Our Top 6 Impressions on the Nintendo Switch!

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script written by David Thibault

Nintendo's brand new hybrid-console is here, so what do we think? Welcome to and today we're counting down our Top 6 Impressions on the Nintendo Switch!

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Top 6 Switch Impressions

Nintendo’s newest gaming gadget is upon us, and it could be the most convenient gaming console we’ve ever seen. Welcome to and today we’ll be giving you our Top 5 Impressions of the Nintendo Switch.

#6: Switching is easy

Right off the bat, the core “Thing” about the Switch – the actual switching – works very, very well. Changing from a Home console to a handheld is as easy taking the tablet piece out of the dock, attaching the controllers and away you go. No need to save or close your game before doing any of this. Furthermore navigating the console’s interface has also seen a far better streamlined improvement of the Wii U’s confusing interface. All the menus are easy to navigate, changing user profiles is so easy a 6 year old could do it, and swapping out the joycon’s can easily become second nature.

#5: “Aww Look at that cute widdle thing”

It may be hard to tell in video form but the console itself is tiny, with the main console consisting of a tablet that’s slightly bigger than your average consumer smartphone, but much smaller to say: an iPad Mini. Because of the system’s switching draw, the console itself has to be small in order to be portable. That being said, with the joy-cons attached, it’ll only fit into the very largest of pockets. It can also be charged with a USB-Type C adaptor for when you need to charge it on the go. We could see this being a big hit at gaming conventions.

#4: “How does it feel in your hands”

Because of the size of the system the Joy-cons themselves look and feel small in your hands, even when hooked into the console or docked in the provided grip. While its by no means uncomfortable (quite the opposite actually) it may take some getting use to – especially if you have big mitts. The travel distance of the analog sticks are noticeably shorter compared to other controllers on the market, while the buttons are almost the size of the ones found on the 3DS. Granted, the provided Joycon grip does provide ideal comfort when playing in docked mode, although those of you who prefer long gameplay binges or have large hands may want to invest in a more standard size pro controller.

#3 “Are the Joycon’s another Wii remote?

Yes Nintendo still can’t let go of Motion controls, though considering they’re the ones who popularized the feature, who can blame them. While playing 1-2 Switch to try out the features of the Joy-con’s we did run into some issues with the left one; as sometimes it’s calibration would feel off more than it’s right counterpart. Also, while playing Zelda in TV, holding the controller below the desk where the Switch is stationed would often cause imprecise movements with the analog sticks. Mind you, these are all pre day 1 patch impressions, so hopefully this will fixed in the future with a firmware update.

#2 “Battery Performance”

So when it comes to how well the system can hold its charge, we were both impressed and concerned at the same time. We left the system in Sleep Mode while Zelda Breath of The Wild was still running, and about 6 hours later found that it had only lost 1% of its charge, and with no downtime to get the game loaded again, so you won’t have to worry about losing your progress if need to suddenly stop playing. In terms play time however, the system lasted just a little over 2 ½ hours while playing Breath of the Wild, meaning it’ll pretty power hungry when playing AAA titles. Mind you some less demanding titles will probably last longer, but if you’re planning to play this on your daily commute, you may want to bring a charging cable to go with it.

#1 “Should You Get One At Launch?”

Well that depends, as is the common case with any new console launch the lineup within the first month is rather small, and so far we feel that this system will make a great handheld console, but not something that’s going to replace your PS4 or Xbox One for the TV. If you already own a Wii U, you may be better off to wait a few months until either a price drop or a pack in bundle with some of Nintendo’s later titles like Splatoon 2 or Super Mario Odyssey. However if you don’t own a Wii U you should certainly consider picking one up for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and later in April with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Both of which are fantastic titles and should hold your attention well until Nintendo’s aforementioned newest titles hit store shelves.

Those are our impressions; if you have any questions we may be able to answer some in the comments and be sure to subscribe for more great videos everyday.