep depression, drinking heavily and escaping to his lab in the garage. At first we think he’s merely distracting himself with an experiment, but things get terrifying when we realize that Rick is setting up a suicide attempt. It’s a sad scene, and one that displays the show’s strength and versatility.

#6: Rick Doesn’t Care About Political Correctness
“Something Ricked This Way Comes”

Just as “Rick and Morty” is unafraid to delve into dark territory, the show’s also perfectly fine delivering some edgy social commentary. In “Something Ricked This Way Comes,” Rick is examining a cursed microscope given to him by Satan. As he explains it to Morty, he uses a word that his progressive grandson takes issue with. After a logical and strong defense of his words, Rick does a complete 180, reminding us that he doesn’t have time or energy to take social considerations into account.

#5: Roy
“Mortynight Run”

Subtitled “A Life Well Lived,” the arcade game known as “Roy” showed up in the second season episode “Mortynight Run,” when Rick and Morty are visiting the intergalactic arcade “Blips and Chitz.” Morty soon finds out “Roy”’s no ordinary video game, however, as he interactively lives out an entire lifespan as the title character, marrying his childhood sweetheart and beating cancer, before unfortunately dying from a fall while on his mundane job. The whole thing happens so quickly that we have very little time to grasp the full extent of the situation – that situation being that 14-year-old Morty lived an entire lifetime in his mind and is, understandably, a little traumatized in the aftermath.

#4: Where Are My Testicles?
“Lawnmower Dog”

If our pets could talk, what would they say? This question and more are answered in the first season episode “Lawnmower Dog,” as Snuffles the family dog gains genius level intelligence and the ability to speak, thanks to one of Rick’s inventions. It isn’t long before Snuffles takes control of his home situation, however, building a dog army to take over a world that he feels has enslaved the canine race for far too long. Snuffles’ midnight invasion of Summer’s room is the highlight of the episode, bringing us the infamous tagline as the former pet demands to know where, exactly, his testicles are.

#3: Jerry Daycare
“Mortynight Run”

The idea of multiple timelines and alternate universes is a common and casual aspect of this show. In “Mortynight Run,” Rick and Morty accidentally bring Jerry along on an adventure, so they drop him off at a place called “Jerryboree” – essentially a daycare for all of the Jerrys across the various timelines. Jerry, offended by the simple and demeaning situation, attempts to leave the daycare, but is unable to make sense of his alien surroundings, so he resigns himself to simply waiting around with the other Jerrys until Rick and Morty come back for him – hopefully.

#2: Pass the Butter
“Something Ricked This Way Comes”

Sometimes, the smallest and simplest jokes are the most memorable. The “Pass the Butter” robot is a great example of this, as his appearance in “Something Ricked This Way Comes” has gone on to become a favorite among fans. Rick builds this tiny robot as an afterthought during breakfast, complete with artificial intelligence. So, naturally, the first thing the robot asks about is its purpose in life. Rick’s response and the robot’s reaction may hit pretty close to home for many people, simultaneously making us laugh and die a little on the inside.

Before we name our number one Rick and Morty moment, here are a few honorable mentions!
- Summer and Rick’s Bodybuilder Beatdown
“Something Ricked This Way Comes”

- Goodbye Moonmen
“Mortynight Run”

- That Mulan Sauce!
“The Rickshank Rickdemption"

#1: I’m Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!
“Meeseeks and Destroy”

It can’t be easy being Mr. Meeseeks. Not when existence itself is painful, and your only purpose is to assist people in achieving simple tasks before spontaneously combusting. Yet this race of blue skinned aliens remain a surprisingly positive lot...that is, until they meet Jerry Smith. Jerry has a seemingly humble request: to shed two strokes off his golf game. Mr. Meeseeks can’t seem to assist the hapless Jerry, however, and it’s not long before a roomful of summoned Meeseeks are at each others’ throats, all begging to be blinked out of existence and spared the pain of life. They decide to kill Jerry and Beth, but are fended off at the last minute thanks to Jerry, an onion and a spare coffee cup.

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