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Top 10 Video Games That NEED Multiplayer Co-Op

VO: Dan Paradis

Script written by Mackenzie Houle

Some things are best enjoyed with friends - and we’d be willing to bet these games fall into that category. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games That NEED Online Co-Op.

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Top 10 Video Games That NEED Co-Op Play
Trekking through a video game can be a lonely experience sometimes, and sometimes we wish we could have a friend running alongside us. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Video Games That NEED Co-Op Play.

For this list, we are looking at some amazing single-player games whose experience we feel would be improved with a co-op feature. They can either be games that are already out, or have yet to arrive.

#10: “Dishonored 2” (2016)

The latest entry into the critically acclaimed Dishonored franchise, Dishonored 2, sees you return to the Dunwall Empire 15 years later, with Emily Caldwin as the new empress. Quickly being overthrown, you must choose between Corvo and Emily for who will stop Delilah Copperspoon, and save Dunwall. With a much larger world to explore than the first game, and with even more enemies, Dishonored 2 would be a great run-through with a companion by your side. Executing distraction maneuvers and dual-takedowns would really amp up the game; however, thanks to a certain witch, player 2 may have to take on a different role than what most would expect. (Emily turned to stone)

#9: “Horizon Zero Dawn” (2017)

We’ve seen it all done before - cavemen, dinosaurs, the end of the world, robots, but what if someone took all of those ideas and mashed them together? You’d probably end up with something like Horizon Zero Dawn. Jumping into the shoes of the female hunter, Aloy, you explore a gigantic sprawling open world filled with robotic dinosaur-like creatures. Armed with weapons built from scrap, you take down and hunt various robots for upgrades. Open world games such as these beg to have co-op- with gigantic creatures to face, having friends to help hunt them would be thrilling. And for those who find the world too big, it helps to have a friend to explore it with.

#8: “Super Mario 64” (1996)

Mario’s first foray into 3D platforming was a huge success. With a hub world to explore before diving headfirst into paintings of other worlds, Super Mario 64 redefined not only the Mario series, but the platforming genre in general. With so many other entries in the Mario series allowing up to two players, it only made sense to include Super Mario 64, right? Sadly it never happened, and it wasn’t found out until years later that there was originally meant to be a split-screen feature, with one player as Luigi. However, due to limitations of hardware, this mode never came into fruition, Modders have tried to recreate this experience, but its something that really needs an official touch to get it working right.

#7: “Red Dead Redemption 2” (2017)

Trekking through the American West was a tough time for everyone, except for gamers who had blast in Red Dead Redemption. Taking the law into their hand, hunting wild-life, exploring the vast desert, or maybe sitting down for a game of cards, Red Dead Redemption brought the Wild West for gaming to the forefront. Of course, chasing down banditos and robbing trains wasn’t always an easy feat for one man. While Red Dead Redemption 2 is a long ways off, we can hope that Rockstar will take cues from the immense success of Grand Theft Auto Online, and implement a similar feature into the newest wild west sequel.

#6: “Mass Effect” (2007-)

Yes we’re well aware Mass Effect 3 does have a Co-Op Horde mode, but we’re looking for something in the main campaign. At its core, this series has been about taking gamers all over the galaxy and meeting and befriended all forms of alien species, from the tactical Turians, to the large aggressive Krogan. As Commander Shepard, we built a team to save the galaxy from certain doom countless times. While Bioware managed to make our party feel as alive as possible, they still boiled down to the NPCs we know in single-player games. Having a friend or two drop in to fill their shoes during missions would be fantastic, as fighting side-by side to defeat the threat to our galaxy would never be the same.

#5: “The Last of Us Part 2” (TBD)

Naughty Dog surprised us all with their new IP The Last of Us, taking the apocalypse scenario and driving home an impeccable storyline with cut-throat gameplay. Thankfully, you don’t explore the apocalyptic landscape alone, as you have Ellie to assist you in your endeavor. Sadly, there was no one to take the reins of our companion, and rummaging through storage containers felt a bit lonely at times. A friend jumping in to control Ellie to help us take down those crazy survivors and terrifying clickers would really help. Hopefully The Last of Us Part 2 will grant us this wish.

#4: “Just Cause 3” (2015)

Quadruple barrelled rocket-launcher in one hand, a futuristic grappling hook in the other, what could go wrong? Oh right, EVERYTHING, and damn does it feel good. In the latest entry to the Just Cause series, Rico Rodriguez returns once more to cause immense amounts of destruction. With an open world that Avalanche claims is one of the biggest in gaming, and near limitless destructive power, it’s a shame you can’t experience it with a friend or two. Considering how much one player could accomplish, it is actually frightening to think of what at least one or more players can add. The only thing we know for sure, is there will be enough destruction make Michael Bay jealous.

#3: “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” (2011)

Bethesda is no stranger to creating epic RPGs, and 5 years later, their fantasy epic is still going strong. Re-released in 2016 to accommodate the upgraded graphics hardware of this generation and keep in touch with community mods, Skyrim always manages to be fresh. Of course, with tons of mods and a world that’s worth hundreds of hours alone, it’s a surprise you have to hoof it alone -and let’s face it, no one likes Lydia. What’s better than one dovahkiin shouting at annoying arrow in the knee guards? ….More than one of course, we mean fus-roh-DUH guys, it's in the title of the video.

#2: “No Man’s Sky” (2016)

One of the most hyped up games of 2016, No Man’s Sky, boasted space exploration like no other. With billions of procedurally generated planets to explore, alien species to befriend, and naming everything from fauna to planets themselves, it proved to be one of the biggest space exploration sims out there. While players could see systems that other players had previously explored, meeting up and co-operating seemed to be lost in the vastness of space, many gamers thought that because of this promotion that this game would have multiplayer, Not helped by Sean Murray’s rather possible/not possible response to the question. But since Hello Games is still working on the game, multiplayer SHOULD be high on their priority list.

#1: “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” (2015)

Arguably one of the biggest series in gaming, Metal Gear Solid V is Hideo Kojima’s swan song to his beloved creation. Sporting an open world landscape for the first time, The Phantom Pain changed the face of the MGS series. With enemies around every nook and cranny and patrols roaming the desert, competing missions by yourself proved daunting, as they introduced the ability to bring in companions to assist you. Of course, they were just NPCs like many others. So why not allow players to join you in the heated missions? Allowing one or more players wouldn’t change the flow of the gameplay as the game could be approached through a tactical measure, even more so with a human player.

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